Thursday, July 09, 2009

Deport Rebecca McKimmie today!

Ah, national pride patriotism...and the lack thereof.
OCEAN CITY – A local woman was arrested for disturbing the peace and burning an American flag early last Sunday morning, long after the embers of the last Fourth of July fireworks had smoldered and died.

Shortly after 6 a.m. last Sunday, two Ocean City police officers who had finished their Fourth of July shifts and were heading home observed a woman, later identified as Rebecca Ellen McKimmie, 18, of Ocean City, igniting an American flag with a cigarette lighter. As the officers approached, they observed McKimmie standing between two lanes of traffic leading to the Route 50 Bridge while continuing to light the flag until it was actively burning.

According to police reports, McKimmie then began to stomp on the burning American flag, causing several vehicles to swerve to avoid hitting her. When the officers asked McKimmie why she was burning the American flag the day after the celebration of the nation’s independence day, she simply told them she was “making a statement,” according to police reports.
Now I don’t know what crazy bats are flying around inside this girl’s head, but if she’s got such a problem with this great country of ours, I’m all for giving her a swift kick in the ass and punting her right out of here. Maybe she’s prefer to go live in Somalia or the Sudan for a while, at least until she realizes how good that we have it here in this country that she hates so much.

And yeah, it burns me that we’ve got proud, patriotic Americans fighting and putting up with abysmal conditions abroad on behalf of our country and freedom and democracy in general, and this spoiled little princess sits here in the comfort and safety that they provide and basically says that in her eyes, our country sucks. Well it’s too damned bad that we can’t change her point of view to one where she’s on the outside looking back in.

Personally I think that a muslim country would be a good place to send this bratty trust-fund kid. Aside from the opportunity for her to develop an appreciation for our tolerant, diverse culture and our freedoms here, quite honestly, with a face like hers, a burkha would only improve her looks.


  1. Well, unfortunately I fought for her right to do just that.

    As sick as it makes me.

    But aren't 'confused young adults' what this country is all about? sigh...

  2. Call it a fine distinction, but I'm not saying that she should be punished for her views...just shown the door. We have way too many people in this country as it is, and if Crazy Becky thinks that there are better places to live, let her go live there.

    I will say though that it's a damned shame that one of those cars that had to swerve around her didn't nail her. I'd have contributed to that driver's legal fund and/or car repair bills.

  3. You know a friend of mine once had what I thought to be an excellent answer for this situation.

    While it is with in a person's right to burn an American Flag, it should be the right of any American to defend the attack on our nation's flag and rescue the flag from danger.

    Sounded pretty fair to me.

  4. I'll even pitch in to buy the plane ticket to send her to another country.

  5. I've always said I'm pro-freedom all the way. I served my country so this noxious excuse for a human being can attack the symbol of our nation.

    But while it's a free country, it's not a country free of consequences of our actions. She burns it, I smash her head in with a baseball bat. I'm willing to face the consequences of my actions in court, risking jail time. Is she willing to face the consequences of her actions in public, risking getting beaten to a pulp?

  6. You know there's a program for these situations called the Peace Corps. She just needs to ball up and spend a couple years in a country that has real problems. Hell even a week in Liberia would probably do the trick.

  7. She was making a statement?! Yeah, she was screaming loud and clear she's an idiot.

  8. Anonymous7:14 PM

    If memory serves me right I believe when I was her age it was legal to "kick the shit out of some one for those type of actions" then some court had to come to their defense and give rights to people who don't understand exactly what freedom is

  9. I am sure the only statement that she can make is that she transforms into quite the idiot when drinking.

  10. Anonymous2:45 PM

    I will chip in for her a ticket to Iran,China or Cuba.

  11. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Disgusting is all I can say. We had a summer home for years and years in Ocean City...... I am thinking if I was there, there would have been two of us going to jail, her and me. Me for the battery that would have been put upon her, her first stop would have been the hospital and then the lockup.

  12. I know it wouldn't do her any good.. She'd still be the silly-ass, bratty (and probably whiny) little bitch-princess afterwards..
    But slapping her square across that smirking, lopsided face would make at least one of us feel much better...