Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New rifle project: The SPR

Just so no one thinks that the dogs and I are out of the gun business, here's the scoop on my current project, a Special Purpose Rifle, or SPR.

This one started out as one of those lower receivers that I bought a few years back when it looked like Obama and the Dems were actually going to pull a serious semi-auto ban. Remember how they tried to exploit the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School to do that? Well I snapped up a couple extra lowers at a price I'm ashamed to admit, and one of them eventually became my suppressed .300 Blackout SBR with the 9" barrel.

The other one sat around unused and unappreciated for a while, and I kinda figured that the last election might go to the Hildebeast and if that happened, this AR receiver would likely have attained some good value, monetarily and otherwise. Of course that didn't happen, and now the market is so glutted with ARs and AR receivers that you can hardly give them away, much less sell them for what I paid for this one. So what to do with it?

Well recently I started cleaning out the house, to include the gun room, getting rid of excess property and making a bit of cash where I could. I sold off enough junk that I could easily afford to complete this rifle, or at least get off to a good start. And here's where it now stands, as of today:

It now sports a flat-top upper and an 18" barrel made of 416R Stainless steel. It has the .223 Wylde chambering and a 1-in-7" twist. In short, it's a pretty credible barrel that should provide decent service, ideally as good or better than my A2 HBAR and with a lot less weight. Its got the very lightweight low-profile keymod full-length free-floating hand guard, and I'm about to go back into the lower and upgrade the trigger and add an ambidextrous safety, because I am a lefty. It also currently sports a vintage M16A1 stock, both to trim a bit of length and weight off and also because I just happened to have one lying around.

The rifle is also going to get a good variable-power optic--I'm looking hard at the Leupold Mark AR 3-9x40mm--and a suppressor. I'll finish it off with a quality sling set-up and a light bipod and it should be just the thing for some of those intermediate-range shots I might have to take should we get another Katrina event or the Dems regain power and their Antifa brownshirts start running amuck.

Stay tuned. This rifle's gonna get good.

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Yeah, there's a song for that...

SO today, August 9th, the Japanese commemorate the bombing of Nagasaki, the bombing that finally convinced them to end the war they'd started. Of course they still see themselves as the victims.

Every time think of it, I recall a song from a particular musical that seems to fit.

Everybody sing:

They had it coming!
They had it coming!
They only had themselves to blame!
If you'da been there,
If you'da seen it...
I betcha you would have done the same!

Monday, August 07, 2017

Back to normal

So Saturday I was looking on Craigslist for used arks (armored ones, of course). Sunday morning, the water was gone and things when right back to whatever passes for normal here.

In some areas, if never stopped. This nice White Linen art gallery event was less than two miles from me and it went on soon as the rain stopped.

White Linen art night defied the deluge

Full disclosure: I was supposed to be there. With Anastasia. Instead I was relegated to paddling the backwaters of the Congo. Sigh.

But come the next day, other than some garbage clean-up and a few soaked cars, it was almost as if a quarter of the city had never flooded.

And me and the dogs...

We went to an art gallery.
And Jackson Square.

Then the dog bakery.

Then we watched street performers

And then we went to the bar where they got treats.

And it was like Saturday never happened. Except it did. And I blame the mayor who spent two million dollars taking down statues of war heroes just to make a national name for himself instead of using that money to fix our roads, hire more police and maybe even fix our drainage system.

Thanks to all those who expressed their concern.

Saturday, August 05, 2017


The rain started just before 3. Stopped around 7. Almost lost my work car. Lot of people a block farther down did lose their cars.

Kayak launched.
Other neighborhoods are a lot worse. My old neighbors say it hasn't been like this since Katrina.

Now it's night time, and the water hasn't gone down an inch.

But I got power, and I'm locked and loaded. Dogs and I are safe.

Monday, July 31, 2017

A tale of two piggies

This little piggy smelled bacon.

"Sighted bacon, ate same."

This little piggy said "Where's mine?"

How do you not give a dog that cute a piece of bacon?

Happy piggys at the lunch bar.

New Orleans is good to these dogs.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Baby Duck is gone.

Saw this report of a plane crash. Happened this past Sunday in Kansas.

