Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Still more travel shots

Because even though we were on the road, Lagniappe still had to see Santa. So we went to Savannah, Georgia because Santa was sitting by the waterfront there.And Santa gave him a squeaky stuffed armadillo to go with his squeaky stuffed hedgehog. Thanks, Santa. I'll get you for that.

And while we were there, we glimpsed a ship coming up the river.

I'm guessing that all of those shipping containers are empty. The ship's only drawing about 9 feet by her draft lines.
Hey look--two guys standing just above the lifeboat. Wonder what they're doing?
Of course! When I zoom in close, it's clear that the one on the right (without the orange vest) is taking a picture back at us!


  1. Maybe they had to pump ballast for a shallow waterway?

    Didn't I see a PBS documentary about that bridge in the picture being built? I remember that they messed up the concrete mix at the very top of one of the towers and had to jackhammer it and redo it.

  2. Out of all the beautiful places in Savannah, you took pictures of our bridge.... Hope you had fun while you were here!

  3. It was just a day trip, JScotter. And it was cold and our van was having heater issues. But if we'd known that you were there, we'd have invited you to dinner somewhere.

    I've been to Savannah many times before. I do like it.

  4. LOL. Now you're probably on someone's watch list of "people who take pictures of ships." :)

  5. I been on watch lists before. No big deal. ;-)

  6. I bet you have!! hehe!! :)