Saturday, January 21, 2017

Blue island in a red sea...

Yesterday was fun here. I had the day off so I wandered the French Quarter with the Heck Hounds. Come time for the inauguration, it was neigh impossible to find a bar TV anywhere that was showing it. Seems all of the snowflakes pressured the bar owners into keeping it off, or, as is probably the case in many situations, the bar owners and staff are crying snowflakes too.

Anyone remember the elections of four and eight years ago when many of these same people couldn't wait to shove their glee over Obama into every other Americans' face? "We won, you lost!" they crowed. "Get over it!" they told us. And now...

To quote renowned millennial commentator Nelson Muntz, " Ha, HA!"

Later yesterday, a large group of anarchist loser kids, most all of whom are undoubtedly uninvited transplants from outside of New Orleans, rampaged through the Central Business District and French Quarter and damaged quite a bit of but public and private property. (And most of the private property was statistically owned by those who did not vote for President Trump.) But the police arrested over a dozen of them and hit them with felony charges, so at least a few snowflakes are probably on the phone today, begging parents back home to do something to keep them from going to a real Louisiana prison. One was arrested for hitting a police officer with a brick. I'm seeing a trip to Angola in his future.

As is always the case with these mob scenes, losers with no jobs or futures and no skin in the game tear up property in other Lib/Dem neighborhoods because they know that if they go out into the more conservative areas, the risk of severe punishment is much more certain. (Of course if they came down my street ad started busting things, it'd get real pretty fast, too. ("Gee, officer...I have no idea how my dogs got out. I'm betting one of those anarchists opened my gate trying to steal my bikes. Can you check and see if the ones who got bit have had all their shots? I don't want my dogs getting sick.")

But I guess this is America now. Democratic elections are declared invalid and rioting and violence ensue whenever the "tolerant" Left doesn't win.

But lest we overlook the question, has anyone heard even one Democrat of leftist celebrity call for an end to this violence? Obama? Hillary? Anyone?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Call to Action...from the Left to you and me.

I just got this from a liberal who thinks I'm one of them.

I would suggest that we all do two things immediately.

1. Spread the word and let everyone know what they're up to so they look like the astroturfed clowns that they are.

2. Do what they suggest and put up pictures of the best First Family ever.

Monday, January 16, 2017

What a day...

So yesterday morning, I got up and headed up north of Hammond to spend the day at a deer camp where a friend has a lease. Naturally I brought a few guns and several hundred rounds of ammunition and soon the hills flat woods were alive with the sound of music Garands and Uzis and .41 magnums. A good time was had by all, but the other hunters at the camp who enjoyed the show were soon grousing about a total absence of deer anywhere near the camp. Like that was my fault?

I hung out all day then came back in the evening to work a part-time gig I'd agreed to take on, namely working the door at a local club during a...young ladies' dance show. (Yep...that's what we'll call it.)

Hey--dog food and ammo are expensive, and it wouldn't be chivalrous to refuse a request for aid from damsels in distress, right? What would John Wayne say?

That ran until three or so and I got home and crashed for almost three whole hours before I had to get up and help with a National Day of Service project here in the neighborhood that had me taking college kids around to pick up trash and do yard work and home repairs for local seniors.

We got a lot done at the service day and I had a great time at the other two events, but by the time I got home again, I'd had three hours' sleep out of the last thirty.

Great time. Not a dull place at all, this Louisiana.

And no, I have no pics of either the guns or the side gig...such the pity.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

More snowflake tears.

Sure is going to get quiet around my job next week. Seems like about half of the women here are traveling up to DC to march against Trump even though he hasn't done anything to them, they know nothing about him other than what they've read on Facebook and they typically do not have the extra money to afford the flights, rooms, meals, etc., This last is suggested by the quantity of carping about the expenses for the trip in the office break room recently.

Could it be said that this "march" is really just a big tax on stupid people and an economic stimulus for the hotels, restaurants and airlines at the same time? If so, well played, Mr. Trump. Well played, indeed.

