Sunday, July 08, 2007

I toldja so! Momma Moonbat was only spinning us when she claimed to be giving it up.

When I saw this story, I couldn't have been less surprised.
A couple of months ago, Cindy Sheenhan--the First Lunatic--bid us all a tearful "farewell"and claimed that she was tired of playing "hey, look at me!" She held a press conference and sold her Crawford house, known to most of America as Camp Nutter. I told you all then that she was only faking, and that she wasn't about to give up her claim to fame as a professional victim and media whore. And I was right. Here she is again, staging yet another march on Washington DC and holding yet another press conference to announce that she plans to run for office against her one-time hero and friend, Liberal Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

Ahhh, Cindy, Cindy, Cindy.... You never cease to amuse us.

And never let it be forgotten that Cindy disowned her son Casey when he enlisted in the army that she hated so much. She was totally estranged from him--by her own choice--until the day that he died. And with his death came Cindy's long-awaited shot at fame and the limelight. Suddenly the woman who refused to even speak to her son was "heartbroken" over his loss, and by virtue of press releases, staged media events, and gullible legislators like Pelosi, Cindy catapulted herself straight onto the front pages where she was finally able to find a receptive audience for the anti-war drivel that she'd spouted for so long.

I knew that she wasn't going away that easily. I think most of us did. But as usual, we've all been forced to play her silly little attention-whore game again. I just wonder who'll be backing her now that she's bitten every liberal hand that ever fed her.

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  1. In a Pelosi v Sheehan bout you just can't decide who to cheer for.

    Instead just bring some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show.