Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Wheat a zoo!

Merida has a zoo. Small but well laid out, and free.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Liberal hypocrisy

So as I mentioned yesterday, I am currently staying with two girls here, one is one of my bartender friends from New Orleans and the other is her lifelong pal who currently lives in Boulder, Colorado. As proud NPR-worshipping liberals and wanna-be hippies, they do not like police, the military, the patriarchy or anything related to these things. Of course they also feel unsafe enough by themselves that they practically begged me to come along and drive down and back with the bartender. (The Boulder-ite flew commercial.) in other words, they don’t need or want someone like me around until they decide that they need someone like me. The irony is delicious and I’ve made it a point to bring it up once or twice, because I’m like that.
Now tonight I’ll be leaving them for the rest of the week and moving into another place with another nice gal I know who will be in town for a bit. I’ll be about a mile away but still in the neighborhood.

In other news, I found out what happens when a gringo walks into one of those “Mexican-only” cantinas last night. Standing at the bar drinking my beer, I was approached by a little fella who made his thoughts clear regarding my presence despite the language barrier. He walked up to me and snatched a lime off my plate and stared at me as if he was daring me to do something about it. I glanced around and the whole bar was watching to see what I was going to do, even the bartenders. Clearly a retreat with honor was called for so I laughed loudly and threw twenty five pesos at the bartender and told him “cervesa for mi amigo!” (Beer for my friend). Then I downed mine and walked out. This morning a couple of the expats I ran into told me that I was insane for even walking into that place. Hell, now I know.

Friday, July 05, 2019

Fix that Volkswagen!

At honest Jose’s repair shop!

Out for a walk today

On the way into town the other day I saw an aeiplane in a park that I wanted a closer look at. Unfortunately both gals that I am now staying with are very much anti-military and had no desire to go get a closer look at it. So today while they were off doing chica stuff I want walkabout to go don’t this plane. First I located it on Google Earth and then, since it was “only” 4 miles away, I started hoofing it.

It’s high nineties today. In the shade. But there was no shade. And I got my adventure and saw some picturesque parts of Mérida. In retrospect, Uber would have been smarter.

But I found my plane! A Lockheed T-33, in shit shape mainly due to vandalism and neglect. Welcome to Mexico. There were some armored cars there too, also vandalize and neglected. So Typically Mexican, I’m learning.

For the return trip I got smart and hitched a ride in a dodgy taxi van with a dozen other people. Language barrier but I just got in and stayed on until it looked like it was as close to our house as so was going to get them I jumped off. A steal at eight pesos and just a ten block walk from there. Beats four more miles!

Tuesday, July 02, 2019



After four days of driving, we’re in Mérida now, down in the Yucatán. I’ve been through numerous police and military checkpoints, so far without a problem, and there are definite differences between the forces. Policia tend to be local cops, many unarmed and typically fat and sloppy looking. Corrupt. Federales are typically a lot sharper in appearance and demeanor and I would not screw with one. Guardia, or National Guard, are basically bored kids with older German rifles that their fathers likely also carried. And the Mexican Marines? Front line on the drug war. Even the cartels try not to mess with them. And for some reason down here one or more of these guys is always in sight, usually in full battle gear. I’m thinking there’s a lot of stuff going on down here that isn’t getting reported up north.

Monday, July 01, 2019

Oh great. It’s the Policia.

So we got pulled over in Puebla, MEX last night. A rather portly and overly-friendly transit cop stopped us because Margaret’s dog was in the front seat and because the rear windows was blocked with stuff we were hauling. He then let us know that these violations were serious and we’d have to get citations but I noticed that while he kept pointing at his ticket book he didn’t have a pen in his hand. He then let us know that this could take a long time and he was very sorry. We just kept smiling and nodding and pretending to speak no Spanish while waiting for him to get to the point. Finally in pidgin English, he held out his hands d said “money” and “vamanos” several times until it was clear this if we just gave him some cash we could go. I offered him 200 pesos—about ten bucks US—and said it was all I had. He took it, smiled, shook my hand then got back in his car and drove off.

Welcome to Mexico, Gringoes.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

FX-05 Xiuhcoatl

Mexico is producing their own military rifles now and ditching H&K. I’ve seen several of these new rifles in the hands of soldiers in roadside checkpoints today. So far they’ve all been content to mess with other people. Hopefully it stays that way. But look up their gun. iPhone blogger won’t ley me do links or pics right now.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Linares Mex.

