Sunday, May 02, 2010

Pity party time...Clinton niece on welfare

"'s so hard, because...I'm a Clinton too, and I having money just because...ya know?"
Macy Clinton, the 18-year-old daughter of Bill Clinton's half brother, Roger, is on food stamps.

A cosmetology student with an unspecified part-time job in Cooksville, Tenn., Macy Clinton told "Inside Edition" that she relies on government assistance to buy groceries.

"It's hard because I'm a Clinton too, but I have to be on food stamps and I have to sacrifice everything just to make it day by day," she said in an interview televised Tuesday on the syndicated TV show.

Among the ironies in this tale of woe is that as president Clinton signed welfare reform legislation in 1996 -- an outgrowth of the "Contract With America" pushed by a Republican-controlled Congress -- that curtailed or placed new rules on government assistance to the poor. Fourteen years later, his niece is on the receiving end of that limited largess.

Macy's dad also has had troubles. The son of Virginia Clinton Kelley and Roger Clinton Sr. -- Bill's mother and stepfather -- Roger Jr. was arrested for drunk driving in 2001 and served a year in jail for a 1995 cocaine conviction, for which he was later pardoned by his brother. He met Macy's mother, Martha Spivey, in 1990 and Macy was conceived during their brief romance.

Macy says she has seen her father only a few times, and told the interviewer, "I just want my father to be there for me." She said her father "told me that he would have a trust fund ready for me whenever I turned 18 for college, and I don't have any of that money."
Here's an idea, Princess...Get a full-time job and buy your own groceries, and if you have to put off your fluff little cosmetology classes (How many people actually make a living putting makeup on other people?) until you can afford to pay for those too, so be it. That's how regular people get through life. Stop whining and acting like you've got something coming just because you're related to someone else.

Seriously, does this girl really think that Bill and Hillary are going to help her out? Come's not like they were ever lauded for their charitable work when they were haunting the White House or the Arkansas Governor's mansion. If I recall correctly, they actually claimed a tax deduction once for donating their old used underwear to charity. That's hardly the act of someone who is going to voluntarily shell out to help out another human being in any significant way.

But look on the bright side, Macy...At least you're not living in a mud hut with no water or electricity like Barack Obama's Kenyan brother still is.

Funny but sad that the liberals who rant the loudest about our obligation to pay more in taxes so that we can take care of total strangers are the ones who never seem to want to reach into their own pocket even to help out family. Hey Obama, is Aunt Zeituni still living in that squalorous Boston housing project apartment?

Better find a husband with a good job, Macy. I'm thinking that you stand a better chance of hitting the lottery than you do getting help from your mega-millionaire uncle and aunt.


  1. Hang on...her own Dad spent their money on coke and booze, and now WE all have to pay for her to be on welfare and she gets food stamps? And we are to feel sorry for her because she was promised a "trust fund when she turned 18" and now she has to "sacrifice everything"?

    You see, this is so much a prime example of why this country is going down the tubes. What the hell is a trust fund anyway? :-)

  2. Rather than worry about some mythical money from some one-night stand that resulted in, well, you - grow up, get a full-time job during the day, go to school at night (or vice versa) and work towards bettering yourself rather than lamenting the fact that your two DNA donors were more than irresponsible....
    There, problem solved. :):):)

  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Huh, wonder if she can move in with Obama aunt who also lives in section 8 housing,and a complete moocher too.