Saturday, August 22, 2009

Of dogs and Uzis

So since it's Saturday, Lagniappe and I spent the morning watching westerns on TV. This time, we watched Warlock, a 1959 movie starring Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn, and one of my favorites, Richard Widmark.(It also stars DeForrest Kelly of later Star Trek fame, and Frank Gorshin had a small, uncredited part as well.) The story was about a reformed outlaw turned deputy and a Marshal and his sidekick who cleaned up a rough frontier town.

I asked Lagniappe if he could clean up a whole town like they did, and he replied that he certainly could, and all by himself, too. He said that he wouldn't even need any help. I asked him how he'd take on all of those armed cowboys all by himself and he ran off and reappeared a minute later.

"With this," he replied.

Great. The dog's got an Uzi.

But then I pointed out that he couldn't possibly do it all by himself even with that.

Of course he wanted to know why. So then I had to point out that he has no thumbs and cannot possibly reload the magazines.

Poor dog.

He went to put it back in the safe.

"But my having it at least means that Arthur Frommer won't be stopping by, right?"

Smart dog got himself a pig ear for that one. (How do you say no to a dog with an Uzi, anyway?) And all was right at Lagniappe's Lair again.


  1. The question remains, however, as to exactly how he worked the combo lock on the safe sans the aforementioned thumbs?

    And wasn't that Frommer guy in the movie Eurotrip?

  2. Maybe he could bring the Uzi next time he comes to visit, so he can defend himself against Socks the Cat.

  3. Smarter than Frommer, in any case.