Friday, November 18, 2011

"I got hurt doing something stupid. The government should do something!"

Here we go yet again.
This time it's Courtney Fletcher of Mt. Lebanon, PA. She was walking along and saw a rope that she thought might be fun to swing on. She subsequently hurt herself and is now demanding that the government go cut that rope down.
PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Courtney Fletcher, 23, of Mt. Lebanon, believes a rope swing has to go.

Fletcher suffered an angular fracture when she fell 8 to 10 feet to the ground on a walking trail in the Walker’s Run section of Collier Township nine days ago.

She’s the second person who had to be rescued for falling on the same rope swing. Fletcher spoke to KDKA-TV from her bed at Allegheny General Hospital.

“When it happened, I could see bone. It didn’t come out of the skin, but the bone popped up and my foot was dangling in the other direction. My foot went into a small hole and cracked in half.”

Fletcher’s swollen ankle is blistered and is in pins. She’s in store for another round of surgery in the coming days.

Fletcher wants the rope cut down so what happened to her won’t happen to someone else.

Collier Police Chief Tom Devin says police want the rope down, but since the most recent accident they’ve learned it’s on private property and they are still trying to figure out who owns it.
So now we all have to support a government that will remove rope swings from private property to prevent trespassers from injuring themselves?

Hell, with that thought process guiding her, I'm genuinely surprised that Courtney isn't occupying some city park somewhere demanding a massive nanny-state government like so many other members of the "lost cause" generation are.

Just watch her on the video and listen to the whining and the excuses. She basically blames everyone but herself and never once takes an ounce of responsibility for her actions. "Personal responsibility? What's that?"

Anyone wanna bet whether or not she has insurance and if not, any intention of paying those hospital bills herself?

Didn't think so. Me either.


  1. Idiots indeed! I have sorta the same at work. People saying its too hot or too cold. Go to the thermostat and tell them what the temperature is there. Tell them they can actually adjust the thing. Just like in the domicile they live in away from work. It does not stick. Go figure.

    Sorry, caught me on a bad day. First frost here last night, so people had to bitch today at work!

    I bite my tongue to not say things like: "So you had to get the kindling this morning for the kitchen stove or get the ashes out of the coal stove"?

  2. Now, with the swing on private property, I would imagine she'll probably sue the property owner as well. Of course, she has to reimbursed for the medical bills and mental anguish she's suffered as a result of the property owner not suffciently fencing off the evil swing so that she wouldn't be able to trespass.

    People like her should have to go around in a big hamster ball. First, so their stupid doesn't affect other people - and second so that we can easily identify them from a distance and steer clear.

  3. This is the same mentality as parents who sue the electric company when Junior climbs over a 10-foot razor wire fence to get into a power station, and subsequently becomes an IKK (Instant Krispy Kritter). You know, that fence that says "no trespassing" and "danger: high voltage".

    Morons, one and all.

  4. So now we all have to support a government that will remove rope swings from private property to prevent trespassers from injuring themselves?

    I'm glad you appreciate the -- gravity -- of the situation.

    Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

  5. Hi, its me Courtney fletcher the idiot on a rope swing ;)...first of all the swing is in a state park off the main trail, it does not seem like tresspassing or private property (get ur facts right b4 judging), and its hung over a 8ft. drop over rocks n dirt. The only reason i did this interview was to get the rope swing cut down....b4 i was on it a grandpa n his 5 yr. old grandson were on it, what would happen if the gpa fell n got hurt ?? a 5 yr. old doesnt know wat to do! and im not the only one whos been hurt by this temptingly awsome rope swing. I just wanted to have a little fun, i saw others on it, im adventurous, simple as that! So all of u who called me an idiot must b pretty boring if u think simply hurting myself on a rope swing is sooooo stupid, do u ever take chances in life? risks? try it maybe youll live a little instead of commenting about hampster balls all day, dont judge ppl by one story, none of u know me! point: i was trying to get the "evil" rope swing cut down so no one else gets hurt! what business is it of yours y i went on it? i cant beleive ppl even care! ppl that spend their time reading this dumb shit have no lives and are pathetic at least i go out and take chances and live a little!

