Friday, November 28, 2014

A Protest Likely to Backfire

So the Ferguson mobs are planning to boycott stores on Black Friday.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm thinking that these fools announcing that they're going to avoid your store is kind of like a pedophile calling you up to say that he's sorry but he's going to have to skip your five year old's sleepover.

If the Ferguson mobsters all stay home today, I'm betting that the only business to see a slowdown of any sort will be the EBT system, and how can that be bad?

What's Good for the Stalkers...

One of the seamier aspects of the whole Leftist mess in Ferguson, MO has been the relentless stalking of Officer Darren Wilson by some members of the media. One who has been among the worst of these media stalkers is Julie Bosman, writer for the New York Times. Going by a search of her recent bylines, it appears as if she's pretty much devoted her energies exclusively to shadowing Officer Wilson and posting every rumor about him and as much of his personal information as she can find. It doesn't seem to matter to her that he's not been accused of any crime. No, he was actually the vicitim in this case, the victim of an unprovoked attack by a drug-smoking store-robbing savage named Mike Brown, who had the bad judgement to attack an armed police officer. Brown wound up dead and other savages have been running amuck, attacking people and destroying public and private property all across the country (but primarily in places where liberals dominate).

Now no reputable reporter or news agency would ever deem it proper to post a rape victim's home address, or the typical survivor of a serious assault. That sort of thing would be beyond the pale and decent society would be outraged. But no one can accuse Julie Bosman of being reputable (or the New York Times of being much of a news agency) because she ferreted out officer Wilson's marriage license and put his new home address in one of her yellow-journalistic screeds, and her hack editors saw no problem with it, approving it for publication.

So I figure that if crime victims and/or police officers who just do their jobs can have their information made public by sensationalism-seeking "journalists", those same journalists are probably fair game for the same sort of thing. So, joining bloggers like Mr. Garibaldi and, I wish to help anyone who has a real or imagined grudge or just wants fifteen minutes of fame by giving the the addresses of Julie Bosman and her henchman, Campbell Robertson.

Julie Bosman can be found at 5620 N Wayne Ave #2, Chicago, IL 60660. Click the link for a nice picture of her place.
Campbell Robertson can be similarly located at 1113 N Dupre St., New Orleans, LA 70119.

And if you happen to find yourselves in those areas, they look like this:

I don't get to Chicago or New Orleans terribly often these days, but if anything happens to Officer Wilson or his home, I may have to make it a point to visit both cities, just to express my disdain in a manner that would make the typical Ferguson protester proud.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving from me and Murphy and Belle.
Hey! What happened to the turkey?!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wanna Instantly Stop the Ferguson Rioting Across America?

Easily done. Simply declare that anyone arrested for any riot-related offense lose their EBT, their Section 8 housing and/or their federal student aid for at least a year. Anyone subsequently convicted should be cut off from taxpayer-financed subsidization for a period of not less than five years for misdemeanors and permanently for felonies.

This stuff would stop within the hour. An Executive Order should do it.

Damn it, I really need to be President, even if just for a day or two.

It Followed Me Home. Guess I'll Keep It.

On Monday, I found myself downtown, with my Jeep in the shop and me wandering around looking to kill some time. Eventually I drifted into one of the local pawn shops, just looking to see what they had, and two guns caught my attention. The first one was a .22 rifle that I thought might suit a friend, and the second, spotted while looking that over, was a sad-looking Ithaca Model 37 12 gauge shotgun that was covered with rust and grime.

I shook my head as I looked the Ithaca over, and I thought that it was probably so far gone that I really wasn't interested even when the manager, who knows me, offered me his "best out-the-door" price, which would have been tempting if the gun wasn't such a basket-case.

The .22 looked like a deal though, so we engaged in a bit of dickering, and before I knew what happened, we'd struck a deal in which I wound up buying both of them as a package for a fair bit off of the combined total. I have so little willpower. Or maybe I just felt sorry for the Ithaca.

Anyway, I spent a good chunk of Monday night and Tuesday working on it, slowing and carefully removing the rust with 000 steel wool and lots of CLP. I managed to get the wood cleaned up pretty decently too with some polish, and when all was done, I was quite surprised to find that I had a pretty nice shotgun on my hands.