2 dead after plane crash in Atchison County

Only two people were on board the plane when it crashed. The pilot, 64-year-old Vlado Lenoch of Buff Ridge, Illinois, and the only passenger, 34-year-old Bethany Root of Atchison, Kansas, were both killed in the crash. Root is the general manager of the Amelia Earhart Airport.

An Atchison County Sheriff's Department official said it appears the crash happened at a high rate of speed. The impact left a large debris field in its wake.

The official said he thought it was intended to be a short, local flight and the plane crashed with 10 to 15 minutes of take off.

Officials believe the plane is a P-51 Mustang. It flew in the air show for the Amelia Earhart Festival Saturday evening.

A National Transportation Safety Board official said a witness described the plane flying 25 to 30 feet above power lines shortly before the crash. The official isn't sure if the plane clipped the lines but the witness said the plane suddenly pitched up and rolled to the left before hitting the ground in a deep descent.

Not much left.

But a P-51? Damn. It was Baby Duck.

USA: Two killed in P-51 Mustang crash

I saw Baby Duck in August, 2012, at Thunder Over Michigan.
This was the year I took my father. It was one of the last things we did together before he passed.

That's him with the camera. It was a great day.

I saw Baby Duck again the next year, same place, this time there with Aaron of the Shekel.

Now it's gone. Gone for good, along with it's pilot and a passenger, neither of whom likely realized that they were taking their last flight that morning. Sadness.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My porch...

Here I am, trying to bring groceries in, and my porch is like a zoo.

Only thing missing is the other two porch cats.

Yep, I got porch cats. And the dogs are not amused, have not been amused, and likely will never be amused.

New Orleans is weird on a lot of levels. But it works.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dog day Saturday

Saturday morning, out for breakfast with the Belle's Diner, naturally. (Their corned beef and hash browns is out of this World War Two aviation motif inside, and dog friendly).
They even brought out a water bowl for the hounds so they could watch passers-by in comfort.

Then it was time for a walk down by the river...unless you're Murphy, then it's INTO the river.
Belle, as usual, just wades.

Murphy was having a ball, swimming without a care in the world, and several tourists had stopped to watch him fetch a tin can, until...
Two drunk, stinky gutterpunks came down and jumped into the river. Seeing them, two Harbor Police officers rode up on their bikes and ordered the gutterpunks out of the water. And of course one had to whine about it. "How come the dog can swim and we can't?" And you can guess what happened next: Murphy was also ordered out of the river. Dog just can't have a good time.

Of course once the gutters were gone, I talked to the officers and worked things out. Murphy will still be able to swim there, but we need to be a bit more discrete about it, especially if there are gutterscum around.

Heading into Jackson Square, we heard music.
It was a brass band on the balcony of Tableau, corner of Chartres and St. Peter streets.

Time to relax at one of the dog-friendly bars here.
They had cookies and I had beer. And life was good.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Nothing like coming home from a long day at work to see that the no-job-having, Section 8-getting neighbors have put their EBT cards to use and bought themselves a 50" flat screen TV.

One is on the lease with her kids courtesy of a rent voucher that pays more than market-price rent (so the landlord has no incentive to rent to working people who might actually not just hang out and blast rap music all day and all night), and three more adults and some more kids just moved in with her and stay for free. And none of them ever seem to leave for any sort of job. Bet I can guess which party they vote for every election.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Junk shop find and other cool loot.

Went to investigate a report of a discarded but complete generator out by a curb with some trash. While over there, I found a store full of old junk nearby. The store has a book shelf in the back.

Nabbed this for three dollars.

Sometimes life is good.

Oh--and I got the generator too; a 4,000w gasoline-powered job. Neglected but appears fixable and too damned useful to abandon to the trash man with hurricane season arriving. I should have it running within a few days of the already-ordered repair parts arriving. It'll be my back-up generator, seconding a 6,000w unit that will power a single-room air conditioner, a lamp or two, the microwave, refrigerator and security cameras should the power go out for any length of time. With the water heater gas-powered and my rotating stockpile of food and water I think the dogs and I can do ok for a while.

And now we'll have a book to read as well.