  6. To the person that wrote this about me: I do have insurance and i was "whining" cuz i really want the swing taken down its to dangerous the way its situated! And i do have insurance. Its a rope swimg douche bag i just wanted to have fun like all the other ppl who use it frequently..their r no private prpoerty signs its off the main state park trail. Y do you even care about what happened to me? you have no idea how fun it was to spend a month in the hospital and never walk the same agin and do the things i love,and the depression that fallows healing from this. u must b missing the frontal cortex of ur brain seeing as you have no compassion u heartless dick!

  7. Courtney,

    Point here is that you made your choices, and the consequences are the result of those choices. No one forced you to climb on that swing, did they? So it's time to pull your big girl panties on and accept that your injury was your own fault, not anyone else's.

    And before you whine too much and cal too many people names, you can rest assured that I've spent more time in a hospital for much more serious injures which, unlike yours, actually were caused by something other than my own poor judgement. And despite not having a left foot and lower leg these days, I still fly planes, scuba dive, backpack and rock climb, run and ride motorcycles. So forgive me if I don't display a ton of pity for a grown women who simply fell off a tire swing. If that's your idea of "adventurous", you might want to get out a bit more.

  8. heh, what a moron, maybe the government should take away her computer so she doesn't have to read this and get her delicate feelings hurt.

    BTW, Courtney, it's "follows" not "fallows"...

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  9. Someone who seems to be unable to use real words (Y, ur, b4, ppl, etc.) is talking about our esteemed host not having a frontal cortex.


  10. Courtney - You climbed up on a rope swing. It went badly. That's rough. But no one made you do it and stuff like that goes badly every day. It's nobody elses responsibility. When I think of some of the stuff I did as a kid (and college student) I'm surprised I'm still alive. There was the whole jumping off the shed roof and grabbing the tree limb to swing on only to have it snap... And it's a good thing that ol' pig wasn't as mean as my folks said he was... And at least the yellow jacket nest Johnny landed in when the grape vine he was swinging on snapped took long enough to fire up that I was able to get out of the woods ahead of the swarm...And nails in feet and broken tail bones and looking at a sliced open hand and contemplating whether it was going to need stitches or whether I could just go on with what I was doing...And, yeah, ML has a good idea of what it's like to not have things working like they once were, but he goes out and lives life to the fullest anyway. And if it was him falling off the rope swing we'd have to stop laughing before we called 911. IF we called 911.

  11. ML: I got a semi-literate, horribly misspelled but lengthy e-mail from "RG Benefits" (meaning he/she sent it from work, on a company account), no name attached ... accusing me of being some sort of troglodyte, sitting at home alone "eating TV dimners" (sic) while dreaming of "the girl you'll never have".

    That last bit, of course, would come as quite a shock to my wife & daughters, but you can't reason with the litigious subclass that thinks the world owes them something. Sheesh.

  12. matt your a dick, who cares about spelling on blogs (u should kno that u probly spend all ur time blogging) and yea the "goverment" should take my comp. hahahaha! seriously your all a bunch of fu*king lames, i never blamed anyone for my injury, duh, i know i decided to go on it cuz i saw an old man on it b4 me i figured id be fine. I JUST WANT5 IT TAKEN DOWN FOR THE SAFTY OF CHILDREN AND OTHERS, ITS TO HIGH, AND OTHERS GET HURT ON IT 2, PERIOD. how hard is that to understand ? it was my main goal for the interview....its amazing how no one was like "yea, it is dangerous for a rope swing it should go" instead ppl just start attacking and focusing on the overdramatized negatives.

  13. Rev. Paul, I did too.

    Oh so that is where this missive came from:

    "Hey their,

    Whats up? So u like to belittle others I see? First of all y do u even care about my story? And u don’t know the cercomstanses…. This rope swing is located right off the main trail of a state park, there are always people on it, and there is no way of telling its private property. I like to take chances and live a little, Im an adventurous tom boy who will never stop trying to find the next thrill. So it was a dumb move that doesn’t give any of you internet bloggers a right to tear me apart when none of you know me! I did the interview to get the rope swing taken down because im not the only one who got hurt and right b4 I fell their was a grandpa and his grandson on the rope swing , what would happen if the grandpa falls ? is the 5 year old grandson gunna call 911 or sit their and cry till his grandpa bleeds to death? Point is the rope swing needs removed ppl think its safe because other use it too, and it seems like it’s a purposeful part of the state park. So please get your facts straight b4 you go ripping people apart about being stupid…….You look like ur angry everyday! That shirt does you no justice, whens the last time you scored or r u gay and hiding it ? is that y ur so mad?"

