Thursday, February 05, 2009

There's "annoying", and then there's "really annoying".

Annoying is when you cannot find something that you need in order to leave the house. It could be your wallet, your keys, a shoe... just something that you can't really leave without.

If you are like me, most of these items have a "special place" where they habitually get put, and on those rare occasions when one gets mislaid, the stress level starts to rise in direct proportion to the urgency of your need to leave and go somewhere. Just want to go to the store? No big deal. Got an appointment or getting late for work? BIG deal. That's when it gets annoying, and I start pacing the house, going from room to room looking for the missing item.

But if you want really annoying, you need a German Shepherd like Lagniappe to follow you around as you pace from room to room. Everywhere you go, you hear the click-click-click of his paws on the hardwood behind you, and every time you spin around to go look someplace else, you trip over him because he's right behind you!

And he'll skitter off if you yell at him, but in thirty seconds or so, he's going to be right on your heels again, waiting for the moment when you will once again turn and trip over him and practicing his "I'm surprised" look. We've been doing this comedy act for years and it never seems to get old with this dog.
"Fine. Be that way. See if I tell you where your phone is."


  1. Anonymous10:32 PM

    OMG you are reading my mind.............. Try having a Jack Russell Terrier, with the energy of 5 big dogs............. He drives me nuts....... He chews everything that is in the bathroom garbage, he finds your socks in the dirty clothes bin and seems to chew through them all. He hides under the beds when you catch him, since my back is broken, i don't bend over much to crawl under to catch him. When i do, i find socks, shoes, shirts and his favorite, MY BRA's in his little den under the bed. he has stopped chewing shoes thank goodness. Now i am finally figuring out, when his water and food dishes aren't EXACTLY where he wants them to be, he annoyes me and when he wants to go out, orrrrrrrrrr he just wants to be PITA and wants pets........

    We are rehabbing bathrooms right now during a major ice storm..... Needless to say, the tile guy isnt thrilled with Rebel Dawg............

    Korean BBQ anyone??

  2. vmprhntr11:31 PM

    Poor Dog! Man's best friend is being misinterpreted again. He is simply feeling your anguish, agitation and stress and is "pacing" with you in empathy and solidarity.

    Cut the dog some slack and give him a few kind words. Maybe then, so many things would no longer disappear!

    Would you rather have a poodle that pees on your bed?

  3. I am currently suffering through three dogs.

    Dog #1 Molly. A black 13 yr old Toy Poodle who is fully grown at 7 pounds and can still out-bark a smoke detector. She is starting to lose her hearing and eyesight. She tends to be the object of Abby's desire to play and after a minute or so of tormenting...snaps at Abby as if yo say " leave this old girl alone !!"

    Dog #2 Abby aka " Miss Abigail". An apricot colored Toy Poodle who is about 6 months old and weighs in around 4 lbs. She rarely barks unless instigated by the others. She does tend to cry/whine. She LIVES to try to get Molly to play.

    Dog #3 Buddy. The brother of Abby. Also 6 months old. Over 4 pounds , THINKS he is some sort of a GS guard dog and insists on barking at almost any noise or unusual activity. He occasionally bugs Molly but knows when she is about to snap and usually doesn't push his luck. He is getting bolder as he gets older.

    His barking sets off the other two but mainly Molly who suddenly realizes that " I should bark if he does it !! ".

    He tends to knock it off but Molly isn't sure the " threat has passed" so she continues until bored or a finger is placed on her head.

    This of course occurs throughout the day while yours truly is sleeping since I work a lot of nights. Hence , I wear the soft foam earplugs as my only defense against the K9 team of protection currently residing under my roof.

  4. Poor Lagniappe. Maybe he is just trying to help you out in the looking for your misplace items!

    You guys are making me feel very lucky with my dog. His biggest annoying habbit is when I leave for work in the morning he starts shaking and whining in an attempt to elict pity so I'll bring him with me.

  5. Husband thought this would be good for me to have a dog follow me from room to room to room. It would give me an idea of how Husband must feel as I follow him around the house eager to be near him.

    And while it was supposed to drive me nuts, it doesn't bother me a bit, so it really hasn't helped Husband's situation at all. ;)

    He feels your pain. Me, not so much.

  6. Awwww.....he just wants you to love him! :) lol. I know what you mean, though. Kira does the exact same thing. Annoying at times. But it never gets old to them.