Friday, January 22, 2010

The day that we almost had a cat

So last week, as Lagniappe and I were driving back from our extended trip down south, I happened to stop at a small gas station in Yemassee, South Carolina. I just needed gas and coffee, but we came very close to coming away with a cat as well.

As I gassed up, I noticed a cute little yellow cat going from person to person at the pumps. Now I don't care for cats, and Lagniappe really doesn't care for cats, but when this one walked up to me as I went into the station and rubbed up against my legs, I couldn't help but pet it and wonder why it was out here all by itself. It felt clean and seemed to be well-fed, but the lady inside the gas station said "that cat don't belong to nobody." I walked out, petted it again, then got in the van and drive off. And Lagniappe apparently knew what I was thinking, because he was looking at me as if to say: "don't do it!"

I was thinking about it hard. I felt sorry for the cat. Every animal needs a home. Maybe I could get one of my friends to adopt it. Heck--I know people who have cats; maybe I could have a cat. And I've been meaning to get Lagniappe a pet of his own so that he'll have company when I'm gone.

But I don't know the first thing about having cats.

So here's where I insert my apology to all of my cat-having friends whose phones rang at like 7AM on that Saturday morning. I needed advice. There was a cat at stake. But alas, none of those heartless bastards answered.

But I decided to go back and grab the cat regardless. I have a long history of doing this with stray dogs so how hard could a cat be? They just need cat food and a litter box, right? And I'm sure that given time, even Lagniappe would come to like the cat. After all, it was so nice and friendly.

So I turned around, went back to the gas station, and spotted the cat. But now the cat that was so friendly just five minutes ago wouldn't come anywhere near me. I must have chased that cat around for another ten minutes without being able to get within twenty feet of it. WTF? Talk about your Jekyll-and-Hyde personalities. THIS is why I don't like cats.

I finally had to give up and leave it behind. I do hope that it has a home nearby but if you're passing through Yemassee, South Carolina on I-95, check that gas station right off to the east side of the exit for a little yellow cat. If it's still there and you want a cat...


  1. sweet that you went back for it.
    Some cats really are sweet all the time, but unlike dogs, they are erratic in their affection.
    I have a sneaking suspician that Lagniappe sent her some kind of telepathic animal kingdom message fearing he might have to share you that went something along the lines of..."if you come anywhere near MY owner or this car, he will be picking feline flesh out of my teeth with dental floss for days. Do you feel lucky punk, do ya?"

    Just a hunch.

  2. You ARE just a big, old softie!!
    I knew it!! :)~

  3. How many more people did you call and wake up on a Saturday morning at 0700????????????

    And by the way, I DID pick up! You just hung up! :-p

  4. I plead the Fifth. ;-)

  5. Anonymous9:12 PM

    If you need some cat advice I can help. I will email you my phone number.Thanks,Rick

  6. So typical of a cat. ;)

    Lagnaippe was very happy the cat ran from you, I am quite sure! Otherwise, he might have made your trip home very, very miserable. hehe!! :)

  7. Reminds me of a woman I tried to date once -- but here I go changing the subject. Never mind.