    Life happens. Why the anger? What do you have against gays? You show up on the Internet someone comments on it and you get bent?

    For someone that apparently took the time to send each of us an e-mail on what appears to be a company address of some sort, I have a suggestion. It might help your career. Try the F7 key before you send stuff out. That key usually spell checks your message.

  14. OMG u fucking morons , im 23 i dont care about spelling get over it. and sorry if u do hav a wife and kids whatever, i just cant figure out why all of u care, u talk about me like im the sub species cuz i dont care about spelling while typing fast on a blog....and im not looking for sympathy or to sue, i just want the swing taken down, and i never "demanded it". im a laid back chill cute american girl, and ur all pissing me off, its like ur no reading my post. im not one of those idiots sueing over hot coffee, and its like ur all saying i should never do anything ever cuz i might get hurt and im soooo stupid for trying ....n rev. paul RG benefits is my dads company i work thier and get paid to watch youtube n surf the net, then i go home to my husband my chevy camaro, and my young lifestyle, and i loive it. u all need to stop jumping to conclusions

  15. I just re-read my comment from earlier today, and should point out that the e-mail was received this morning, in relation to this post - which I sort of remembered. The subject line was "swing rope girl blog" which didn't tell me much, either.

  16. Life is about taking chances and maybe getting hurt but if that happens, you just need to suck it up buttercup. Whining about it afterwards and then trolling the internet looking for your name seems to be self-serving to me. It's called taking responsibility and not blaming the 'evil rope swing' for your injuries.

    On a different level, this is a symptomatic problem where kids weren't allowed to fall and fail and so they have no idea about how to deal with these things. They also think the world owes them something, including sympathy, when they fall down and get hurt.

  17. Courtney, if you want to convince others that you are not an idiot you might want to start by improving your writing skills beyond that of a 10 year-old.

  18. Anonymous6:58 PM

    "im 23 i dont care about spelling get over it"
    "RG benefits is my dads company i work thier and get paid to watch youtube n surf the net"
    "im a laid back chill cute american girl, and ur all pissing me off"

    So...let me get this straight:
    --You get paid to troll the internet and flame everyone who disagrees with your point of view.
    --You're 23 and don't care about spelling.
    --You're cute and we're pissing you off.
    --Your chosen screen name is nobullshit.

    You are one classy broad. I bet your pop is proud that he hired such a professional, grown up girl.
    Did you even think before you let everyone in the world know the name of the company that you work for. You do realize that prospective clients and employers do net searches before they do business with you, right? I did a quick search and there are 2 bad review of your company right off. If I were your boss, I'd probably can you for even mentioning the business. Classy, Classy, Classy.

  19. The defense rests your Honor: "then i go home to my husband my chevy camaro, and my young lifestyle, and i loive it."

    Ohh. I drive a Ford Mustang! Can I play? Is American Idol on tonight?

    As far as the shirt goes, its older and more intelligent than you. Sorry it offends your fashion sense. If it bothers you that much, buy another one for me and send it to me!

  20. Courtney,

    I’m sorry your broke your ankle. It’s tough being laid up and unable to drive yourself anywhere. I broke mine going out to get the newspaper one morning, but I didn’t give an interview asking my landlord to fill in the low spots in the yard. I broke my elbow (compound fracture) when I was 9 when I went roller skating and some other kid ran into me and pulled me over backwards, but I didn’t insist that the rink only allow 6 skaters at a time. When the drunk hit my truck head-on and put a hole in m knee, I didn’t ask the government to make drinking and driving illegal. (Oh, wait …)

    From what I gather, you saw a rope swing, and made a decision (without doing any sort of risk assessment first) to use it. It didn’t belong to you … you saw it near a public trail, and decided to take advantage of it. You fell off, got hurt, and wanted the government to do something so nobody else could make the same mistake. As I understand it, that’s not the job of the government. What if I saw your lovely Camaro parked downtown somewhere on a public road, and even though it didn’t belong to me (it *was* on a public road, right?), decided to take advantage of it, and sit on the hood? What if I slipped off and got hurt? Hmmm. Maybe the government should come and impound your car so nobody else does the same thing? Or maybe I should just use some common sense.

    My six-year-old already has “Is it yours? (If not,) Did you ask if you could use it?” ingrained into her decision-making process. But then she can also spell better than you can, so maybe I’m comparing apples and rutabagas here. I’m sure your intentions to have the swing removed are good, but it’s not your, or the government’s, decision to make.

