Friday, June 12, 2009

An apology to my readers who have tried to post here

It has just come to my attention that many of you have tried to post comments to this blog over the past couple of months, only to have them not appear here.

It's not that they weren't approved. I generally approve most any comment that doesn't insult me or bore me. What's happened is that I wasn't getting e-mail notifications of some of your pending commments so I never actually got to make the "approve/dispprove" choice. I just found a huge stack of these pending comments on the blog's home page and I quickly went ahead and approved most of the ones that didn't fall under the above criteria. Sorry about that. I didn't reject your comments--I just never saw them until today.

Further investigation has revealed that the fault is either Blogger's or Lagniappe's--I'm not really sure which.

But just because I've warned Lagniappe in the past to be more alert for stuff like this, and because he saw fit to lick me on the face the other day as I lay on the couch trying to take a nap (immediately after he'd taken an oft-forbidden drink from the toilet), it's clear that something has to be done.Bids will be accepted until midnight tonight.


  1. Aww.. What a cute picture!! That's a patient dog, sitting there nicely while you post a sign on him and take his picture.. Why? I imagine he thinks he was being rewarded for doing something good!! Look for more toilet-water kisses in the future!!! :):):)

  2. Pheww...Glad that you got that all cleared up. I was afraid maybe you'd chosen to ban all future comments from readers who disagreed with you on that guns on aircraft entry. You know "I respect all dissenting opinions as long as they are exactly in line with mine" ;-)

    (Watch this one end up in the Junk folder bin now :-))

  3. I'll take him for $1000! :)

    No worries...I thought I would shoot you an email because it seemed strange none of them were coming thru.

  4. I hope he didn't catch any diseases from licking you !! :)