Thursday, February 19, 2009

So what else could we have spent the money from Obama's Porkulus bill on?

Well now that Obama and the Democrats have picked our pockets and raided our bank accounts for years to come to the tune of 787 billion dollars (most of which will be wasted on projects that enrich those who supported the Dems and paying off the mortgages of irresponsible people who bought houses that they could not afford, articles like the ones at the Boston Globe and StoptheACLU got me to thinking what else we could have blown all that money on.

According to The Globe, it could have paid off all of the student loan debt in the country, with over 230 billion dollars left over. Stopthe ACLU figured out that it could pay for Oh--and it could also pay for 1,210,769,230 3 day packages to Disney World, including airfare, meals and the obligatory set of mouse ears. (So basically we're all each PAYING for a trip to Disney World, courtesy of Obama and Congress. We're just not going to get to go.)

So what else could we buy with $787,000,000,000?

Well I could go to the Civilian Marksmanship Program store at Camp Perry and buy 11,746,268,656 cans of .30-06 ammunition. At 240 rounds per can, that works out to 2,819,104,477,440 rounds. Lagniappe and I could shoot for quite a while. I guess that we'd better break out the Browning 1919A4 for this one. At 150 rounds per minute--the gun's maximum rate for sustained fire--it would take us 35,757 years to fire it all if we shot 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that's without stopping to change barrels or hit the head.

But Lagniappe would rather eat pig's ears than shoot. He loves those pig's ears that Petco sells for $1.49 each. The 787 billion dollars could buy him 528,187,919,463 of those delicious treats. Hope you're hungry, fella.

One could also buy 984,365,228 plasma television sets, about three for every man, woman and child in this country. Of course many of the welfare homes already have one or more plasma TV's, so subtracting for that, there'd easily be enough left over to pay for cable TV hook-ups for everyone as well.

So what would YOU buy with $787,000,000? It is your money, after all. Most creative submission gets honorable mention and possibly a German Shepherd dog. Please show your work, and yes, the math needs to work out.


  1. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Give me a day to think on the MATH of this. A few glasses of VINO and the calculator is not working.........But ohhhhhh what a tempting post that i will surely get back to.

    hugss the pig ear eating dog and the owner who feeds him!

    PS......... Word verification was CATDIE......... hmmmmmm sounds like Lagniappe got his paws on the internet!

  2. Why not give every person over the age of 18 a check for ____$$ ( out of the 787 billion ?

    With each of us getting a check for say 20 or 30 grand ( I am guessing) we would go out and SPEND SPEND SPEND and immediately bolster the economy faster and more efficiently then any government program and it would benefit everyone.

  3. Can I just have the dog? :)

    Read this article:

    It just made me even more disgusted and pissed off!!!

  4. I'd raise an army 13,121,040,346,782 strong.

  5. Anonymous6:56 PM

    mcsap- how about a check to taxpayers instead of legal adults? i have been working and filing taxes since 16 and would be certainly angry to not get my own well deserved cut.

  6. Shayan8:27 PM

    Yep, because Bush's 3 trillion in Iraq wasn't the most egregious waste of money in American history or anything...

  7. Normally I don't approve comments from ignorant people, Shayan, but yours just begs a response:

    In the first place, we have spent nowhere near three trillion dollars in Iraq. In fact, we've spent LESS there SINCE DAY #1 than President B.O. has just authorized in his spending bills in the past two weeks. The Iraq War has not yet cost us six hundred billion over seven years, yet B.O. has just blown almost nine hundred billion in two weeks.

    And that aside, money spent in Iraq was at least relevant to National Security--a legitimate government interest authorized by our Constitution. But nothing in the Constitution says that Congress shall borrow money from China to pay off the mortgages of people who bought houses that they couldn't afford.

    Maybe when you get older and get a job and you figure out how much of your income is being taken from you in taxes to pay off some illegal alien's home mortgage default, you'll realize why most working people with their heads on straight vote GOP.