Saturday, September 15, 2007

Three cheers for Lone Wolf Distributing!

Another thing I like to do on Saturdays is shooting and/or working on my guns. Whether it's just routine cleaning or repair and modification, I enjoy fiddling with them.

Today's project was the removal of the stock disconnector on my Glock 23 pistol and it's replacement with a 3.5lb custom disconnector. The purpose of this modification was to tighten up the trigger pull by removing some of the creepiness that's inherent to the Glock design and to lessen it's pull weight from 5-6lbs down to a crisp 3.5 lbs.

Now I have to say that I love my Glock pistol. I bought this Glock 23 as a law school graduation present to myself back when I lived in Louisiana and you could just show an ID and buy a pistol over the counter. I innocently bought it at the soon-to-become-infamous Elliot's Small Arms, just over the Jefferson Parish line on the outskirts of New Orleans. (Way to go, BATFE for culling a few more bad apples out of the gun community!)

Before I got it, this gun had been carried by an officer of the Walden, New York police department. They traded it back to Glock, Inc., who refurbished it and sold it to Elliot's where I acquired it. I've had it ever since, save for a time when the gun was stolen from my home in a burglary. (It was recovered and returned to me, and Glock graciously refurbished it again at no cost to me when I told them what had happened to it. Yay, Glock!) But I digress...

I used to have a Glock pistol with a 3.5 lb trigger and I loved to use it to shoot in Glock matches. While I have some qualms about light triggers on a combat/defense pistol and typically recommend others not to do it due to the increased ease of an inadvertent discharge when the adrenaline's flowing, I made the decision to upgrade this Glock--which is my home-defense pistol--because I'm already used to the light and crisp H&K P7 triggers and this modification puts the Glock closer to the P7's trigger pull.

I also got the disconnector for free from Lone Wolf Distributors following a rather interesting exchange on the Glocktalk website that resulted from some goober bashing Lone Wolf's new disconnector. The President of Lone Wolf, rather than ignoring the criticism or calling that poster out as the tool that he was certainly emulating, offered to send his company's disconnector free of charge to anyone who wanted to try one. Well I asked for one (and got it in about four!) and decided to see for myself how good or bad it is.

Now changing one of these on a Glock pistol requires pretty significant disassembly and shouldn't be attempted by people who are not familiar with the gun or not willing to risk messing the gun up and having to send the screwed-up gun to a Glock armorer and looking like an idiot. Well since I learned all about Glock innards after I did the latter thing myself years ago, I undertook the operation and performed the disassembly of my Glock with the help of the easy-to-follow directions posted on the Glock Parts website. (note: not affiliated with Glock,Inc.) In about twenty minutes, I had a reassembled (and thoroughly cleaned) Glock 23 with a remarkably improved trigger. And a quick trip to the range confirmed that it now has a consistent, crisp trigger that suits me much better than the stock trigger. And try as I might, I couldn't find fault with the new set-up or generate any malfunctions.

Thanks Lone Wolf! I won't hesitate to buy Glock accessories from you in the future or recommend your company to other Glock owners.

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