Monday, December 01, 2008

Obama supporters now arming themselves

Not long after this last election, I was in the local gun shop talking to the owner. He related to me a story that still has me shaking my head.

It seems that he had a somewhat regular customer who was a hunter, but who, because of his union affiliation, was also a die-hard Obama voter. (You know how union sheep are...)
Well this guy had been in the shop several times before the election, always touting Obama. However the day after the election, apparently this guy came in and wanted to buy a new AR-15 and extra magazines. He told the store owner and others who were within earshot that he wanted to buy one quick, before Obama and the Democrat Congress got around to banning them.

When the owner asked him if he didn't vote for Obama, the guy readily admitted that he did and said that he was glad that Obama had won. He claimed that there is more at stake than guns, and that Obama will be good for union workers. But the guy still wanted to buy an AR-15 before the Obama administration bans them.

I actually think a little bit less of the shop owner once he told me that yes, he did sell an AR-15 to the Obama supporter.

I mean it's bad enough that Obama is going to hurt gun owners and make AR-15's and similar guns expensive and difficult (or impossible) to get, but then the shop owner lets this guy buy one knowing that there are thousands of real Americans who opposed Obama because of his stance on guns who are seeking these rifles right now. I know that business is business, but when someone hoses you (and your business), you shouldn't reward him with a good deal...not when many people who were fighting for your continued right to do business are also desiring your product, now more than ever.

In my opinion, the Obama supporter should have been sent out of the gun shop with a boot in his ass and a sign for his house that said: "No guns in here. I voted for Obama!"


  1. Two idiots. I'm sure Darwin has something for them somewhere down the line.
    For Obama's sake.. I sure hope he doesn't upset the wrong gun toting crowd. I'm not in the mood for a civil war.

  2. cant train them cuz they are just to dumb

  3. Anonymous11:14 PM

    The shop owner should have bounced him out on his empty head.

  4. He should have told the guy , sorry, Senator ( Prez elect) Obama and crew were able to get legislation through the Senate that restricted hi-cap mags effective...yesterday.

  5. First of all, I love that picture on the sidebar of the dog helping scope in for the car! haha!!

    Geez, what a sheep!!! I belong to the union here, too, but that does not mean I voted for Obama! Hell no!!! Ain't no way I am voting for a communistic socialist who is going to take away my gun rights!

    Thank goodness I got myself a Rock River AR-15. Bought it last year off one of my LTs. All brand new factory parts inside. Night sights. Shoots fabulous! All for only $625.