So here it is. And I'm kicking myself for not taking some "before" pictures, because it sure looked rough.
The shotgun is a Model 37 "Featherlight" with a 28in. fixed-choke barrel (modified) and a bead front sight. It's chambered for 2&3/4 in. shells only.
The walnut shot and foregrip polished up ok. They have a few very minor dings and some of the varnish is missing from the bottom of the stock, but they both look pretty decent and I'm going to leave them as they are for now.
Like most Ithaca guns, it has sporting scenes roll-marked on each side of the receiver, and by being very careful, I was able to clean the rust off of these areas without damaging the finish or marring the scenes.
This gun looked like hell in the store, and I admit that I was skeptical, but after a day's work on it, carefully cleaning it and peeling off a layer of some sort of grime and surface rust, it turned out really nice. The action's decently smooth, especially now that it's all clean and lubricated properly, and it looks like I came away with a pretty nice shooter indeed. I'd initially planned to clean it up and flip it but now I'm thinking that I'm going to hold onto it and I can't wait for a chance to try it out on some clays.

And here it is in my gun cabinet, centered between two other Ithaca 12 gauges.
The one on the far left is an Ithaca 87 that I bought to go hunting with my father some thirty years ago. We picked it out together at Meijers. The one on the far right is my father's Ithaca 37 that I bought him for his birthday a few years after I got the 87 so that he wouldn't have to borrow one from one of his cousins when we went out together. It's mine now, as of a bit over two years ago. So Ithaca shotguns have a special place in my heart, and for that reason, there will probably always be room for one more in the gun cabinet.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Pass This Around, Please.

If you feel as I do, copy this and get it out there for everyone, including the leftist anti-Wilson media to see.

Thanks, Wandering Soul.

So How Long Before...

How long before petulant man-child Barry Obama issues an executive order to indict Officer Darren Wilson, since the Grand Jury refused to hand down the decision that he clearly wanted?

Hell, since Obama believes that all authority is his and that our Constitution's checks and balances on executive power can't stop him, I'm actually surprised that Officer Wilson hasn't been killed by a drone strike already.

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Looting has Started

Apparently the Ferguson looters have started their attacks on local businesses. One of the first stores to be hit was a Family Dollar store.

Seriously? Looting a DOLLAR STORE? That's almost as laughable as Obama saying that we all have to respect laws and work within the legal process, which he just did in his televised response to the verdict.

You can't make this stuff one would believe it.

No Indictment for Officer Wilson. YEE-HAH!!!

Screw you, Mike Brown supporters! Your hero has been officially shown to be the thug that most of us already knew that he was. And Officer Darren Wilson, a good police officer, did what he had to do to protect himself when attacked by Brown and now he's out of legal jeopardy and can get on with his life.

In tonight's press conference, the prosecutor's spokesman talked about the thorough investigation by the outside investigators from the county police, and explained how many of the Brown-supporting so-called "witnesses" gave inconsistent statements or eventually admitted that they weren't even there and didn't actually see what they said they saw.

The Grand Jury found that there was no doubt that Officer Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown, but they also found that Officer Wilson was authorized and legally justified to use deadly force. As such, there are no grounds to charge Officer Wilson with any crime.

Free at last, free at last! Thank God Almighty, Officer Wilson is FREE AT LAST!

Does this offend you?

Apparently the following editorial cartoon by Gary Varvel run in last Friday's Indy Star hit a bit too close to home with the Obama Administration, because the Indy Star promptly retracted it and apologized, claiming that "many people were offended by it".

And while it's true that most every Liberal opinion board and blog is going nuts about this cartoon today, I can't recall a newspaper pulling and apologizing for editorial cartoons that offend normal decent Americans. My own suspicion is that heat was applied by the White House, and since most of today's media still slavishly works to curry favor with Obama, they caved like they never would have done had the "offended parties" been veterans or gun owners or Americans with conservative ideals.

The cartoon is spot on though, and while it's critics line up to call it "racist", none have yet offered a convincing argument claiming that it's untrue.

Oh--and welcome to my sidebar, Gary Varvel.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Gun Show Fun!

So off we went today to the gun show. Proud Hillbilly, Joby and I met up with JayG and Old NFO and we rambled around the Dulles Gun Show for a few hours. As usual, Old NFO found and snagged something really good (how the heck does he do that at every show?!) and then we all adjourned for some fine dining at the local Chez Owl (Hooters).

Ammo is starting to come back down just a bit, and reloading supplies are starting to return to reasonableness as well. Primers were under $30.00 per thousand at most tables, and Joby and I each scored a pound of Titegroup for $22.00, not too shabby these days. Now the dealer charging $45/lb. for WIN 231 and $270.00 for 8lbs of Unique should have been taken out and horsewhipped, IMHO. With any luck, he goes home with everything that he brought to sell.

