Thursday, October 30, 2014

He's on the way...

Aaron of The Shekel is on his way here for this week-end's shoot.

He got out just a few hours late. (WHY am I surprised? I've known him long enough not to be surprised.)

I sent him this for motivation:

Unfortunately, this one's a bit more representative of his speed.

And that's where we're different, he and I.

This is me trying to get someplace:

And this is Aaron when I suggest that he speed things up just a bit:

This friendship has survived many a road trip, but probably only because when we go any distance or have any schedule to keep, I drive.

The Abominably Slow Man should be here sometime this evening. Please keep him in your thoughts, and pray for all of those poor souls stuck behind him on the highway.

Vote fraud by illegals apparently underway in Maryland

According to a lawsuit filed by Virginia Voters' Alliance, thousands of people in Maryland have returned jury summonses stating that they are not eligible to sit on a jury because they are not US citizens but then gone ahead and registered to vote, claiming to BE citizens. (One person in seven in Maryland is not a US citizen)

Massive Non-Citizen Voting Uncovered in Maryland

I'm sure that this is not at all why Democrats oppose laws requiring that voters actually show a valid identification before being allowed to cast a ballot.

And what are the odds of US or Maryland Attorneys General investigating the people who apparently gave misinformation either to the voter registration people or to the courts? Either lie is a crime that subjects the person convicted of it to jail, and, one would think, deportation if here illegally.

Anyone think that the Obama or Omalley administrations are about to get right on that?


Fastest Maryland Voter in all of Mexico...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

To my friends who shoot Garands and Springfields and Enfields (Oh, my!)

If you can stomach dealing with the profiteers at Cheaper Than Dirt, they do have a quantity of surplus Greek HXP ammo in .30-06, some in boxes and some on Garand clips, at a decent price. They also have .303 for you Enfield Shooters, both in boxes and on clips.

Click here for .30-06 and .303 Greek HXP ammo for sale.

Let the record reflect that I am NOT a fan of CTD after the last gun-ban panic and their wholesale price-gouging when more reputable outfits like Brownells were still honoring their pre-panic prices, even on back-orders. That said, for some reason, CTD has this Greek ammo and no one else does. And let's face it...genuine quality military surplus .30-06 and .303 is neigh impossible to find these days as no one has made any of either for several decades. The HXP, made by the Greek Pyrkal factory, is non-corrosive and boxer primed, which means that you can reload these cases over and over. And HXP has proven itself to be more consistent and accurate in .30 than even the US Lake City-produced surplus stuff, a fact known to many Civilian Marksmanship Program(CMP) shooters who have bought and fired both from the CMP over the years. Likewise, the .303 that I've seen before is slightly oversize, running closer to .312 than .310-.311, and consequently it works better in those wartime Enfields that tend to have slightly oversized bores. (I shoot it, then reload the cases with Hornady's 174gr .312 SPRN bullets and my Enfields love it.)

So despite my dislike of CTD, I'm passing this on to my shooter friends. CTD will make some money, but they're going to make it off someone anyway, and hopefully this way, a few of you who shoot these calibers can benefit.

Oh, that dog!

I opened the back door this morning to talk to a neighbor and Murphy, standing behind me, saw a cat and bum-rushed me, making it out the door before I could block him. He made a bee-line right for the crazy cat neighbors' house and began chasing all of their feral cats up various trees. Dog hasn't pulled that stunt in about a year and I was kinda hoping that he was mellowing out.

Not so much, it seems.

But getting him back is easier than it used to be. I just gave him a few minutes to run around and burn some of that energy off and then I got in my Jeep and drove down the road past the crazy cat house, honking to horn a couple of times. Once Murphy saw me go by, he quit the cats and ran after me because he likes his car ride as much as he likes chasing cats. So I hit the gas and I led him for about a block until it completely slipped his mind who was supposed to be chasing who, and then I stopped, got out and opened the door, and he jumped right in, all ready for his ride.

This is so much better than the old days when it might take an hour of chasing, bribing, pleading, swearing and outright trickery to get hold of him once he'd gotten over there. And I can recall a time a few years ago when I had to chase him down the road for over half a mile before he got tired and I was able to get him.

He's much better now. Still an ass, but better.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I voted.

I did my part as a citizen today. I tried to save America by making the best choices available to me, so from now on, the blame for everything bad falls on the low-information voters who make choices without thinking them through and the lame-os who won't bother voting at all.

