Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mexico and media lie about guns again.

So the big news on the headlines now is that an "anti-aircraft machine gun" has just been captured from a Mexican drug cartel, supposedly the first of it's kind discovered by anti-drug forces. ABC News has it, so does the Associated Press. According to the story, the weapon is a "confiscated .50-caliber, anti-aircraft machine gun can fire 800 rounds per minute and is capable of penetrating armor from more than 5,000 feet (1,500 meters). Police on a routine patrol Monday found the gun fitted atop an SUV at a house in northern Sonora state."

They go on to show pictures of the alleged ".50 caliber anti-aircraft weapon", and lo and behold, it's not even close!

That's right--those of you who know guns should easily recognize this gem--it's a World War two-era Browning model 1919A4 .30 machine gun. Not a .50, but just a little .30. And for those of you unfamiliar with such firearms, that's a big difference. It's like mistaking a Ford ranger 1/4 ton pick-up for a semi tractor rig. And this gun's not even set up for anti-aircraft use--it's on a ground tripod, not one suited at all for engaging aircraft, and the traverse and Elevation mechanism is missing, making it a pretty crummy ground gun too.
basically it's a 60+ year old weapon that serves primarily to intimidate peasants just by making a lot of noise.

And lest ye question my credentials or my weapons identification expertise, you only have to go to the search box in the upper left corner of this blog and use "Browning 1919A4" as a search term and you'll see several articles concerning the one that I personally own. Trust me--it's a nice historical item, but long obsolete and hardly as dangerous as the .50 caliber gun that they claimed it is. And again, this one's not even particularly useful either as an anti-aircraft weapon or in any other role without that T&E mechanism.
Authorities did not release any other details about the gun, including its make, where it was manufactured, or where it was sold.
Lemme help you out there, "authorities". It's a Browning 1919A4, caliber .30. It was most likely manufactured here in the good old US of A in during World War Two and subsequently given to some Central or South American country as military foreign aid in the 1960's...probably Mexico. It definitely didn't come from an American civilian gun shop, even though the Mexican government and Hillary Clinton like to claim that 90% of the weapons seized in that country do.

The problem here is that lies like this, if allowed to stand, will eventually become the basis for stricter gun control laws here in our country. Hillary's said that we need more restrictions on our gun ownership to help Mexico, and Eric Holder, Obama's radically anti-gun Attorney General has made the same claim. excuses are being made right now to slam the lid on your gun-buying ability and mine, and deliberate misinformation like this propaganda piece are part and parcel to those efforts even though that claim is just not true. The truth is that the drug cartels in Mexico arm themselves with military-grade weapons from other countries, including many that were originally given or sold to the Mexican government and diverted to the criminal gangs via corrupt Mexican officials. But American gun owners are poised to take the rap for Mexico's corruption and out-of-control crime problem, and our own gun-haters like Clinton and Holder and Obama himself are more than willing to play along with the lie and pretend that the only way to stop Mexico's violent crime is to close US gun shops and shows and ban many types of guns that Americans like to own. This is going to happen unless we stand up and tell our elected servants that we're not going to go along with it and that we'll replace every one of them that wants to go down that road.

And if they really want to keep US guns out of Mexico so badly, you'd think that both our government and the Mexicans would be rushing to build a border wall between the two countries. Such a wall would serve to keep our guns here and Mexico's drugs and citizens in their country, thus solving a lot of problems.

But apparently neither country wants to do anything that drastic. They just want to stop law-abiding Americans from buying and owning guns, particularly the guns that may someday protect them from the well-armed Mexican criminals who decide that it's safer and more lucrative to come here in search of easy prey.


  1. I saw that article earlier and thought it looked familiar. Go figure, the media can't tell the difference between a revolver and a semi-auto, why would they know what kind of gun this is?

  2. The only problem is that is the last thing Mexico wants. They want to give us their tired, their poor (read: their trash and gangsters). They don't want them any more than we do. And if they can sponge off the American system, and put less of a drain on Mexico's already strained resources, all the better.

    In other words, they want their cake, and they want to eat it too.

    That's why I still vote for a line of trebuchets all along the border.

    And the idiot description of the weapon is straight out of the Brady playbook. This is what they publicized when they renewed their campaign to ban .50 caliber weapons in the aftermath of 9-11, even though not one of the hijackers actually used a gun.

  3. They are banking on the fact that most people who actually read beyond the headline wouldn't be able to identify the differnce between a 30 cal. or a 50 cal. I have to admit that I couldn't pick up on that kind of detail or identify it like some of you all can.

    However, I am still working through reading all your prior blog entries...maybe by the time I'm done, I will be an expert on knowing the difference too ;-).

    (BTW, You really need to write a biography)!

  4. Alejandro12:11 AM

    Yet it wasn't the "Media" the one naming the gun, it was the prosecutor in charge of the press conference.

    Let me explain, scince it seems that You dind't researched more than Your nose could find.

    the gal in the pic was detained in Sonora, north of the country, then she was heli-lifted to the capital, where she was presented to the mass media, along with all the arsenal they could carry in the Blackhawk, emphasis on "could carry" scince aside from the tripod mounted .30 cal there was a .50 cal mounted in a pick-up truck, "Technical" style. they even had the nerve to up-armour it, and I dunnow, I'm no soldier but I know I don't want a police chopper to be brought down by it...
    where-ever it came from.

    Anyway, that's not what I'm here for, in the vid there's a pic of a rifle, brand and serial number, tell me, what other country sells it?, what armed force has obtained it? AFAIK, none, all role with Barrets or Steyrs.

    I'm a Pro-gun Mexican, and I want to help you guys, but seriously, evidence cannot be denied, act against the trafickers before a ban gains strenght.

    Otherwise, if you continue to rest in your laurels, and choose to ignore the evidence, you will be shooting yourselves on the foot.


    Just so that you could find it without effort.

  5. Hey , my Ranger is rated as a 1/2 ton.

    Unladen weight 2175 lbs.

    GVWR is 4340 so actually it is a ONE ton truck !! And with a 2.3 4 cyl engine it might go 50 ft with 2000 lbs on board :)

  6. The problem with this media 'event' is that it was just that. An event. There were some 'facts' presented by the government, not verified by the media before being presented by them as accurate. This is the problem in America as well. Someone in the government says something, and based on what the media has decided is politically correct, they present it as either accurate or inaccurate. If these determinations were made on actual facts, we would have more (or any) faith in our media. But it's not and we don't.. And they keep proving themselves willing accomplices of certain facets of the American and (now) Mexican governments..
    It's just too bad the media has chosen the side that they have.. Oh, well...

  7. Anonymous8:47 PM

    When i saw this story on the web. My B.S. meter started buzzing.

  8. Its funny that I regularly impound Toyota pickups with 2000 lbs of sacked concrete in the bed, or Ford F-150's with 3500 lbs of wet sand. A yard of wet sand weighs a friggin' LOT!

    These vehicles are easy to spot. Just look for the pickup truck that rides like a low-rider '64 Impala. You know, the one with the inverted rear leaf springs, the bulging rear tires, and the inevitable hitch ball that scrapes the ground every time they go over a bump.

    Each one driven by an unlicensed Mexican.

    Fish in a barrel...

  9. Officer Smith....thats an unlicensed undocumented immigrant. :)

  10. Po-tay-toe... po-tah-toe

  11. Flu-Bird12:30 AM

    So who ever said you can ever tust those lying liberal left-wing journalists i mean the NEW YORK TIMES is litle fact and all lies and outright fabrication these papers deserve to be boycotted into bankrupsty