Sunday, December 27, 2009

Not dead yet!

I'm not. It's just that Lagniappe and I have been in the wind for a bit, and not able to access a computer to post updates. But I've got one now, and while I can't upload any of the really great pictures I'm tsking--or even the crummy ones--I can at least keep you informed as to what dog and I have been about.

Last week, we spent some nice time in St. Augustine, Florida. I'd forgotten how nice it is there, especially in the historic old town. St. Augustine is known as "America's Oldest City", having been founded by the Spanish in 1565. It was attacked by the British several times over the ensuing decades, but never completely taken. Finally it was ceded to the British at the conclusion of the French-Indian war in 1763. At that time, the city was 197 years old, and new nation that would come to be known as "The United States of America" wasn't even on the drawing board yet, but when it was finally recognized by the Treaty of Paris in 1783, Florida wasn't a part of it; we rather short-sightedly gave it back to Spain as a token of gratitude for their help in our war of Independence. Spain controlled Florida until 1821, when they finally just let us have it because they were too busy dealing with Napoleon to administer it. Eventually it became a place where the wealthy came to build some pretty spectacular winter mansions, many of which are still there today. Also still there: A pretty solid Spanish fort, the Castillo de San Marcos, which is now a National Monument. Lagniappe and I have studied the fort's defensive line and we're convinced that we could occupy and hold it against all comers, especially if we had some firepower a bit more modern than the black powder cannon and mortars that are on display there now. We just need to recruit an army of Amazon women warriors to man the defenses and lay in an ample stock of beer, and we'll be set.

We had dinner there at a nice restaraunt specializing in Louisiana cuisine: Harry's Seafood, Bar and Grille in the old town. They had patio dining and not only did they allow Lagniappe to sit there with me during dinner, but they gave him plenty of water and even offered him a nice helping of Mahi that someone else didn't want. (Damned dog had a pricier meal than I did...I only got Catfish.) The food was good, the staff were polite and friendly and the prices were more than reasonable. We give it two thumbs and two paws up.

That night, after drinks, an after-dinner coffee, and a bit of wandering around, Lagniappe and I retired to our faithful camper van for the night. I thought I'd found a nice out-of-the-way spot to sleep behind a bed-and-breakfast that was empty and undergoing renovation, but we were awakened at 0730 by some old guy who came along and knocked on the window. I don't know who he was or what he wanted because Lagniappe responded first and gave him a typical German Shepherd morning greeting the likes of which I doubt he's gotten in some time. I thought Lagniappe was going to break the window, he slammed into it so hard. By the time I got up front, the old guy was scurrying away. Oh was breakfast time anyway. I turned they key and we rolled out. Good dog. :-)


  1. What, no pics?

  2. Not yet, Bob. I don't have access to the program I need to reduce the pics from my camera to blog size. But when I get back to the Lair, there will be tons of them.

  3. Dude! Time you learned about Picnik. You'll never be away from photo editing again. Recommended by the Instapundit, himself. I use it myself; easy to use, free, no spyware. Don't even have to register to use the service.