Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ray Nagin Welcomes Illegal Aliens to America

Just when I thought that America's most incompetent mayor couldn't possibly say or do anything that would further tarnish his reputation or that of my adopted home city, New Orleans, Ray Nagin finds a way to prove me wrong.

Nagin and his toady, Police Superintendent Warren Riley, both of whom can be seen here demonstrating their idea of safe and proper gun-handling, have officially declared New Orleans to be a sanctuary city for Illegals.

Nagin said the Hispanic community has been invaluable to the city, before and after the storm.

"We want to say that you're welcome in New Orleans, " Nagin said. "You're welcome in this country. And we want to make sure that from a law enforcement standpoint, that whatever happens in our community, that you are treated fairly, you are treated just as any other citizen is treated in this community."
OK, first of all, Ray...welcoming them to New Orleans is one thing, but saying that illegal aliens are welcome in our whole country? That's a bit much, even from the guy who claims that God wants New Orleans to stay a "chocolate city". And saying that they are equal to those who are actually citizens? I guess that Ray has forgotten how outraged he was about "New Orleans being overrun by Mexican workers" back in October of 2005. Personally, I'm guessing that someone from Obama's camp tapped him on the shoulder and reminded him that Obama wants all of these illegals made leagl and registered as Democrat voters. Why else would he and Riley have completely flip-flopped on the issue? Nagin knows that if he has any sort of political future, it's going to be one that's attached to Obama somehow. Louisianans outside of New Orleans--and even many in New Orleans--look at him like he's Boo-Boo the Fool and want nothing to do with him.

So he's apparently now selling out the working-class poor in New Orleans and doing his best to ensure that Hispanics--legal or not--can safely undercut native-born US citizen laborers in New Orleans.
"We want them to know that -- unless you are the violator or the perpetrator -- there is no threat of deportation or arrest, as it relates to the New Orleans Police Department, " Riley said.

Riley said that when victims of crime come forward, but are later deported because of their status, it becomes a case of "double jeopardy."

"We are not going to make someone a victim twice, " he said.
I'm is it "victimizing" someone when you let the consequences of their actions take their course? Most of these people aren't supposed to be here in the first place, and reasonable immigration inquiries don't affect the ones that are.
Riley estimated that between 20,000 and 60,000 illegal immigrants reside in New Orleans, though he acknowledged the number is extremely difficult to pin down.

Martin Gutierrez, director of Hispanic Ministries for the Archdiocese of New Orleans, credited the NOPD for the recent changes.

Gutierrez noted, however, that a severe sense of distrust of the police still exists, and that it's magnified by the fear of deportation. He said Riley's announcement should ease the concerns of many immigrants.

Hey,'re supposed to be afraid of our police, same as any other criminal. If our politicians let the police do their jobs, you'd ideally either be too afraid of them to stay here or you wouldn't come here in the first place.
"We will not under any circumstances focus on deportation, " Riley said, noting that his department's goal is to protect and serve everyone.
So how exactly are American citizens served by being forced to pay more in taxes so that Illegals can flood the hospitals for free care and the social service organizations for free food and lodging? How does it serve Americans to have classrooms in the schools diluted with kids who don't understand English and whose parents are working for cash under the table and not even paying taxes into the school systems? And then there is the crime. How exactly are Americans served when they are robbed, raped, or murdered by illegal ilien criminals or mowed down by drunk-driving illegals without licenses or insurance? That stuff happens every day in America and it's entirely preventable just but locking illegals out and deporting the ones found here. But unfortunately, the politicians in Washington--and in cities like New Orleans--have decided that the cost is acceptable if it means the support and votes of Hispanic activist groups and possibly the votes of 12 to 20 million newly-minted US citizens should Obama get his way.

And as for Ray Nagin, do we really need to see any more examples of his "leadership"?


  1. Nothing that guy does surprises me anymore.. Perhaps I'm just jaded...

  2. The only way President Obama has any possibility of passing health care reform, is a commitment to remove illegal immigrants from gaining entrance to any public option? In the health care bill they must--PROVE--to the majority of the American People that--NO ILLEGAL FOREIGN NATIONAL--will be able to bleed the government extension in the package. An amendment to the 1000 page reform bill, must guarantee--IN THE WORDING-- that a very thorough background identity check is performed on any applicant who applies? E-Verify would be a progressive identifier, with an initial examination of Social Security number in conjunction with Homeland Security Databases.

    To complete the operation of E-Verification this PC application, must branch out across the country as a permanent tool in business and industry for every worker newly hired or long time employee. Thousands or even millions of illegal workers could be hiding in plain site in the workplace, as they have never been checked as a citizen or legal residency compliance? It also seems that the auditing of 1-9 forms around the country, that the federal authorities forget to mention that irregularities by employers only allows them to dismiss the applicant? The fact is that ICE raids have trailed off, so that any illegal workers--ARE NOT DEPORTED--they can move onto yet another workplace. Anybody who is suspected of being in this sovereign nation illegally should be detained and held for ICE inspection, not released into the public mainstream?

    We all know that Fraudulent ID is so prevalent, that all security systems have been compromised, with even al-Qaeda murderers who brought down three passenger jets. On 9/11 these terrorists had in their possession numerous authentic drivers’ licenses and other picture ID. E-Verify is not perfect and can be cheated, but as it's modified, collecting more tools to compliment the enforcement program it success rate will become exemplary. Those hired workers who then find themselves under suspicion, can have errors resolved through any Social Security agency. That special interest groups have remained silent about this matter, doesn't need any explanation? most Americans want enforcement at our borders, the workplace, so contact your reluctant politician at 202-224-3121 MORE HONEST INFORMATION AT NUMBERSUSA & JUDICIAL WATCH. REMEMBER NO MORE BLANKET AMNESTIES!

  3. Anonymous5:04 PM

    I hope the investigation of the 6 million $ city security cameras Ragin and his friend and neighbor had installed and don't work will indeed happen. Since when does a cable TV manager become a "Mayor?" He smells of corruption. Please Americans, get Nagin out of there, take back New Orleans and make it clean - yours again.

  4. That picture of Nagin and Riley is even more disgusting than the picture of Feinstein breaking several rules with an SKS.