Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Roger Moore, RIP

Known primarily by most as James Bond, he also payed Simon Templar in The Saint for a bit, and Sean Finn in The Wild Geese.

He also poked fun at himself many times, spoofing himself in movies like Cannonball Run and even shows like The Muppets.

A quality act. He'll be missed.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Little X, at it again.

Took a walk down the side of my house today, down the narrow path where the dogs travel to the back yard from the side door. Almost missed this:
Almost Shepherd sized. The Cooler Queen has been doing her thing. That would have been a dog break tonight or tomorrow.
"Curses! Foiled again!"

But how did she breach that lattice?

So I'm driving down the road...

In Alabama the other day, and what do I see on the I-10?

Someone got a cool new toy!

Also can't help think about how handy that would be in New Orleans when the wheels finally fall off due to Mitch Landrieu's stunning managerial incompetence and the race-baiting that he uses to distract people from it. Plus it's also just about one of the few vehicles that can drive on city streets that have been so neglected as back-to-back Democrat administrations have siphoned off money meant to fix them and spent it on other things near and dear to them and their coterie of friends alone.

But mark my words...let enough Democrats run enough of America for too long and we WILL likely be seeing tanks in our streets.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Well that's one way to get deported

So this guy gets nailed for 103 incidents of graffiti on the UConn campus...and much of it is anti-Trump...and he's an illegal alien.

Man arrested on 103 counts of anti-Trump vandalism at UConn

Can you say "Straight to the top of the ICE deportation list"? I knew you could.

Friday, May 19, 2017

My mom and the homicide suspect.


They just arrested "Uncle Louie", one of New Orleans' oldest and most visible street performers.

Uncle Louise arrested.

This guy has been around forever. And unlike many of the current ones, he's always been polite and courteous and never nasty or pushy.

And this past Christmas, he even met my mom.

Hey Mom, now you really have a story can tell the other little old ladies that you hang out with.

Robert E. Lee under assault now.

I just get back after a week away and find that "ISIS Mitch" and his crew of masked, anonymous workers are taking down another statue that better people once put up to commemorate a man whose shoes our loser mayor would not have been fit to polish.

Robert E. Lee statue being taken down now.

Only two groups tear down revered historic icons just to advance their own political agendas: ISIS terrorists and Mitch Landrieu's administration (to include our City Clowncil.)

So why is it ok to call down airstrikes on one of these groups and not the other?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Another victim of Mitch Landrieu's quest for fame

I just got word from a friend who is in a place to know.

Another one of the statues is going to fall tonight, or in the early morning hours.

Will it be Lee or will it be Beauregard? 

In any case, it's just adding to the crimes against history and the citizenry of New Orleans that "ISIS Mitch" is racking up. 

Watch the news tomorrow to see which one he destroys.  If I were back in town I'd be seriously contemplating being there to record the events..

The stupid! It burns!

I'm traveling this week, but that doesn't mean that I get to escape the intellectual offerings of my new associates back in New Orleans.

A discussion thread that I was somehow added to (because most of them have no idea who I really am) revolved around putting four new faces on Mt. Rushmore, because the current ones do not reflect this country's diversity. My suggestion that we add Andrew Jackson was not well received and sparked a side discussion when it was stated that all of America needs to be stripped of all memorials to our Founding Fathers and and military hero since the Founders were all about white male supremacy and honoring anyone for killing others is wrong. 

I chimed back in and pointed out that but for our nation's founders and the military men that came with and after them, no one on this discussion list would even be here today.

"Oh yes we would," replied one of them. " We'd just all have been Native Americans and we'd be living in harmony with each other and nature."

The face palm heard round the world indeed. And laugh if you will, but her vote counts as much as yours of mine does every election.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

I got you some flowers this morning buy the people at the cemetery made me put them back.

Still thinking of you though!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

General P.G.T. Beauregard, CSA.
This statue, at the entrance to City Park, is one of the four that our Democrat/fascist mayor, Mitch Landrieu, decided to tear down a couple years back as part of his plan to capture national attention and get himself a spot on the Hillary Clinton team.

This monument, and three others like it, have been here for over a century and no one was bothered by them. New Orleans is built around it's history and they are a part of it. Beauregard lived here before and after the war and his old mansion is still an attraction in the French Quarter.

But since Katrina, New Orleans has suffered an infestation of yankee hipsters from places like Brooklyn, Portland, Austin and San Francisco. These kids, usually in their 20's and early 30's and often supported by trust funds or an allowance from mom and dad, make up the bulk of those who have jumped on the anti-monument bandwagon, acting as though their mere presence here grants them a right to a say. The only other real opposition is one guy who has been a radical anti-cop, anti-white "community organizer" who has been a gadfly here for decades but never garnered any serious attention until this issue came up. But that guy and the transplants, these are the ones that Mitch Landrieu is pandering to. For them--and the love of the DNC--he's taking the monuments down.

The citizens here wanted a vote on it, but Mitch knew that he'd lose that one. Like I said, New Orleans loves it's history almost as much as it hates outsiders coming in demanding change. So no vote by the people. Instead, he got the city council to rubber stamp his fiat decision and then said "Hey, you all voted for them, so that's good enough." And despite protests and public calls for him to leave them alone, Mitch has already sent crews in under cover of darkness to take down two of them--one a monument to the Battle of Liberty Place and the other a monument to Jefferson Davis.
Both of these were taken in the early hours of the morning, with police guards in place and masks on the faces of those doing the work. Trucks involved had their business names and license plates covered. The mayor still refuses to show where he got the money to pay for this or who the jobs were contracted out to. Transparency? Not in this Third-World Democrat-run city. And if the people really want this to happen, like he keeps telling us, there shouldn't be any shame or a need for secrecy, right?

