Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One loser gone, and a new one to watch in November

I'm sorry for not gloating over this earlier, but Adam Kokesh, the punk ex-Marine and former Cindy Sheehan cohort was defeated in his primary election as he attempted to win nomination to a Republican House seat in New Mexico. Good riddance to bad rubbish, because he was never a Conservative or a Republican despite his sudden change of colors from a screaming leftist anti-war/anti-Bush protester into a Ron Paul clone. He was a bad joke in any guise and he needs to just go away now that he's been rejected by the people of New Mexico despite the support of raving but oh-so-gullible Paulites from around the country.

In other news, a total loon from the Lyndon LaRouche wing of the Democrat Party has nabbed the Dems' primary nomination for the 22nd District in Texas, the seat currently held by freshman Republican Pete Olson. Her name is Kesha Rogers.

Just like the case of Alvin Greene in South Carolina, ignorant and uninformed Democrats flocked to the polls like lemmings and selected a candidate that they apparently knew nothing about. How else could anyone explain their electing a woman whose campaign slogan is ""I'll take our troops out of Afghanistan and put them into space."

I'm guessing that they also didn't know that she's likened Obama to Hitler and publicly called for his impeachment.

Once again we see what happens when stupid people are allowed to vote.

Again, I'm thinking that we need some sort of test on the candidates and issues--or IQ tests--before people are given a ballot. Granted this would likely eliminate the Democratic Party by barring much of their base on election day, but it's either that or we risk national destruction by continuing to let ignoramuses steer our ship of state. Wasn't Obama's election itself a large enough wake-up call?

Hell, I'm sending a small donation to both Greene and Rogers just to help them tear the Dems apart from inside their own party. If they're going to make it so easy and so entertaining, who am I not to help out?

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  1. Nothing screws with the Democrats more than bringing them into the light of day!!!
    It's so much easier to feign superiority when they can hide all their dirty little secrets!!