Thursday, February 11, 2010


So after getting whammed with a blizzard followed by another winter storm a couple days later, Lagniappe and I are enjoying the 3-4 feet of snow which has us practically stuck here in the lair. Not much can move on the roads, and a state of emergency was declared over much of the area, meaning people who even try to go out without a good reason will be fined heavily.

But today, the snow has stopped, the sun is out in a blue, blue sky, and it's playtime in the snow for Lagniappe and a neighboring Chocolate Lab we met on walkabout.

The playground:

The game's afoot!

Damn, that was great! Too bad my pal cried to go inside after I got a bit rough with him. Labs can be such wusses.

But now a dog deserves his rest by the fire, don't you think?
Wake me when dinner's ready.


  1. Oh, to live that dog's life!!! :):)

  2. Does he snort the snow up his nose? My dogs always did that and it was so cute!
    Not sure exactly where you are in WV, but there's another Big Clipper system coming in on Sunday. We are expected to get slammed here in KY by it.
    UM hey OwlGore where's that dang global warming you promised/threatend? LOL!!

  3. No, he doesn't snort the snow; he eats it.

    And yeah, he's got quite the life going. He says "It's good to be me!"

  4. Anonymous11:43 PM

    That is a lt of globull warming on the ground.

  5. You should have titled your post.."SnowHounds" :-)

    Seriously though, he looks so happy and those streets look perfect...actual snow covering and not crummy slushy ice.
    It looks serene.
    Now if you can just tie Lagniappe to a sleigh, you can have him take you to the shops for milk etc.

  6. Awwww....looks like Lagniappe had a blast playing in all that snow! :)