Monday, September 14, 2009

Three unpatriotic punks booted from stadium, oft-disciplined attorney dad suing.

It starts out simply enough, according to the news report.
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- Three teenagers who say they were tossed from a New Jersey ballpark for sitting through the song "God Bless America" are suing the minor league Newark Bears.

The boys say their constitutional rights were violated when they were asked to leave Newark's Bears and Eagles Riverfront Stadium in June by Bear's president co-owner Thomas Cetnar.

Cetnar confirms the boys were asked to leave but declined to elaborate.

The boys - Millburn High seniors Bryce Gadye (gah-DEE') and Nilkumar (NIHL-koo-mahr) Patel, both 17, and junior Shaan (shahn) Mohammad Khan, 16 - sued in federal court Friday seeking unspecified damages.

They say when they told Cetnar they had the right to remain seated, he cursed and had two security officers remove them from their seats behind home plate.
Now just taking these facts as the whole story, I'm good with them getting booted for their arrogant display of disrespect. Hell, I'd like to take it a step farther and boot them right out of my country. Let the little cretins go enjoy the freedoms and liberties of most any other country for a few years and I predict that they'll be down on their knees begging to get back into this one. And for the record, I not only support Mr. Cetnar 100%, but I respect the hell out of him.

I'd also like to remind these little shitbirds that lawsuits alleging that their constitutional rights were violated really only work when the government denies you a right. Here though, they're in a private venue, with no government actors. The government doesn't own the stadium or the team, nor did a government official order them out. So that said, I have to wonder what kind of third-rate hack lawyer took on a case like this.

I didn't have to wonder long. This longer article explained that the lawsuit was filed on behalf of the punks by Ross Mitchell Gayde, Bryce's daddy, apparently after an unsuccessful attempt to shake the team and the stadium down for cash.
Ross Gadye said he met with general manager Mark Skeels and James Wankmiller, a co-owner, following the incident. He said they apologized and offered and free tickets, but Gadye said the boys wanted an apology from Cetnar, who was not at the meeting, and sued when there was no resolution.

Wankmiller, who declined to talk about whether the boys were asked to leave the ballpark and why, said they offered to meet with Gadye's son and the other boys and never heard back from them. He said it boiled down to money.

"We offered to sit with him and find out what his beef was and he asked for money," Wankmiller said. "That was about it."
So Daddy Gadye tried to pull a Jesse Jackson on them and extort some cash for the little hoodlums, and when the managers refused, he filed a lawsuit and started calling up newspapers and TV stations.

Now had this been me, MY father would have knocked my block off for not standing tall and showing the respect for our country that he taught me to have. Then he would have had me in that baseball team owner's office, where I would have apologized like there was no tomorrow coming had I ever caused a scene like this. But then he was my father, not my buddy, and he saw to it that I at least knew right from wrong.

But apparently these little turds never learned that lesson. And in Bryce Gadye's case, it's easy to see why.

A follow-up search showed that Daddy Ross Gadye is not exactly a good or ethical attorney. I immediately found his name on a 2001 US Supreme Court Order of Attorney Discipline.

Ross M. Gadye, of New York, New York, having been suspended from the practice of law in this Court by order of October 29, 2001; and a rule having been issued and served upon him requiring him to show cause why he should not be disbarred; and the time to file a response having expired;

It is ordered that Ross M. Gadye is disbarred from the practice of law in this Court.
If was memorialized forever as 535 US 924 (2002).He was also admonished by the New Jersey Supreme Court in 1999, apparently for practicing a case while under suspension in that jurisdiction. Even more, he also made this list of Lawyers Involved In Dishonest Conduct And Amounts Awarded To Their Clients 1982-2008.

Wow! Suspended in New Jersey, Disbarred in New York, labeled "Dishonest"...what marks of distinction and accomplishment for any attorney! But now we know what kind of chucklehead lawyer brings a case like this. And it's no wonder that his kid is a piece of shit. The apple seldom falls far from the tree.