Our only big race here is a US Senate seat, a race between Shelley Moore-Capito, a fairly conservative woman, and Natalie Tennant, an Obama supporter who refuses to admit voting for him. Moore-Capito is NRA "A" rated and opposes Obamacare; Tennant brought liberal whack-job (and fake indian) Elizabeth Warren in to campaign for her. Moore-Capito is still a bit squishy on illegals, but the only other choice is Tennant, who won't say where she stands. Tennant does brag about being pro-gun in her ads, but the truth is that, if elected, she'll vote for Harry Reid or some other gun-hater for Senate Majority Leader and like all good party members who want to stay in favor, she'll toe his line when it comes down to crunch time. This race is important because the candidates are different, so I voted for gun rights, protection from illegals, and smaller government. And if Moore-Capito wins and doesn't stand up for these things, I'll vote against her next time around. I will be watching.

Monday, October 27, 2014

He's dead, Jim!

After a long walk followed by a trip to the dog park where he ran his paws off, Murphy is out cold.
But he had a fun day.

Belle's still got some wind in her sails, but not too much. It's quiet in the Lair tonight.

Marylanders! Vote for Larry Hogan and there will be AR-15s everywhere!

Or so warneth his opponent for Governor, Anthony Brown, gun-hater and Friend of Obama.

Don't know about you, but when I saw that ad, my first impulse was to move to Maryland just to vote FOR Hogan.

I'm thinking that this ad isn't exactly going to help Brown out in the majority of Maryland where all of the non-liberals live. But then when you don't have any sort of record of positive accomplishments or any sort of plan for if you win, maybe this is the best that Brown can manage. Well, that and claim that your poor campaign performance notwithstanding, anyone who doesn't vote for you hates black people.

Good luck, Larry Hogan. Maryland gun owners, if you screw this one up...

Six Days to the Blogshoot

Blogshoot is still on for Saturday. weather sunny, with a high of 50, so bring a sweater and/or a jacket.

And aside from Keads' bowling pin shoot and Larry the Historian's .50 Barrett, I'm thinking that we still need something more to make it fun.

So I'll put up a nominal prize to whoever brings--and fires--the most interesting firearm, to be determined by consensus of the other shooters.

I will exempt myself from consideration, but all others are invited to bring the interesting.

PS--rumor has it that Nancy wants to try the pin shoot with her muzzle loader. That sounds fascinating, but our regular shot timer will obviously be inadequate for scoring such a weapon so I'll be going to the store today to buy a calendar.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hoo Boy!

So I walk into my local pharmacy to get a prescription filled. Behind the counter, a pharmacy tech that I've never seen before has her long hair dyed a dark black, with a big bright fire-engine-red streak down the middle, and a white streak down the middle of that.

Trying to be nice, I loudly congratulate her for getting into the Halloween spirit in front of her co-workers and a couple of other customers. I even ask her co-workers why they can't be that festive for trick-or-treat time. But instead of smiling, she gets a sour look on her face and stomps off towards the back of the pharmacy as her two co-workers start to giggle and then just burst out laughing.

Yeah. That hair coloring job wasn't for Halloween. She actually meant to look like that.

I'm thinking I'll be going to the one of the other pharmacies in town for a while.

Saturday Man Movie

In Bad Day at Black Rock (1955), a brash young Ernest Borgnine learns not to mess with quiet Spencer Tracy.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Stay classy, Michael Brown family

So dead thug Mike Brown's grandmother and cousin were just peacefully selling Mike Brown t-shirts and other merchanidise in the parking lot of a Ferguson, MO. BBQ restaurant when a car pulled up and several people, including Mike Brown's mother, Lesley McSpadden, jumped out and began cursing the "entreprenuers" and warning them that they could not sell Mike Brown swag. (In all fairness, this is reportedly the same cousin that had the concession to sell the T-shirts at Brown's funeral, so perhaps he just didn't understand that the permission was time-limited.) Apparently someone them demanded that McSpadden prove that she had a "patent" that would preclude anyone else from selling Dead Thug brand clothing and other souveniers, at which point, a member of her entourage attacked the cousin with a metal pipe. They then stole a box of cash and some of the swag before they all jumped back in the McSpadden-mobile and took off.

Police investigating assault and theft following argument between Brown family relatives

And people wonder why "Big Mike" turned out to be such a low-life.

Of course now McSpadden is telling the news that she was only trying to make sure that everyone only remembers Big Mike "for all the good that he did" (like beating that shop owner and attacking that police officer, I guess) but if that was the case, why steal the money and why won't McSpadden tell the police who the pipe-wielding cousin-beater is? She's apparently refusing to cooperate with police on that score, even though the cousin was beat badly enough to require medical attention.

Looks like the apple doesn't fall from from the tree in Ferguson, or in this case, the turd doesn't fall far from the outhouse.

