Friday, September 11, 2015

And on behalf of America's first responders...

Fuck you, Joy Feinberg.

And same goes to all the other Joy Feinbergs and Grant Taylors out there.


  1. Well.....There is one absolute asshole in the video.

  2. I hope that was a really expensive ticket. He should have put her through the whole field sobriety test and every other embarrassment he could think of.

  3. Hey Murphy,

    probably one of "Obama's daughters". As far as I can the cop was a total professional....

  4. She was too dumb for words. I don't know how the cop didn't bust out laughing when he told her he was part of the "aggressive driving task force" and she said, you certainly are aggressive.

    But, that cop deserves patience of the year award. He was so incredibly professional in light of her childishness.

    I have heard disrespect from younger generations like that but she said she was 62! How can any mature adult talk that way to another person and believe it's okay to spill such vitriol? Such a sad, sad woman. And just another example of what lack of consequences is doing to society.

  5. Anonymous6:31 PM

    This woman is a tool