Thursday, November 03, 2011

Who are "Occupy Wall Street"? Let me show you.

With greatful credit to: IndubitablySnarky, commenter on the Denver Post forums.

Let's take a closer look at the Obama endorsed "peaceful" OWS protesters-

Protesters who hate Jews- ... s-country/

Protesters wanting to "Hang and shoot Bush administration"-

Protesters wanting to "Kill and eat the rich"- ... -the-rich/

Protesters "F@#k The USA" sing alongs- ... r_embedded

Protesters calling Gov Jan Brewer a lying wh*re with Alzheimers- ... e_evil.php

Protester meltdowns- ... aza-video/

Protester trashing restaurant when denied free food-

Protester trying to give black cop HIV- ... 539832.ece

Protesters spitting on female soldiers- ... r-20111013

Protesters threatening to kill other protesters- ... gonna.html

Protesters defecating on police cars- ... z1aDQdbK4S

Protesters defecating on doorsteps- ... z1bNIuDJea

Inciting violence with the "rich hit list'-

Protester felon with loaded assault rifle- ... 224643.php

Protesters arrested for Arson-|breaking|text|FRONTPAGE

Protesters pulling guns and knives on each other and using the N word- ... d.html.csp

Protesters on FBI terrorist list ... terrorism/

Protesters hack police website- ... z1bcO84qW9

Protesters dealing heroin with 6 year old in tent-

Protester gets 11 year old deathly drunk- ... z1bq1SoSOt

Protesters neglecting their children-

Protesters using their children to barricade doors-

Protesters throwing their children in front of moving cars-

Homophobic protesters- ... kseCQziD7E

Thieving protesters-

Physically assaultive protesters-

Protesters eating from dumpsters- ... 8GOcb1xCgI

Protesters being paid- ... being-paid

Protesters staging their arrests- ... BARB-aSqYM

Protesters exposing themselves to children-
2. ... man-897430

Protesters sexually assaulting 14 year old girl- ... py-dallas/

Protesters pimping under-age girls- ... /710289961

Protesters smelling feet and drinking urine- ... DnmLQry4Q#!

Protesters kidnapping and raping the mentally disabled- ... -Cleveland

Protesters for having sex with animals- ... r_embedded

Protesters threatening to stab reporter in neck- ... 0111028-KC

Hanging bankers- ... z1c2uaDQCR

Protesters shouting "Kill the police"-

Protesters attacking the police-

Protesters destroying public and private property-

Protesters arrested for drug dealing-

Protesters desecrating the American flag-
1. ... 30472.html

And there's more. So much more. The list of their documented depravities grows every day and this is but a sampling of the examples of who they are and what they do. They say that they represent us and call themselves the "99%", but 99% of Americans have never done any of these things.

But wait--there's more. Who, you might ask, are the OWS protest bedfellows?

Communist Party USA- ... pychicago/
The K K K- ... t-protests
American Nazi Party- ... t-protests
Iranian hardliners- ... 412&Lang=E
Ayatollah Khomeini-

And again, 99% of real Americans would never associate with or accept the support of ANY of these gorups, much less ALL of them. But these OWS whack jobs are untied by one common thread--their hatred of the American ideal and those of us who still embrace it.

Spread this around. The mainstream media won't but we can and Knowledge is Power.

UPDATED: I just found out about this list, which is even better than mine.


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