Taco Tuesday!

All right...Dogs and I just found Cosimos, a local bar that has tacos on Tuesdays AND lets dogs come in if they behave.
So we had us some chicken and beef tacos and a few beers, and the dogs did pretty well in the bar so the bartender gave them tacos too. The food and drink prices are pretty reasonable for the area and there were lots of other dogs in there, mostly little lap dogs but Belle was happy to see each of them and wanted to greet each one. Murphy just wanted all the tacos.

The bar also has an old classic video game--Galaga--and still, only a quarter to play, just like the '80s again.

Interesting discovery...after a few beers, my playing really starts to get lousy. Wonder why that is?

I foresee the dogs and I spending a fair bit more time here.

Friday, January 06, 2017


I swear, there isn't ANY sound that can wake a person from a dead sleep and get them out of bed at 2AM more effectively like the sound of a German Shepherd getting ready to barf.

Put that noise on an alarm clock and no one who has ever had to clean a floor will ever oversleep again.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Gotta use 'em up...

A lot of these anti-B.O. memes are gonna stale out in three more weeks.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Last gun of 2016

Just before New Year, I scored this little gem--a true blast from the past.
It's a .30-30 rifle. Old top-ejector. I got it cheap despite it being in fantastic "safe queen" condition because someone long ago cut it's stock down for that thick butt pad.
It's a Winchester Model 1894, post-1964 bust still in damned fine shape. I figured that a replacement walnut stock shouldn't be too expensive or hard to find. Turns out I may be half right...they're out there, but not as cheap as one would expect for a rifle that's been in production for as long as these have.
Note the lack of a cross-bolt or other safety catch. That's right--it's got the clean lines that a classic lever-gun should have and used to have before the lawyers got involved. It's safe enough with the external hammer and half-cock position if you're halfway cognizant about what you're doing. I won't have a lever-gun with an external safety, personally, and if you're one of those people who can't safely handle a lever-gun without a push-button safety or some other add-on "anti-idiot device", well then maybe gun ownership without adult supervision isn't your thing.

This rifle is not just your ordinary Winchester '94 though. I bought this one specifically for these markings
Yep--Made by Winchester for the Sears, Roebuck and company back when they sold firearms through their stores and mail-order catalogs. Marketed as the Sears Model 100, it was and is nonetheless a Winchester.

And if you think that doesn't happen today, note that the countless AR-15 rifles out there had their receivers come out of one of a small handful of plants that can actually forge them--most smaller AR-15
"manufacturers" just pay a bit extra to get their name and logo stamped onto that receiver when they buy it from the real manufacturer...just like Sears and JC Penney and Montgomery Ward all used to do back in the good old days.

But this isn't just any old Sears gun. Sears had various grades of firearms that they offered, from bargain-basement no-frills guns to their top-of-the-line models. And the best ones were marketed through an endorsement by this guy:
Ted Williams. Williams, for those too young to remember, was a serious baseball player for the Boston Red Sox, 1939-1960. He was good--so good that I think that he'd have beaten Babe Ruth out for career home runs except for tho incidents that interrupted his baseball career: World War Two and the Korean War.

Drafted first in 1942, he fought for a deferment and the American public and some of his sponsors got pretty hot about it. He finally went into the Naval Reserve in 1943. And instead of fighting for an easy slot, he signed up for training as a Naval Aviator and he was considered an exemplary pilot by those who few with him. After the war, he resumed his baseball career with the Red Sox and his playing took the nation by storm. Then in 1950, he broke his arm during an All-Star game and his 1950 and 1951 seasons pretty much sucked as he tried to rehab his arm. Then in 1952, just as he was getting back into the swing of things, the US Marines, short on pilots in Korea, tapped him on the shoulder and recalled him just six games into the season. Williams wasn't happy at all, but he was an American and a Marine so he put his ball career on hold again and went to Korea, again as a pilot who was respected by his professional flying peers.

