Sunday, December 23, 2007


So it's the holiday season and Lagniappe and I are off visiting family and friends. We hit the road fairly early on Saturday, and the trip was rather unpleasant, mainly due to the plethora of buffoons and nincompoops who got out on the highways just a bit earlier and apparently feel some calling that requires them to drive slowly in the left lane of the interstates, keeping pace with the slowest vehicles that they can find in the right lane and thus preventing anyone else on the planet from getting anywhere. I know that it's not very Christmasy to wish them bad, but people who cannot grasp the fundamenal concepts of keeping right except to pass and yeilding the left lane to faster traffic really need to have their drivers' licenses taken away for all time, perhaps replaced with a lifetime bus pass.


  1. Were they driving slowly in the left lane, or driving the speed limit? Eh?

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Sigh...

    I should have known that we'd hear from the squirrel cop on this subject.

    And the speed limit in the passing lane is still wrong. You either pass or you yeild when you're in the left lane. Cruising along and watching everyone else bottleneck up behind you is not an acceptable third option.

    Merry Christmas back to ya! ;-)