Sunday, March 14, 2010

Time to step up and help a guy who was there for us.

OK, I don't write much about my own injury, but those of you who've followed long enough know that I lost a leg in the line of duty a few years back. It sucked, but life goes on.

I'm over it now, but when it happened I got a lot of support from friends, professional peers and even strangers, and it made all the difference in the world. Well now's a chance for me to show some support for another injured warrior on the side of Good by asking you all to take a minute and read the story of Chicago Police Officer Densey Cole, who was also permanently injured in the line of duty. Here is the link to Densey Cole's story, in his own words.

Nothing can make that right again, but what you can do if you're willing is to pass the story on, and also, hit this link to a company sponsoring a wedding contest that will pay for the wedding of the couple that gets the most votes.

This isn't one of those internet scams or urban legends; this one's real. The Coles are real and so is the contest. I wouldn't have posted it had I not checked it out first. If the Coles get enough votes, Crate and Barrel will give Officer Cole and his wife Mary--a woman who stuck by him through all of his suffering--a very real shot at the dream wedding that they never had a chance to have.

Seriously--take a minute, visit the Crate and Barrel site, check it out, and once you see that it's real, register and vote for the Coles. It costs you nothing and it's a small way to say thanks to a guy who put his life on the line for you every day.


  1. Anonymous12:31 PM

    I have this story posted and linked to wherever I could. I sure hope they win. From what I understand, you can still vote for a couple more weeks.

    I think I'll email this story to family and friends.

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. It's at least comforting to see that they have more than double the amount of votes of second place.

  3. Done and done. Thanks for posting this.