But for his time away from baseball to fight twice, he might well have topped Babe Ruth's 714 home run record. As it was, Williams retired in 1960 with 521.
Williams went on to manage the Washington Senators from 1969-1972, and he also had this deal with Sears to endorse their premium-grade sporting goods, including rifles and shotguns. But he didn't just sell his name; the deal was that Williams got to inspect everything that was going to carry his name and if he thought it could be better or needed changing, it got changed. Ted Williams held Sears to a promise that no second-rate goods would roll out with his name on it and he was active in policing what they sold under his brand. If you saw his name on something, you knew you were getting quality.
Ted Williams is gone now, and Sears, Roebuck and company is now just Sears and they stopped selling guns a long time ago. But little bits of American nostalgia like this one are still out there, and when I saw this one, I remembered the days of shopping in the stores with my father and seeing these, and I had to have this one. Now it's here in the gun room, on the rack right below it's pre-'64 older brother Model 94. Yeah, there are minor but noticeable differences between the two, but I think that could be a blog post in itself so I'll leave it alone for now. I'm just glad to have them both and really glad that I loaded up some 800 rounds of .30-30 cartridges before I broke down the presses and moved here. It's a great round, and the '94 is a great rifle. Now bring on those little Louisiana deer that I've been hearing so much about!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

An observation and relevant questions.

My new neighborhood here is what you would describe as "mixed". It's gentrifying but there's still a lot of Section 8 rentals left in between the renovated and new-built homes.

I can't help but notice that even though most don't work, the Section 8 house dwellers always seem to have money for illegal fireworks, illegal dirt bikes for their kids to ride on our streets, and huge bass-thumping stereos that boom out of their POS hooptis.

And not only do they have the money for all this stuff, they seem to be the only ones with sufficient lack or respect for everyone else to openly engage in these illegal/noisy activities at any hour of the day or night just because they feel like it. Normal people usually worry about bothering their neighbors, but this bunch? Not so much, it seems. In fact, just the other day, one teen hood-rat ran into a neighbor's parked car with a dirt bike. His momma tromped down to the crash scene about the same time that the ambulance got there. She not only admitted buying her boy the machine which cannot be legally operated on the streets, but then began demanding the insurance information of the woman whose car her son hit so SHE could file a claim!

What kind of warped sense of entitlement do you have to have to feel justified in constantly annoying and offending the very people around you who are being taxed extra to pay for your food, your clothes, your utilities and the roof over your head while you refuse to work for your own sustenance despite being able-bodied and of prime working age? (Oh--and the Obamaphones.) And why do we still have a system that perpetuates this sort of abuse? What's wrong with requiring these people to work part-time as a condition of getting the free stuff or showing up and putting in 40 hours of community service? Maybe if some of my neighbors had to be somewhere every morning, they wouldn't be waking me up every night. And who knows, but some of them might actually decide that work can bring a better life than EBT and a HANO voucher every month.

Are you listening, President Trump?

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Feeling old today.

While surfing the internet on my day off to see if I was right about the identity of an actor who played a minor character in an old western I'd just watched (I was not), I got to looking up some classic old TV shows from my younger days.

Any of you even close to my age will remember Green Acres and The Beverly Hillbillies firsthand.

If not, go ask your parents. (Just make sure you stay off my lawn, you darn kids!)

Do you realize that there is only ONE surviving cast member from each show as of today, Dec 29th, 2016?

That's right. Max Baer jr., who played Jethro on the Beverly Hillbillies is the only one still alive today.
Likewise, Tom Lester, who played Eb on Green Acres, is the sole remaining actor from that show.

All of the others--Buddy Ebsen, Eddie Albert, Edgar Buchanan, Irene Ryan, Frank Cady, Zsa Zsa Eva Gabor and all the others...long gone.

Also gone: the days when TV was wholesome and just plain fun.

Join me in feeling old today?