Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is that wrong?

I've noticed recently that every time the police raid some criminal's place or take down some goofy anti-government militia group, the media rushes to publicize how many guns and how much ammunition that the person/group had.

I almost always find myself mentally comparing the dramatically published figures to my own modest stock of guns and ammunition and asking myself "Is that all?" None of them appear to have as much as I do.

Either the gun collections of people the the media are getting all upset over are pretty pathetic, or else I have too many guns and too much ammo--and I don't think that's possible.


  1. Some guy had a fire down south a few years back.The guy was a collector and shooter and had an impressive number of guns and a bunch of ammo.

    Of course the Fire Dept. called the Po-Po who obtained a warrant and tossed the guys house. We aren't talking about a dirt-bag here either, just a retired guy who liked guns.

    At the press conference, they had one folding table piled high with long guns, another with handguns and ammo piled on the floor around both tables.

    I was able to freeze the picture (gotta love DVR) and looking at both piles, I could see nothing illegal, except for maybe an AR-15 or an AK (I don't remember which)

    I commented to my wife that if our housed ever got tossed, that would be our table with all of my stuff on display.

    Six months later, an article appears in the local rag which stated the poor bastard had legal right to all of the firearms except for one assault rifle which had not been registered prior to the deadline and he had one pound too much of black powder.

    The DA reduced the felony assault weapons charge to a misdemeanor and dropped the black powder charge in exchange for a guilty plea on the misdemeanor and the guy surrendering ALL OF THE GUNS. I think the plea involved just probation as well.

    Of course, as the guy didn't want any state time, he took it.

    I think he got screwed.

  2. It is never possible to have too much ammo or too many guns! :)

  3. The press always seems to refer to these small collections as "an arsenal". I don't consider myself any kind of "gun nut", but my own collection of hunting rifles and a few pistols is usually larger than what I see on TV.

  4. Yep, you likely have too many...tell me where I should send my address and I would be happy to take some of them off your hands....(you know, for your own peace of mind...I want to make sure you and Lagniappe aren't embarrassed if they ever raid your lair :-))
    Yeah, I know,...that certainly IS nice of me to volunteer, but don't mention it...it's what I do, helping others and all that.. :-)

  5. Anonymous8:01 PM

    First off calling the modern media "media" is a stretch. Seeing that National Enquirer is more journalistic than the aforementioned media.

    Which is explains why they always mention the guns, call them what they are not, and show how much ammo - which tends to be far less than what I have in my small apartment. In all, it is called sensational journalism - or yellow media to most.