Friday, July 17, 2015

Where does it stop? It needs to stop.

Four US Marines just murdered in Tennessee.
A police officer and three marathon runners murdered in Boston.
Thirteen soldiers murdered in Ft. Hood, Texas.
Another soldier murdered in Little Rock Arkansas.
A bomb attack against our troops in Ft. Dix, New Jersey thwarted before it could come off.

All of these perpetrators, except Hasan in Texas, were foreign-borm Muslims that we opened our doors to, offering them jobs, education, and a standard of living that was light-years ahead of anything that they'd have had in their own countries.

Am I the only one getting tired of this rope-a-dope policy of ours where we let indescriminately the entire unwashed third world come into our country only to have a number of them turn around and murder our people?

And if that isn't enough for you, let's not forget the long list other attempted terror attacks foiled through a combination of professional law enforcement and incompetent terrorist wanna-bes.
And is the muslim community as a whole rushing to repudiate these acts of terror? Nope. They're too busy claiming that we "racist Americans" are attacking them instead.

I;m really not sure if we're in more danger from the radical islamists or the millions of illegal Mexicans, Salvadorans and other border-jumpers from the south, but I think that our government could be doing a whole lot more to keep both groups out of here and/or booting the ones that we find here. To me, this is going to be THE ISSUE in 2016. And if that means we all get used to saying "President Trump", then so be it.


  1. It won't stop until the Commander-in-Chief can utter the phrase: Islamic Terrorism.

  2. I'm with you. We're at war only we refuse to acknowledge the face. Our military and law enforcement shed blood while the rest of the nation watches "reality" TV. It's insane.

  3. While we are certainly in danger from those you listed, the biggest danger right now is a government that refuses to recognize and respond to them.

  4. I feel the same way. We should be very concerned about these incidents and how they are continuing. I feel like we are sitting ducks or slaughtered lambs. When is the US going to stand up and fight?

  5. Put a Muslim in the White House and this is what you get.

  6. I agree with your point of view. I'm becoming more and more appreciative of Donald Trump. He is the only Republican candidate so far that I would even consider voting for. The rest of them are political hacks. When I watch their speeches on the news it makes me ill.

  7. That guy in Oklahoma who beheaded a co-worker. They're here. They're embedded. Maybe Trump isn't a joke after all. First we need to arm our military members so they can defend themselves.

  8. 'Islamic Terrorism' (spoken by the President)
    Yeah, THAT'S not gonna happen!
    First, we need to allowed military folks to be armed.
    Next, as you all suggest, call a duck a fucking duck!
    Too bad Trump is such a buffoon...


    1. I gotta say it, but Trumps NOT stupid. No one makes the kind of money that he's made over his lifetime by being stupid. Brash and showy, yes, but I'd stop short of calling him stupid.

  9. ditto on your thoughts

  10. "All enemies foreign and domestic". I used to wonder what that meant.

  11. You've got it right, and it's not going to change until BO is gone...

  12. Anonymous7:48 PM

    Amen to what you said about terrorist and +1 Old NFO

  13. Rand Paul is calling for a limit to Muslim immigration:

    I agree with Trump about illegal immigration from S. America, but think the man himself is too impulsive and vindictive to make a good President.

  14. In June, the President was apparently omniscient in knowing the Charleston murderer's thoughts or motives: "It was an act that drew on a long history of bombs and arson and shots fired at churches, not random but as a means of control, a way to terrorize and oppress…an act that he imagined would incite fear and recrimination, violence and suspicion, an act that he presumed would deepen divisions that trace back to our nation’s original sin."

    But he can't seem to connect any dots when it comes to Chattanooga.

    What a dolt.

  15. It won't ever stop, and here's why: the inability of the American electorate to muster enough reasoning capability to elect anything but dolts and marxists (but I repeat myself). On both sides of the aisle. As evidence I give you two terms of Barack Obama (spit be upon him), and the dolts selected to run against him, McCain and Romney. And supposedly conservative Nevada keeps electing Harry Reid. And Kentuckians keep electing Mitch McConnell. And Ohioans keep electing John Boehner. And Michiganders keep electing Debbie Stabenow and Carl Lenin err Levin (until he retired). And the list goes on.

    No folks, The numbers of stupid people in this country continue to rise, and those of us who can still rub a few brain cells together will be more and more marginalized.

  16. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I'd say the biggest danger is the government's aiding and abetting. People are getting fed up with it; one person I know: former union, now business (generally very compassionate) suggested a rather final solution for a certain current head of state; I'm not sure it was a joke. Another made mention about delusional people in power and where loyalties ought to lie. This is in the very blue state of mine...
    Personally, I'm always sort of baffled but thankful that the terrorists are so very stupid. Can you imagine the incompetent thrashing about that would be generated by a (even failed) attack that targeted infrastructure? Even minor infrastructure?

  17. Actually, there is a Muslim terrorist presence in Mexico, who obviously intend to use the leaking border as a pathway into the USA.