Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Burglars break into home of country's longest-serving police officer just hours after his death

Sgt. Manuel Curry, popular figure in Central City and Irish Channel neighborhoods and one of America's longest-serving police officers, is pictured here in 2004 as he was about to leave for D-Day ceremony in France. Curry participated in the famous World War II invasion.

A D-Day vet who subsequently served as a police officer for sixty-two years--making him the longest-serving police officer in this country--dies, and this is the respect that he gets from three shitbirds who will never be anything close to his equal.

Sgt. Manuel Curry's death last week of heart failure brought a wave of despair and an outpouring of support from the ranks of the New Orleans Police Department and the neighborhoods where Curry worked and lived.

It also apparently prompted three people to pounce on a criminal opportunity.

Within hours of Curry's death Thursday morning, police say, two local men and a woman broke into his home in the Irish Channel.

They rifled through his belongings, stealing several guns, plus money, jewelry and medication, according to a police report and his wife.
Kevin Carr, left, and Robin West are suspects in burglary of police officer's home.

Curry's wife of 51 years, Genevieve "Jackie" Curry, said she received news of the burglary while at a funeral home arranging her husband's burial.

Her response: "Oh, my goodness. Who would do this?"

Curry, believed to be the country's longest-serving, active-duty police officer still working full time, had never been a crime victim, his wife said. A World War II veteran, Curry participated in the D-Day invasion of Normandy; he died two days before that event's 65th anniversary.

In his 62-year New Orleans Police Department career, Curry wrestled bank robbers, responded to shootings, and nabbed pickpockets and all types of sordid characters in the 6th District, a tough triangular swath that encompasses Central City, the Irish Channel and the Lower Garden District.

He was the epitome of a community police officer, spending his whole career, save for a few months, in the same district.

Yet in death, he became a crime victim.

"He would have been shocked to see this, " his wife said Monday. "The place looked like a hurricane came through."

Curry's colleagues from the 6th District hit the streets alongside officers from other specialized units to search for suspects. Eventually, they found a witness who provided names and details of the break-in.

Robin West, 24, allegedly had served as the lookout, pacing the 2800 block of St. Thomas Street, while Eddie "E-Fat" Scott and Kevin "K" Carr, 19, ransacked the home, the report states.

West was picked up by police Friday at 11 p.m. in the 2700 block of Fourth Street, according to court records. Carr was arrested around that time near the intersection of Aline and Annunciation streets. Both were booked with burglary. An NOPD spokesman said Monday that a warrant had been issued for Scott's arrest.

Still reeling from her husband's death, Jackie Curry said the men and women of the NOPD have given her great comfort.

"Let me tell you, the police worked overtime and were great, " she said. "I am so thankful for them."

The burglary took place at the same shotgun house in which Curry had lived nearly his whole life. His family moved there when he was 15, his wife said. He never left.

He stayed at the house during the week as he worked and joined his wife at a country home in Lacombe on the weekends.

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Seriously, this is a case that calls for three lengths of rope and three tall trees. The criminals involved are nothing but dog shit and they will never be anything but dog shit. It's time to just scrape them off of the bottom of the shoe of society and be done with them. Anyone who would victimize any senior citizen on the day of her husband's funeral is unfit to live in this world, especially when the victim's husband devoted the majority of his life to serving this country and his community. Let's hope that, for once, the justice system in New Orleans actually works as intended and these scumbags pull some hard time behind bars.

Rest in Peace, Sarge. God knows you've earned it.

Oh--and in a related New Orleans note, bumbling Mayor Ray Nagin and his wife and a bodyguard have been quarantined while in China. Getting quarantined these days is understandable, what with all of the Swine Flu breaking out. What's not understandable is why that fool is in China instead of carrying out his duties in New Orleans. I'd also like to know how much his "business trip" cost the residents of New Orleans but I'm sure that we all know by know that "Mayor Chocolate City" feels confident enough to just ignore such questions. After all, he was re-elected after he totally bungled Hurricane Katrina, so why would he ever think that a little trip to Asia paid for out of city funds is going to cause him any trouble?


  1. Oh my gosh!! How could anyone do such a thing?!? *shaking my head in shock* This angers and saddens me. I am stunned. Just stunned.

  2. PS> I have some photos on my site that I am SURE Lagniappe would LOVE to drool over. hehe!! ;)

  3. This is truly sad, but far more common than you'd imagine. There are scum that actually read the obituary columns who look for times/days of wakes and funerals knowing that the family won't be home to do just this. It's despicable, but not nearly as rare as you'd think.
    So keep that in mind all next time you decide to advertise times/days of funeral proceedings to anyone who doesn't really need to know.

  4. "Seriously, this is a case that calls for three lengths of rope and three tall trees."
    I think you're being too kind.. Sometimes, you just have to agree with the old Bedouin punishments.. And these three deserve nothing less..

  5. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Just me said it best.

  6. Degenerate Oxygen Thieves.

  7. Horrible world we live in or should I say horrible people

  8. Anonymous11:10 AM

    People like these are nothing more than fecal matter wrapped in human skin.

  9. although I agree with you 100% on the description of the criminals, I do not understand what sets them apart from the criminals that do the same crime (in the same situation of mourning) to other people, particularly non police officers, in your eyes.
    I am no anti police scumbag and do respect the police officers that deserve it, just because it's their career doesn't exactly make them great humans and better to society.
    It seems to me you are far too pro police, ignoring the facts that there are many out there that shouldn't have a badge and in fact do have an urge to shoot people.

    Even so I feel like I should thank you for your service to the welfare of this country and it's society. You have become somewhat of a role model (college student) to me as I have read your blog at least once a week.

    Btw, I have noticed from past postings that your second favorite pistol is an m66. My fathers former worker had one. Tried shooting his wife with it (missed luckily) and ditched it. I live in a relativlely small town where most of the higher ranking officers are my father's buddies, and the younger ones hit the local gym so I'm well associated with them,and have no understanding on how it is supposed to work out compared to how it did but long story short it is mine now. It's an m66-1 with a 4" bbl. My handload for it is a cast 38-150-swc from rcbs loaded in front of 5.3 grains unique. I get 1.5 inches at 25 yards from a rest and no leading. it's absolutely beautiful, not quite as smooth as my cherished m18-3 but certainly my #1 favorite. If it's not too much to ask, as I imagine you're strapped for time, I would like to request a review of it, in your words. I loved the reviews you've given of previous rifles.

  10. Jerry,

    I have no love for anyone who victimizes children or the elderly, and to do so at a time like this...well it doesn't really matter that the victim was who he was. I'd support execution for them if it had been any old retiree. I have the same thoughts about Fred Phelps and his asshole family when they set out to disrupt veterans' funerals too, but that's for another post.

    Oh--and you want a review on the S&W 66? I can't believe that I didn't do one already. Let me get to work on that.