Two monuments gone, and two remaining, the one above and the one of Robert E. Lee in Lee Circle. Nowadays both are mobbed with protesters for and against the removal and both groups are largely made up of out-of-towners and/or recent transplants. (A gal I work with is a huge opponent of the monuments but she's only lived here three years while going to school and is about to leave for a new job back where she came from. She has never owned property here, voted her or registered a car here but claims to be resident with a right to a say.)

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on this debacle, and because Mitch diddled on it and allowed both sides to get spun up, the hard feelings and polarization it's caused won't be going away any time soon. Meanwhile, crime is off the chain here and people are getting robbed and murdered daily, but that's all taking a back seat to this circus and countless police officers have been redeployed to statue duty instead of the neighborhoods and the task forces. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see which issue is more important to Mitch Landrieu.

Oh, and one of his toadies on the council, Latoya Cantrell, wants to succeed him as mayor when his last term is up. She voted along with him on this. She can kiss my ass if she thinks shell ever get my vote.

And yes, she's the councilmember whose husband--a city prosecutor in the drug court--was busted when he dropped a joint on the floor in the courthouse right in front of two police officers.

Monday, May 08, 2017

Down by the river.

Out for a stroll last night.

Dinner for three one.

Belle makes another friend.
Tell me again how pretty I am.

OK, which one of you stole the beignet?

And Murphy was being true to form this week-end. I took a young lady out for pizza--with the darn dogs, of course--And as we sat and talked, Murphy saw an opportunity and grabbed her pizza slice as she held it, biting about half of it off. She was not amused. Way to go, jerk dog.

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Still more NRAAM

Saw this in Atlanta, too.

It's the ARES Shrike, now back as the Fightlite MCR. It's a belt-fed upper for an AR-15/M-16, complete with quick-change barrel.
It transforms an M-16 into a baby SAW, and if I can find a deal on an M-16 or M-16 lower, I'm getting one of these. Full auto fire, 100-round belts, quick-change barrels, suppressible..and still under 12lbs.
Salesgirl not included...sigh.

If I get that, I might want this device, too.
The mag pump. Dump your 5.56 rounds into the hopper and it feeds them into the loader and stuffs your mags quickly and easily.

And I'm kinda fond of Slip 2000 now too.
This fella gave me a bunch of free samples of their lube and I've been trying it on my firearms, starting with my Walther PPK and Sig P220 in Atlanta. It definitely slicks the action up and supposedly prevents carbon build-up as well.

Smith and Wesson was huge there.

And Springfield Armory brought their wares too, including the Scout Squad rifle that I think I need.

This Benelli M2 shotgun might be an impulse buy shortly as well.

Fellow Blogger Bob seems to have found an Auto Ordnance Thompson that he's partial to.

And Aaron was trying to check out this FN PS90 carbine while a salesgirl was having fun photobombing him.

It's all fun at the NRA.

Well not for everyone. We got back to the hotel and saw this woman walking through the lobby.
I caught up with her and asked her where the protest was going to be. She looked me in the eye and said "I'm not here for any protest". Then I pointed out her "Moms Demand Action" shirt and asked for a picture with her. She said she didn't feel comfortable posing for a picture with me so I told her that was ok and just snapped one of her.
She about broke the glass door trying to run out. Pity. I so wanted to ask her who was paying for her airfare, lodging, meals and transport. But I guess that's a question for another day.

Seriously, how can anyone believe anything from a group whose members deny being in town for a protest when they are actually wearing their protest shirts?

Saturday, May 06, 2017

More weird

After Jazz Fest, the Krewe of Chewbaccus held a small parade on Star Wars Day in the Marigny. (May the Forth be with you...) I was there with a friend so I got a bit of video.

And yes, for those who have asked, that's Miss Memphis Belle in a cameo role.

New Orleans life...sigh.

In between the torrential rains that have been dousing us, I managed to get out to Jazz Fest on Thursday.

This huge music fest brings in hundreds of performers for two week-ends. You pay to get in and then just wander the various stages to hear who you like. And of course there is art, food and booze galore, because hey--it's New Orleans!

Mardi Gras Indian funk with Cha Wa. It was a new one on me but they were fantastic as they did a lot f old Mardi Gras classics with their unique style.
Here they are playing somewhere else.

Then there was Quiana Lynell.

Again, one of her clips from another fest.

George Porter was there.

And Waylon Thibodeaux.

And Batman...Because Jazz Fest, I guess.

Finished the day with Eric Lindell.

Great day. Muddy as hell but the early rain kept the crowds down so I count that as a win.

Only issue was that I got invited to sit in one of the new cars that Acura was displaying there as part of their sponsorship. They grabbed me and three others and had us sit in the car for a sales pitch but the sales girl got a bit of an attitude when she walked off to get some literature and came back to find me drinking from a bottle of Fireball that I'd had in my pocket. She said "You can't drink in the cars!" I pointed out that I wasn't sitting in the driver's seat and that I had brought enough to share, but I still had to go. Some people... Tsk.