Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting better

Sorry for the absence--I've really been under the weather the last few days. You ever get one of those bugs that you think can't get any worse...and then it does...multiple times? Well that's been the last few days here. Fever, chills, chest congestion, cough, sore throat...ugh! Don't want to be out of bed, but can't sleep due to all of the above. Horrible.

Fortunately I've had Lagniappe here to watch over me. He can tell when I'm not feeling good and he always sticks extra close to me. Actually he watches me constantly, and while it's well-intentioned, it gets annoying after a while as he's always underfoot.

Of course it doesn't prevent him from getting all wrapped around the axle over the constant incursions into his yard by the neighbor's many cats. These cats--and no one knows for sure how many there are--are always over here, and when Lagniappe sees them through the window he gets upset and barks, and then I yell at him and call him unkind names, which makes my throat hurt even more. And since he's been all penned up inside with me, the cats have become much bolder and their trespassing more frequent and obnoxious.

Well finally today, I decided that it was time to repay Lagniappe for his patience and make up for all the bad things I said to him while sending the cats a little message as well. There were two of those cats in the back yard again, stalking my squirrels, so I just opened the door and let nature take it's course.

Best part was, after chasing both of those cats and one more feline target of opportunity that he found next door, he came right back and came in the house again. Now he's all smug and content, the yard is cat-free, the squirrels are happy, and life's slowly getting better.


  1. I've got the same crud and it's kicking my butt. Good luck!

  2. haha!! Good for him! :)
    Hope you get to feeling better...I have had walking pneumonia and bronchitis now for 4 days. ugh.