    I think the point here is that most of us who are responding enjoy making our own (occasionally hare-brained) decisions and we deal with the consequences. We also know that sometimes the universe is just out to get you, and there isn’t a dang thing you can do about it. So just enjoy your 15 minutes of fame and if you want to insult people leaving comments (your mom must be *so* proud of your vocabulary!) go get your own blog and have at it or be prepared for the reponses here. (See? Thee's that whole "choice" thing again. I think I'm seeing a theme, here.)

    P.S. And if you want to go to the bother of tracking down my email and sending me a nastygram, I’ll be happy to share it here.

  21. Have I you guys you are the best?!

    I don't for the life of me understand this shift in ideals where people think it is everyone else's responsibility to make sure they don't do anything moronic.

    If one more person says, it's for the children, I am going to scream!!

  22. Anonymous6:49 AM

    C'mon, C'mon, I'm hopped up on caffeine and I've got a whole bunch of snark that I don't want to waste.....

  23. I won't bother re-posting the email I received because it's pretty much in the same indecipherable vein as the ones posted above, but I do want to find out how to get paid for watching YouTube and trolling the Internet all day.

    C'mon, you guys! She's only concerned about the children!

  24. What an unusual turn of events and all derived from an injury derived from an act of free will followed by wry humor in a blog post. I knowingly undertook far greater adventure’s and risks than Courtney’s with my own share of injuries, the least of which involved swinging from vine’s and rope’s over ravines. I’m not poking fun at her; she made her choice, was injured, and voiced her opinion which brought her to notice. Whenever you bring yourself to the public’s notice in such a manner Courtney did it will elicit comments, most such comments will not be flattering, ML utilized wry humor and was actually kind. I took all of this as a constructive discussion of how viewpoints have changed over time.

  25. Dear Courtney.
    Stop child. You are wrong and throwing a childish snit about being called on it isn't helping your cause. If you'd like to be taken seriously you must first slow down and then make reasonable, well thought out and coherent arguments. Adults neither write nor speak in the manner in which you have responded and will never take seriously anyone who does. Simply making a bald statement about why you did what you did and what you want doesn't make you right. Complaining that the host and commenters 'don't get it' is childish whining over a burnt finger and insuffecient sympathy from mommy and daddy. If you want to be treated like an adult you must first demonstrate that you are indeed a big girl now and all grown up.
    If you are indeed only concerned 'about the children' may I make a suggestion? Get permission from the forest service to put up a small sign on the trail, near the swing. Then, taking your own time and materials, make up a nice, small and correctly spelled missive. Something along the lines of;

    Warning: This rope swing is on Private Property and is potentially hazardous. Please do not trespass and swing on it. If you do so you may be severly injured or worse. For further information on the hazards please contact

    If you do decide to act like a responsible adult, in charge of her own life and fate, and follow my advice please feel free to use my wording. I give it to you freely and happily. If not then you will be admitting that what you were after was in fact sympathy, publicity and the notoriety that comes from becoming a part of the victim culture.

  26. I'm sorry to say that its idiots like her that are why I don't care for most of my general age group.

  27. I double dog dare someone to post a review of RG Benefits with a link to this post!

  28. Dear Courtney - if you don't want others to think you a worthless asswart with no class or communication skills, you might want to stop acting like one.

    We all make choices, and we're all responsible for ourselves. While it's very nice that you express concern for the older gentleman, I'm fairly sure he made his choice knowing the consequences and was obviously willing to deal with them.

    You, on the other hand, went on a crusade to not only draw attention to yourself and elicit sympathy (unsuccessfully, I might add), but also decided that others needed to address your concerns.

    In other words, you are an irresponsible, entitled dolt.

    Have a nice day.

  29. Wow, I was going to get some popcorn and watch the show, but someone took the swing and went home.

  30. Bits_and_Bullets Andy said...

    Courtney, if you want to convince others that you are not an idiot you might want to start by improving your writing skills beyond that of a 10 year-old.
    5:28 PM

    I take exception at this statement. My nine-year-old daughter can write and spell better than Courtney can.

  31. Can I pile on with something else?

    Courtney saw a GRANDFATHER and FIVE YEAR OLD kid on the same swing she fell off of.

    How uncoordinated or clumsy do you have to be to fall off a swing that an old man and young kid used perfectly safely?

  32. I think it's a troll. And my advice is not to feed it.