Saturday, March 06, 2010

Subverting the rights and desires of the people, Democrat-style

Now you might not guesss it from this blog, but I'm really an independent politically. I will vote for Democrats or Republicans as long as the candidate is true to my belief in small, limited government and the Constitution.

Stuff like this does not exactly endear me to the Democrat Party however:
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) ― Senate Democrats have found a way to block passage of several bills to loosen the state's gun laws.

Senate Courts of Justice Committee Chairman Henry Marsh on Monday announced the creation of a subcommittee to handle bills concerning guns and other issues. The subcommittee is stacked with four anti-gun Democrats and one Republican.

Democrats hold a 10-5 majority in the full committee, but at least three party members regularly vote with Republicans on pro-gun legislation. That means bills such as repealing Virginia's one-gun-a-month law or exempting guns made in Virginia from federal law were more likely to have passed without creation of the subcommittee.

Republicans complained, saying allowing the subcommittee to kill bills would be "contrary to our traditions."
So because the people of Virginia want new pro-gun legislation enacted and old anti-gun legislation repealed, and because they've got legislators willing to write the bills and possibly even enough supporters in both parties of the legislature to pass them, the Democrat Party leadership that now controls the Virginia legislature has found a way to just kill it all regardless of how many citizens want it or how many legislators are willing to vote for it--they created a new senate subcommittee with five member just for pro-gun legislation and they staffed it with four anti-gun Democrats and one token Republican.

That, to be frank, is total bullshit. And it's why I have such a fundamental problem with the Democrat Party. They have indicated time and time again that the desires of the majority don't matter...if the majority want something other than what they, the Dem leadership want.

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