Monday, November 02, 2009

Back from vacation

OK, I'm back, and with enough pictures and tales for a dozen blog posts.

Nicki and I went down to New Orleans for a week, culminating in the massive Halloween bash that takes over the French Quarter and the neighboring Marigny neighborhood. It's been a year to the day since I was last down there (previously blogged here) and it's what it's always been--an area with it's own distinctive culture that's unlike anywhere else in the country.

We did many things on this trip. We ate good food, we heard great music, we traveled by cab, by riverboat and by streetcar, and Nicki got to work on her irrational fear of mules.Here is Nicki, encountering a gentle, docile carriage mule and recoiling in fear. Poor mule. He didn't even do anything but turn to look at her. How can ANYONE be scared of a mule?
But finally she was persuaded to pet the mule, and the carriage operator even gave her a treat to feed the mule, and the two parted friends.

Scared of mules. And horses. Seriously?


  1. Poor mule!

    I have driven thru New Orleans several times but have never stopped. One these days I would like to.

  2. NOLA can be a blast!! And there's so much more to it than the French Quarter.. Had the pleasure of being there for a couple of weeks just a couple of years ago.
    Tell me you ate at Betsy's Pancake House!!! :):)

  3. As a former NOLA resident, I know the place of which you speak (and it is good), but we did not get up there this trip.