Monday, March 09, 2009

West Virginia musing

Ah, stereotypes...everyone loves 'em, usually because there's some truth behind them.

One of my favorites about West Virginia is the image of the typical resident sitting on his porch with a shotgun, yelling "Git off'n my land!" at anyone who passes by.

Now last night was nice and warm, so Lagniappe and I did our best to live up to that fine state stereotype as we sat out on the porch cleaning guns and linking machine gun ammunition.

Alas, we're not rude enough to tell people to get off our land, but we did wave to several neighbors who passed by, oblivious to the fact that we were assembling eleven-foot lengths of "carnage in a can", otherwise known as 240 rounds of .30, linked, mixed 4 M2 Ball to 1 M25 Tracer.

We've been running the reloading press heavy this past week, figuring that we might as well load up all of the loose components sitting around since everyone is panicking over the pending Obama gun bans. First I loaded enough for my matches and expected practice sessions, and then I put the remainder into links for the Browning. And I'm here to tell ya that after I clean and resize the brass, swage the primer pockets, trim the cases, put new primers in the cases, charge the cases with power, seat the bullets, put the bullets onto the links and fold the belts up into the cans, I have so much time invested that I almost don't want to shoot it now.

But it is fun to shoot. And Lagniappe agrees. Just look at that smile.

We packed four cans last night. We're ready for Deer Season.

Yep. You read right. Deer Season.

You see, Obama wants to ban all of the so-called "assault weapons". Well Lagniappe and I don't have any of those. We just have this "deer rifle". No nasty, dangerous "assault weapons" around these parts. Heck, I don't even know what an "assault weapon" is, do you? I think that someone said that it's a gun with a bayonet lug on it. Well this 1919A4 clearly doesn't have one of those, so it's obviously not an "assault weapon".

We're just a couple of deer hunters here, Lagniappe and I are. And all we have is this deer rifle. The Democrats always promise that they only want to ban "assault weapons" and that they have no desire to ban hunting guns. So we got rid of all of our "assault weapons" (whatever they are) and all we have now is hunting guns like this Browning.

Now I know that someone will say that we don't need a gun like that to hunt deer. But I beg to differ, and I offer this photo of the back yard of the Lair, taken just this morning. If the deer are going to come in squad strength, we need firepower sufficient to harvest them all.

Venison steaks, anyone? We're fixin' to have plenty.


  1. I'll take a steak or two! :)

  2. Geesh, ya made me snort water up my nose 'cause i was giggling .. you need a warning label at the top of that post.

    I'm lovin the deer rifle, I'd love to have it myself.

    mounted on the hood of my car.

    for when those evil deer stage an ambush in the middle of the road.

    around a blind curve ...

    in the dark.

    Stupid deer.

  3. Anonymous12:17 PM

    When will the steaks be done?
    I will bring desert.

  4. Fuzzysdad may bring desert, but I'll bring dessert! :-) (He's my husband so I can pick on him like this.)

    Anyway, I don't know much about guns, but thought this was funny too!


    PS: Do you prefer cherry, pumpkin, or apple pie with venison?

  5. The long belt of ammo reminds me of the origin of the phrase of " the whole nine yards".