  1. These little assholes ought to be slapped. Hard. Their constitutional rights were NOT violated. They acted like scum and they were treated as such. That said, their money should have been refunded and tossed at them when they were expelled.

  2. One more in a long line of people who do things just so they (1) can extort cash from someone or (2) can sue and get their names in the paper..
    "shitbirds" :):):):)~~
    Hadn't heard that particular description in a while.. :):):)

  3. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Toss them out of America.

  4. God Bless America is one of the most offensive songs that I know. It doesn't belong at a baseball game or any where else.

    Its great that the kids didn't stand while GBA played. I didn't stand for it either at the 2004 U.S. Open men's tennis final either.

    After god destroyed the Twin Trade Towers, damaged the Pentagon and downed a plane in Pennsylvania, we would be better off without its blessing.

  5. I hope this gets tossed out in a hot second!!!

  6. NobleStarr, you fell on your head when you were a little kid, didn't you?

    America is a Judeo-Christian nation. Don't like it? Move to Mexico.
    Whoops. Mexico is a Catholic country. On second thought, Somalia might just be your kind of place.

    And just so you don't have to leave here empty-handed, I bestow upon you this month's ID-10-T award. Take it and go.

  7. Anonymous6:02 AM

    Thank you for your comments. I read the story about these brats first thing this morning and it really pisses me off. The dad should be ashamed of himself, he needs to teach his kid some respect, morals, and discipline, but then again sounds as though he needs to learn it himself. I'm 35 years old and disgusted with the lack of respect to this country and I'm not even a republican! What the hell is going on in this country. Whether you believe in something or not you need to show respect!

  8. Noblestarr....the background and history of this country is IMMERSED in God and religion , specifically Christianity.

    Ever hear of " In God We Trust " ?? I think it found it's way onto our money and made it onto a few government buildings.

    Pledge of allegiance ?? nation under God with liberty and justice for all.

    Chaplain of the Senate ? Chaplain of the House ? Chaplains in the military. Chaplains in the police dept.

  9. Anonymous2:29 PM

    And we wonder why our courts are clogged up with cases.

    I say countersue. Yes, countersue the 'lawyer'. Sue him for everything including the time of day. Sue his so much he runs out of money. Him and his offspring.

  10. Anonymous4:36 PM

    The funny part is that these kids weren't obnoxious, weren't abusive, and certainly weren't distracting in their behavior. They sat there. And because they sat there, they were kicked out.

    I'm Catholic, and a conservative, but your account of this article is so completely biased that its beginning to distort the facts here.

    If they had made inappropriate remarks or gestures, sure, I'd agree with their removal, whether it was at the song or not. But the fact remains that they sat there, and did nothing else; certainly nothing of a disrespectful nature.

    Now regarding the money issue, if its true, then yes, its certainly something that would anger me. But as of now, its a publicity battle and FACTUAL ISSUE between two sides. Thats why we have juries, to decide factual issues. Maybe you should leave the fact finding to them, rather than jumping to conclusions based on one person's comments (let alone the comments from the father that all the kids wanted was an apology). Who you choose to believe is your choice, but don't distort facts so as to pass them off as true.

  11. Sorry, "Anonymous", but I reprinted the facts as I got them. And it doesn't matter what they were or were not doing. That they wanted to show their disdain for this country while looking like asses is their business. My objection stems from them and the scum-sucking attorney dad suddenly thinking that they've got a paycheck coming now. One of my pet peeves is jerks who sue at the drop of a hat and try to extort money from anyone and everyone. In the end, all it does is raise your insurance rates and mine and chill the desire of property owners to have people on their land or in their business establishments. Lawsuit abuse is one of America's biggest problems these days, and these un-American kids and their failed lawyer dad are prime examples of what's wrong with some people.

  12. The father and the son should get on a plane with Mr Patel and Mr Mohamed Khan and go to Pakistan and stay there
    Ross Gadye should be disbarred from ever jurisdiction in the USA. Mr Ross Gadye is a scum sucking litigious piece of shit and he's also a realtor in NYC and should lose his NY real estate license as well