Sunday, January 31, 2010

And while I was gone, the dog made spaghetti sauce.

Seriously. He did. In my living room.

I fed Lagniappe his normal meal, then I left for a while. Upon my return, I find that he has gone into the pantry and removed all of the packets of French's spaghetti sauce mix from a shelf that sits a bit above his eye level and taken them into the living room, where he opened them all.


Now I'm at a loss to figure out what brought this on. In all our years together, he has never helped himself to food from the pantry, especially packaged dry food. He doesn't even go into his own open dog food bag that's in there. I've always been able to trust him to the point where there wasn't even a question.

Now suddenly it seems that he's developed a craving for spaghetti sauce and somehow, the packets that I had put on the shelf became community property.

Again, WTF? He didn't touch his own food that was right there--he just cleaned me out of spaghetti sauce. Lucky for me, his lack of opposable thumbs kept him from working the can opener and getting the tomato paste cans open.

And of course he looks all innocent while I clean up the mess.

I swear, one of these days I'm going to trade this dog for a goldfish and then I'm going to flush the goldfish.


  1. hehehehe .. btw this post REALLY needs photos ....

  2. Send him to me. I will spoil him rotten! Although, I do have two house cats that he would not be allowed to chase.

  3. I agree...where's the pictures? I would have loved to have seen his innocent look.

  4. Powdered spaghetti sauce mix? Dude, I get that you two live the bachelor life and all, but really, come on. Spaghetti sauce should not come from a packet, not EVER.
    I think that angel dog of yours was actually doing you a favor by getting rid of that stuff. Maybe he was watching the Food Network and was trying to give you a hint.
    Sheesh...sauce in a packet.
    Why not just go with spaghetti-o's and some Spam and get some health in that diet of yours? ;-) :-)

  5. lol. Nice! At least he has good taste - spaghetti is always a favorite with Kira! :)

  6. Here's hoping you don't have carpet underneath that spaghetti sauce mix mess!!
    Oh, and agree with MTBLaura.. Yuck on powdered mix!! :):):)

  7. I taught the boy how to make real spaghetti sauce, folks. He just keeps the other crap around for armageddon!