The refusual of the prosecutor to bring charges against Officer Darren Wilson will be so sweet after months of this sort of circus antics.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


I. Have. Hot. Water!!!

And an in-line filter now to keep well sediment out of the new water heater.

And most of the floodwater has been shop-vac'd out of the basement. Much stuff to be thrown out now, but that's for later.

Thanks to Eric for the help. That's all.

I shouldn't have stopped by the mailbox

On the way home from getting the new water heater, I stopped at the mailbox to pick up my latest batch of bills. while there, I heard a "meow" noise, and this cat came right up to me like it was my long lost pet.

Oh, man.

I still don't know how I feel about having a pet cat, but I know Murphy, and I suspect that we'd have integration problems and a deceased cat in short order. But I couldn't just leave this cat there. It was clean but had no collar and it obviously wanted to be anywhere but out by the neighborhood's rural mailboxes. Oh, what to do...what to do?

Then the idea fairy came along. Problem solved! So here's the cat, in my Jeep, along with the new water heater.
The cat is now in Proud Hillbilly's basement, waiting for her to get home. Won't she be surprised? But she's one of those cat-collecting ladies that every neighborhood has, so I'm sure that she'll know what to do with it.

Here it is in her basement, eating some cat food. Poor thing was ravenous.

Mama said there'd be days like this...

Get up for work. Make breakfast. Put the dogs out. Turn on water for shower. pressure and no hot water. This is curious. Go down basement. See water covering entire basement floor. Check water heater and see water shooting out from behind an access plate in the side of it. Turn off water. Call work and tell them to start without me. Bring the dogs back in.

Sigh. It's days like this that I really envy renters.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hypocrisy Alert! Anti-gun legislator caught with gun and reeking of booze, refuses breath test

Once again we see how ridiculous the Ferguson, MO, protesters are. This time, we have MO State Senator Jamilah Nasheed, a Democrat, arrested for blocking a street after disregarding several warnings to move out of the roadway. When arrested, she smelled strongly of alcoholic beverages, per the police. She was also armed with a loaded 9mm pistol. Senator Nasheed, a sponsor or supporter of several anti-gun bills in the Missouri Legislature, then refused a breath test.

DRINKS UP, DON’T SHOOT! State Senator Arrested Carrying Concealed Weapon In Ferguson, Possibly Under The Influence

In a perfect country, elected officials who get arrested would be suspended from office until the charges were resolved. But since that'll never happen, here's hoping that she at least loses her concealed weapons permit. She's not only a disgrace as far as being a "public servant" goes, but she doesn't rise to the level of responsibility and maturity demonstrated by the average gun owner either. Her party always calls for stripping people of their gun rights for even the most trivial offenses, so call me overly optimistic but I await the rush of Democrats calling for Nasheed to lose her CCW and surrender her guns immediately.

Oh--and just to get it out there again, since we're talking Ferguson: "I support Officer Wilson!"


The M1 on the right has been in my gun safe for about a decade. The stripped receiver on the left just got here. They both likely left Springfield Armory together back in June of 1943, eventually going their seperate ways during or after World War Two. 1665008 was eventually loaned to Denmark and returned, heavily rebuilt with Danish parts, in the early 2000s, then sold to me by the Civilian Marksmanship Program(CMP). 1665009? Who knows? The CMP just released it as a refinished stripped receiver, suggesting that the complete rifle was too badly damaged to be sold as a complete unit. But now they're together again, and I will rebuild the stripped receiver into a "period correct" Garand, just as soon as I can acquire a few more parts for it.
What are the odds of these two finding each other again after 71 years?

To be fair, most of the credit is due to CMP member Fatbrewer, who bought the stripped receiver from the CMP, then tracked me down after seeing my information attached to "5008" on the list of known Garand owners at We talked, a deal was struck, and the two siblings have been reunited.

A better article will follow once the second rifle has been rebuilt, and in the meantime, I'd love to get any information at all as to how that rifle became a stripped receiver--where did it go and what was done to it to get it to the point where it had to be totally disassembled and refinished? was it a damaged rifle, recovered from some battlefield after a fight, or was it just a victim of decades of neglect? All the CMP can tell me is that they got that serial number back from the US Army in 2004 and that is wasn't part of the Danish group. Any thoughts or ideas? Fatbrewer's got some great ones, but no hard evidence. What do you think?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Out and about today

I went out to run a few errands, and while out, I saw this sign for a political candidate.
I'd like to help the guy out, but for one thing, I don't know anything about him. And aside from that, I already pledged my vote to Mike Nesmith. Sorry Davy.