And there was, naturally, the usual assortment of rifles fresh from the CMP all jacked up to over a grand, beater Chinese SKS rifles priced at $450, tons of old Bubba'd military rifles priced higher than un-screwed up ones go for, and table after table after monotonous table of AR parts and uppers for sale. But again, much of the fun was had as we laughed at their prices. I talked with one dealer about selling my M60, and when he asked me prices and I told him, he shook his head and said that it was "too high" and I'd never get it. This was the same dealer with two beat-up non-Colt M16 rifles for $23K and $25K respectively and a West Hurley M1 Thompson for $25K. I'M asking too much?

All in all, it was a good day, but then any time when you're with good friends and surrounded by guns and then you go drink beer and ogle Hooters girls...that's going to be hard to top.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The speech that Obama meant to give.

Apparently someone found a discared copy of his first draft of last night's speech in the white House trash can:

"My fellow Kenyans Mexicans Americans. Today marks a historic day when I can finally reward millions of people who, in defiance of our laws and the wishes of the American people, snuck into our country illegally and began applying for welfare, putting their kids in our schools at US taxpayer expense, using our hospitals as free clinics, stealing American workers' identities, driving without licenses or insurance on our roads and taking jobs from countless low-income Americans who used to work in the construction, lawn care and hospitality industries. You people are essentially all thieves and parasites who believe that our laws should not apply to you and that you are owed a living supported by our taxpayers because of some real or imagined slight that might have happened to your ancestors generations ago. Well I've got news for you, and that's that these are the very values and ideals of the Democrat Party today and I'm proud to welcome you out of the shadows and promise you full citizenship and equality with those that you have been victimizing since you came into our nation. All I ask in return is that you register to vote and start backing for the political party that lavishes good stuff on you courtesy of someone else who has more than you do, and if you'll do that, there's no limit to how far this gravy train will take you and any of your friends and relatives who might want to sneak over our border tomorrow and join you here. All they need to do is pretend that they were here five years ago, just as many of you will now do, and it'll free cake and tacos forever! Oh--and pay no attention to all of those unskilled black people whose jobs you are going to take once I give you all work permits. I mean, what are they going to do about it? Vote REPUBLICAN? Don't make me laugh. Even if they did, it's not like I care what Congress wants or does. I mean, they just represent and speak for peons, and I, Barack Obama, am the leader and sole decider of what will or will not happen in this country. Besides, it's not as if I plan on allowing another election anyway. Not after that last one where the ungrateful voters tossed most of my party out of office. See if I let that happen again. Just remember, all you Mexicans new Americans, I am your patron and I'll do all of the thinking and planning for everyone from now on.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Jay Leno backs out on SHOT show.

Anyone who was expecting to see Jay Leno at January's Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) show in Las Vegas might well want to make other plans for that night, because he just backed out after the gun-hating harpies began to harrass him.

Jay Leno cancels gig for pro-gun group located near Sandy Hook Elementary School after victim’s daughter speaks out

This time, the issue blew up when professional victim Erica Lafferty, who is now riding her fifteen minutes of fame for all it's worth since her mother, Dawn Hochsprung, was killed by deranged psycho Adam Lanza at Sany Hook Elementary School, decided unilaterally that Jay Leno should not be speaking to other Americans who do not share her extremist anti-gun point of view. She began agitating and holding press conferences and the Leno camp folded and backed out, pretended not to know that the National Shooting Sports Foundation that hosts the SHOT show was about...wait for it...shooting.
“Jay was asked to do what was positioned as a sportsman show, and when he found out it was a pro gun lobby show, he cancelled,” Leno’s spokesman Bruce Bobbins [said].
Yeah, ok. Whatever. If you're going to back out because a handful of hysterical women and liberal girly-men start wringing their hands, that's your choice. But please don't insult us by saying that you didn't know what the event was about.

