Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Tuesday...

A good day to get things done.

I started out on the range, where I adjusted the newly-installed sights on an AR-15 carbine. No pics of the gun at present, but if you've seen one, you've seen them all. Once the rifle was properly sighted, I took some liberties since no one else was present on this rather chilly morning and ran some training exercises. These exercises consisted of starting out at the firing line with the rifle on "safe", running down to the 50M target and back, then taking appropriate cover behind the range posts or benches, removing the safety, and putting five aimed shots onto the target. Safety on, turn and repeat.

Yeah, it sounds simple enough, and the first couple of times it is, but once you start breathing hard and perspiring, the shot groups tend to grow and sometimes even dissolve into virtual shotgun patterns. But it's a bit more realistic and practical than firing from a bench while rested and breathing normally. Reality isn't static--it involves movement, stress and adrenaline, and that's why the Biathalon is still an Olympic sport today.

I ended up fairly winded and sweaty, but it's all good; the more sweat on the training field, the less blood on the battlefield--or the street.

That wasn't the day's workout though. I got that next when I went to the gym. An hour's run on the treadmill--just over six miles--provided most of that. I then picked up a couple more sacks of deer food and headed home.

And it seems that I have a new "regular" deer coming around. He's a young six-point buck who has been coming around to dine. Like the others have been lately, he was really skittish at first, but he's getting better about me watching him. This is him.

This young fella's been coming around more and more lately. Nice to see at least one deer that isn't all schitzo like the rest of my former herd is.

I think I'll name him "Bucky".

My favorite doe came around with her two fawns at around dusk, but she wasn't having anything to do with me being visible in the house and she took them away again after they grazed a bit. I have three more does outside eating as I type this, but they're giving me the eye too. Wish I knew what--or who--got them all jacked out of shape a couple of weeks ago.

But I'll win 'em back over. I've got the corn.


  1. You should get you a webcam to watch them. I was able to pick one up a few weeks back for $30 on Woot.

  2. I bought 2 more guns yesterday.
    KelTech .380
    Ruger .380 (the new ones, not the recalled ones)

    The KelTech is much easier to conceal when off duty than that Glock. I ain't exactly got a lot on me to hide that baby so with the KelTech, at least it is a lot easier to conceal...without freaking out the neighbors.

    And, yeah, I got your last comments on the whole situation....I should have left the duty belt and the gun on me when I stepped outside. Oh well. Live and learn. ;)