Long day. Lot of delays. Four hours at the border crossing AFTER we got over the bridge and parked. Mexican Marines pulling security with rifles and machines guns stop their Humvees and loaded belts in the MGs. I’m not in Kansas any more for sure.

The gal I’m with is a bit of a scatterbrain and she does not speak the language here like she led me to believe nor does she plan routes or want to stick to routes I plan. Ima have to take this one over my knee if she don’t get with the game. She’s lucky she’s cute.

Damn near a thousand miles still to go. Two full days on these Mex roads. And no sign of Pancho Villa yet. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Right now it’s cervesa time.

On the road again

Writing from Laredo, Texas. This time it’s a vacation trip helping a nice (but not too nice) girl drive to her new house in Merida, Mexico. Going to be down here two weeks, then flying back home and coming back two weeks after that to help her drive back. She doesn’t want to drive through Mexico alone and I don’t blame her. So I’m in for the adventure. Let’s do this.
And I the words of that great statesman and diplomat to Mexico John J. Pershing: “Wait ‘til they get a load of me!”

Monday, June 17, 2019

So two dogs walk into a bar...

And they decide to spell the band when the band takes a break at one of our favorite bars.

They wanted to cover some Three Dog Night, but they were short a dog. So they just rolled out some Steppenwolf.

In the "kinda sad" department, old Murphy couldn't jump up on the stage by himself. He's starting to show his age. Actually he's been showing it for a while. I've just been looking past it. But there was a day when how could leap and climb over a six foot fence and damn near catch the top of an eight-footer. I remember chasing him in my Jeep as he ran nearly half a mile full tilt once too, and he used to strain and pull at the leash something fierce if I let him. Now he just walks alongside me and I try not to go too fast for him. He still demands his walks but they're shorter and slower now and if I throw a toy he just sort of saunters after it, all the time in the world.

He's ten, getting close to eleven.

And Belle's eight and has't even tried to dig out of the yard in some time. Seems like just the other day they were new two-year olds, filled with all the energy and mischief in the free world. Where'd the time go?

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Range time

Finally the range wasn't flooded so I got to try out the newish Remington Model 11. And for a 76-year old shotgun, it performed flawlessly. And it was busting ALL the clays until I started getting sloppy on the second box of shells and let a string of "Away" clays get by me. Just bad cheek weld and head position on my part from trying to rush the shots because they clays were going into a shaded spot and I couldn't follow them for more than a few seconds. But once I started focusing on those exclusively and slowing down, the gun did it's part and the clays all dies valiantly.
Then the cut-down Krag came out to play, fresh back from a visit to the CMP custom shot to have a new front sight base installed. It looked great but once there was a base and blade, it was obvious that the barrel wasn't timed all the way to center as it had a noticeable cant and it was hitting about 5" right at 25M. And that's 20" at 100M and exponentially worse farther out. Pity. because the groups were tight as hell. This rifle probably wasn't shot much after it was re-built and cut down so it's worth seeing if CMP can fix that too.

Also tested out an old Sears and Roebuck Ted Williams .30-30 lever gun that's been on my rack forever. I bought it a couple years ago because Sears and Ted Wiliams but never shot it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had a pretty good 100M zero already but it wasn't extracting well so I suspect it's overdue for a teardown and good cleaning.
Back in the day, baseball star and Marine Corps pilot Williams had a deal with Sears where his name only went on premium gear that he himself evaluated first. These rifles were made for Sears by Winchester and he gave them his personal ok before his name went on them. My only bitch with this one is that someone cut the stock for a rubber buttpad. Very nice job but I'm looking to restore it with an original butt one of these days when I find one.
I put 50 rounds of .45 on steel with my old 1911 next.

I haven't shot it in quite some time so this seemed like a good time to take it back out. I remember when I had the trigger down and had it reduced from 13lbs to 5lbs back in the 80's. I thought it was an awesome trigger then. It's horrible by today's standards and may need to be reworked again.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Pretty Girl

"I'm pretty pet me and give me a treat!"

Belle has learned a thing or two from the dancers around here.