Monday, May 25, 2009

And for those wondering what Lagniappe's been up to...

Courtesy of Nicki, who felt sorry for him since he had no place of his own to lay his little dog head (apparently my laundry pile wasn't appropriate in her estimation), he got a new bed, and he's been spending all his time testing it out.

Happy, happy dog.


  1. By the way, the cats tell me they miss him.

  2. Anonymous4:48 PM

    The bed looks very comfy.

  3. Look how happy he looks to have a place of his own. :-)

  4. Kira loves her doggy bed, too. :) But she still prefers my couch.

  5. Lagniappe is not allowed on the couch and never has been. He will die or become an outside dog if caught up there and he knows it.

  6. "He will die or become an outside dog if caught up there and he knows it."

    Wow, you must REALLY love your couch ;-)

    PSST...If you really think he abides by the no couch rule when you aren't around, I have a bridge...errr a Glock I want to sell you. :-)

  7. The couch is leather.

    And I know that he stays off it while I'm gone...just like I know that he sometimes naps on my bed or the guest bed while I'm gone. A hundred-pound dog leaves impressions on a bed or couch and all too often he leaves his toys on them as well.

  8. LOL....Yeah, I have a leather couch, too. And I am constanly cleaning it of dog hair and nail marks. But, she definitely knows she is only allowed on my couch and must stay off my parents' couch when we go to visit them. Smart dog. :) I actually got a leather couch vs a clothy one because of the dog. It is SO much easier to get dog hair off leather!! :)

    Kira also claims my bed. And the kitchen counter. And the car. And whatever she feels like she needs to own.

    Okay. Okay. So the dog pretty much rules my place! lol. But she is just too cute. :)

    Really, though, she is a good dog. Despite it seeming she owns me and not the other way around.

  9. Happy Puppy! he looks like he may rip out your throat if you take that bed away from him;)