(If you don't get the joke, ask your parents, kid. And get off my lawn.)

Then I saw this in the parking lot at the drug store.
Welcome to West Virginia.

Then it was out to the range to play for a bit with an old friend, a Remington-produced Springfield 1903A3.

This one hasn't been out of the safe in years, but it shot quite well indeed at a hundred yards today--well enough to make me feel guilty for not taking it out more. I used to shoot this one in the Springfield matches at Camp Perry, and I got it from the CMP back when they had a big batch of small arms back from Greece. I bought several Springfields out of that batch, but most went away when I needed money after losing the leg. This one I kept though, and after shooting it today, I remembered why. It's got the black Greek park job but it shoots great.
Hundred yard target. Ammo used: some 16 year-old reloads made with 150gr. pull-down bullets and surplus powder. This target is only 12" wide and 18" high, and I shot it from a seated position at a bench--no rest or sandbags. The shot at the bottom left was the first shot fired, follwed by two of those low 8-ring hits, but after a couple of sight tweaks, I got it pretty much where I was happy with it--the 9-ring is six inches high by 4 inches wide and most of them went there when I did my part. The orange center is just visible to my eye at that distance. (No excuse for that 7-ring hit at 3 o'clock--I wanked that one.) And the head shot was my last round, just to do it.

I also finally found out what happens when an upside-down primer gets missed during post-reloading inspection and winds up in your pistol. I was shooting my 1911 when suddenly I heard the light "snap" sound of a squib load. I dropped the mag and cleared the pistol, expecting to find an empty case in the chamber and a bullet lodged somewhere in the barrel, but when a whole round ejected, I picked it up and saw that the primer was in the pocket backwards. The firing pin still set it off, but of course it didn't fire the powder charge. Bag of ammo loaded in 2006; that round sat around for most of a decade waiting to trip me up. And THIS is why I don't use reloads for street carry.

Still a happy day though. And confirmed with the range that the blogshoot next Saturday is still good to go, including Keads' bowling pin shoot.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

So I got this new foot...

And this thing ROCKS!
It's an Ossur Flex Foot, and it's part of my newest running leg--the third one that I've had since I decided that just walking wasn't gonna be good enough.

The first one was pretty crude, being little more than a curved piece of hi-strength fiberglass laminate bolted to the back of a regular fiberglass and plastic leg sleeve. It wasn't adjustable for height or camber or anything, but my prosthetist is good and he got it chose enough to perfect on the first try that eventually I was able to run the Army Ten-Miler with it.
It wasn't much-in fact, the sole was covered by a hard rubber that started life as an industrial floor tile, but that leg served me well until I went down for more leg surgery, after which it never fit right again. So a second one was made, this one little more than a clone of the first, the exception being that the laminate running blades were now starting to evolve as companies began putting some serious research and development into them.
This one was somewhat adjustable (but not much) and the running blade had a pad, a double-thickness for more energy return, and a real running surface on the bottom.

Sadly, I never really got this one working right. There was always a spot inside where I'd get pain during a run, and we were never able to solve that problem despite cutting out large sections of the hard plastic. But after a second bit of leg surgery, this one didn't fit right anymore either so it joined the first one in a box of cast-off legs in the basement.

Enter the third one. This one is cutting-edge technology. It's fully adjustable in all directions and for height and it has a removable/replaceable sole make by Nike. It's also made of a new material and it's easily half the weight of the last one. This thing is cool beyond description.
On Saturday, I took it out for a test run. Rock Creek Park in Washington DC closes off much of Beach Drive on the week-ends, restricting the road to pedestrians and bikes only. I happened to be down there, and the fall colors made for a nice run along the creek in the company of countless other fitness-minded folks. This was my first off-treadmill run in over a year, so I didn't push it too far. I kept it down to a mile and a half, and though I really wanted to run farther at the end of that run just because it felt so good, I knew from past experience to cut it there per the plan, and lemme tell you, today I'm glad that I did; I'm feeling it a bit from that run, but not really bad like I would be had I decided to run farther and over-do it. But the stiffness today is all in my other joints--the leg feels great. This running leg fits perfectly and there were no hot spots under it when I was finished, so I'm thinking that me and this leg are going to be great friends indeed. Heck, maybe next year, we'll do the Ten-Miler again, or even a half marathon. And one day, before I'm done...a whole marathon. I've just gotta.

A nice promotional video put out by the Ossur folks:

Sadly--but good for me and others--the advances in technology on these legs over the last decade has been greater than at any other time in the history of prosthetics, and it's all courtesy military spending due to the large numbers of amputees coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of what I use today on all of my legs wouldn't even exist but for that.