Of course Lafferty had to get her plug in for her fellow gun-haters:
Lafferty urged Leno to take his cues from fellow comedians Sarah Silverman, “Tim & Eric” star Tim Heidecker and recent “Tonight Show” guest Kurt Braunohler who performed Tuesday night in Los Angeles at a benefit for Moms Demand Action and, the gun safety banning group backed by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
First of all, I had to scratch my head and ask who two of those gun-hating "comedians" even are. Silverman I've heard of, but she's about as funny as dog vomit on a white rug because she continually confuses her extremist liberal political ideology with the comedy that she's paid to do, which is why over half of America changes the station every time she comes on the TV. Frankly, if those three are the best that the anti-gun/anti-freedom/anti-Constitution Left can come up with, I can't get that worried about them. I mean, our side still has the Founding Fathers and the Constitution on our side, plus a few A-list celebrities of our own if that's actually what sways people these days.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ferguson countdown

It's coming. The actual verdict is just a formality at this point, as numerous no-job-having unwashed scum have been staying in the Ferguson area for months salivating over the thought of engaging in an orgy or violence, theft and destruction. No matter what the Grand Jury decides, these fools aren't going to leave without the climax that they've been eagerly awaiting. In fact, one of their leaders recently admitted on TV that he doesn't care what the facts are and it doesn't matter if Officer Wilson was jusitifed or not--if there's no indictment, they're going to attack. Period.

There aren't decent citizens protesting an injustice; these are hooligans, theives and opportunistic criminals and they deserve no respect and no quarter given if they step off. At this point, I'd be fine with the police and the national guard using live ammunition against them. "Pacify them with buck and ball" if that's what it takes to restore order and protect the decent local people and their property.

Sadly, they don't let me be in charge of such things. Pity, because the airstrikes and artillery that I'd call in on massed targets would be totally awesome.

On a somewhat more restrained platform, Mas Ayoob suggests using fire trucks to soak the criminals, an especially appealing tactic if the temps stay below freezing.

OK, maybe I could go with that as a fallback. Or just having helicopters fly over and showering them with soap and job applications. Those things always make wanna-be anarchists and millenial Obama supporters run away shrieking.

Heck, if the powers that be won't take my advice and use napalm, they should at least consider some bucket-equipped trash trucks.

Oh, and to the anonymous cowards offering $5K for Officer Darren Wilson's location, he's at Lagniappe's Lair. Come on over, bitches. The watchdogs've got something for ya.
"All set for protesters, Boss!"

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Now this is funny to me.

Apparently while chronic outsider-turned-troublemaker Elizabeth Vega was leading a rally against the police near Ferguson, MO last night, one of her fellow travelers traveled off with her car.

Ferguson Protest Leader Has Car Stolen During “F*ck the Police” Rally

So now I wonder who she'll call to file the report--the very police that she was just cursing at?
Maybe they'll make a deal with her and consider trying to find her car for her if she promises to leave Ferguson and go back home. Or maybe they'll suggest that she go to Mexico and protest real police corruption.

Nah. Her and her kind don't want actual risk, and there won't be as many TV cameras down there for their self-glorification. Mass-media attention without any real danger, even if there's no good reason for it and no foreseeable accomplishment. That's just how the (un)American Left rolls...or in Vega's case, since her car was "redistributed", that's how they walk.

PETA activists steal dog from family's porch and kill it.

So over in Virginia's eastern shore last month, a family's Chihuahua disappeared. A check of the family's video system showed two women running up on the porch, grabbing the dog, and driving away with it in a van marked PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals--a lunatic-fringe group that claims that all animals are the equal of any human). Three days later, two women from PETA show up on the family's doorstep with a fruit basket and tell them that their dog was euthanized. They never explained why or offered an excuse for going onto the family's porch to take their dog.

Man claims PETA stole, killed family pet.

The sheriff brought criminal charges against the pair, but the county prosecutor refused to go forward with the case, so the two women who stole the dog--and the organization that they work for--are apparently off the hook. Meanwhile, this family is without their dog and their daughter is without her companion. But hey--they got a nice fruit basket out of the deal, right?

PETA accused of snatching a pet dog from family's front yard, driving it away and then KILLING it - before returning with a fruit basket to apologize

Now in fairness, there are two sides to every issue, but PETA's continued refusal to give their side strongly suggests that even they know that what they did was seriously wrong.

Hey PETA loons...if you come by here, there are often two docile, cuddly dogs out on the front deck just waiting for someone to come and steal them and kill them. Stop by any time, and if the black one in particular acts like he's about to rip your face off, he's just goofing you. Pay no mind and walk right up on the deck, move the gate, and reach out to the nice, trusting stealable dogs. I'll be around later to tell anyone looking for you that you were never here.

You see, there's a name out in rural America for people who get caught going on other people's property to commit crimes or to impose liberalism on the unwilling...we call them "missing persons".

Like the song says:

Once two strangers climbed old Rocky Top,
looking for a moonshine still dogs to steal and kill.
Strangers ain't come down from Rocky Top,
reckon they never will.

Oh--and the rest of the PETA loons wouldn't be much safer in their office building after a stunt like that, and that's a fact.