Wednesday, December 08, 2010

He's here.

He came today, hopefully to stay.

This is the new dog, a 2 year-old German Shepherd.He's not a replacement for Lagniappe--he could never be that. He's a different dog altogether. This one is a purebred shepherd who has been in a kennel or foster care for much of his young life. He needs a permanent home. I need a permanent dog. Perhaps this'll work.

He's sad now. His foster family just drove away. Here he is, looking out the window, no doubt hoping that they'll come back. Surely there's been a mistake and they'll return when they realize that they've forgotten him.

"They ARE coming back...aren't they?"

Cry, cry, cry...Pace, pace, pace...

It's ok, pal. Just settle in. It's you and me now, and your days of not having a home to call your own are over.

So what'll we call you?


  1. I saw this coming... !! SO GLAD you have a new companion. He will chill out and learn very quickly that he has hit the doggie Mothre Lode for good owners.

    As for his name: what's your favorite gun?

    Ruger? (I kind of like this one, it being German and all...)



    Henry? (Good dog name)

    Any of those will do - but as mentioned, I am partial to Ruger and Henry...

    Congrats, dad!!!


  2. Congratulations to the new dog on getting you as a companion. A dog like him needs the stability of a permanent home, it is obvious that he attaches well. He is lucky that in that you, he has found someone who will spend the time to develop a sound bond with him.

    How about Freundschaft? It's German for friendship.

    Best wishes to you both.

  3. AWWWW!!! He's awesome. I am so happy for you. He is in good hands now...he is going to have a super life from here on in. Congrats on your new companion.

  4. He is handsome. I'm sure a name will come that will be perfect for him. I will admit I'm partial to the name Mosin.

  5. What a handsome fellow! I recommend a a coupla bowls of ice cream shared by newfound friends - it'll be all good.


  6. Awww! Congrats to both of you! He is a handsome (and very lucky fella!

    Baron von Richthofen



    Precious Pal!

  7. He is beautiful!

    I too like Henry.

    He also looks like a possible Mosey.

  8. I am so happy for you. My next dog will be named Angus. I guess if I've got the name I ought to stop feeling sorry for myself and get the dog?

  9. Cassull. As in .454 Cassull.

  10. He is SO CUTE!!!!
    I had a feeling you were talking about a new canine! SQUEEE!!!
    Yeah, I like Ruger the best!

  11. Lay off the cats a couple of days -- let 'em start to invade his (new) turf. He'll like having some new targets.

  12. He's already taken a notice to the cats outside the window, and tried to go after a couple when I had him out on a leash tonight. I have a hunch that the local cat population's about to have a few bad days.

    As for dog names, how about Bill?

  13. Great ears, by the way.
    Musicians have good ears. ... "Tchaikovsky"
    "Sullivan" (Gilbert and ...)

    Or you could wait to see what he names himself.

  14. Bill is good.
    We had a Dave for many years. He liked it. Made him part of the family real quick. (We never told him he was born when Tommy Chong yelled out from our television, "Dave's not here!")

  15. Welcome, [name to be determined]. You've got yourself a nice lair!

    My wife's dogs were Kiki, Dum-Dum, Jinjy and Montgomery. But they were all smaller breeds of dog.

    Congratulations, and best of luck to both of you!

  16. NO, NOT BILL... as in Clinton...? Seriously, dude... blech.

    Although Clinton WAS a dog...

    If you want to go with a people name, then choose Henry.

    But I am still gunning for Ruger. (haha, get it?)

    How cool would it be to yell "Ruger! Macht Schnell!!"???

  17. Is the name his foster parents gave him unacceptable? They didn't just call him Hey Dog, I'd guess. I'm reminded of the dog in Stephen King's The Stand, who the survivors of that post-apocalypse called Kojak, not knowing his pre-plague name, Big Steve. There's a touching passage in which King tells the story from Kojak's point of view, and expresses his sadness that he isn't Big Steve anymore.

    Anyway, he's a handsome Shepherd. I wish you joy of him.

  18. Geez, I thought this was going to be your 1919 replacement!

    But he is much better! What a handsome boy - Bill is too common a name for him, I'm thinking. I liked Henry. Maybe Sharps? Or Hawken? Browning? Mauser (good German name)?

    You know, when we were thinking of names for our kids, someone told us to yell your list out the back door, and the one that sounded best when you yelled it was the one you should pick.

  19. I was HOPING you would be getting a 4-legged visitor! He is so handsome. I second the vote for Ruger! Once you get to know him I'm sure the name will come to you. Happy Happy Happy!

  20. Congratulations, he’s not a replacement but a new friend. How about Rexor or Thorgrim?

  21. If you were dyslexic, you could name him "DOGDAMMIT!" *snicker snicker*

    If Henry and Ruger are not acceptable, then I would vote for Mauser. But I think Ruger is getting a groundswell of support!

    Are you going to leave the blog as is? If not, you could have Henry's Hideout or Ruger's Recon Post... cool would it be to teach him to do recon on the yard to ensure there are no errant visitors... "Ruger! Recon!" Badass.

    I remember that part of The Stand about Big Steve. The part that struck me though was that in the end, he decided he didn't care what he was called, as long as he was with People... that is perfect dog thinking. Just happy to be with People.

  22. He is finally in the right place. For both of you.

    I feel for him, waiting for them to come back, but he will be quite happy, very soon.

    My Dad had a rescue pup, rescued from a house fire that took both home and owner. Best thing he ever did he said.

  23. Calibre...
    Cal for short... :)

  24. Voting may have already closed, but, as a fan of the Remington Rolling Block, I would suggest Geiger or Rider, probably leaning toward the latter.

    Best wishes to both of you!

  25. He's got great markings!!
    *HUG* I hope he helps to fill part of that emptiness