Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cooking with dogs

So this evening, I decided to make some spaghetti. Both Lagniappe and I enjoy a good spaghetti.

First I started some meat browning and boiled some water, then I tossed some dried spaghetti noodles in. This is when I realized that I had no spaghetti sauce. Nothing in jars, nothing in packets...nothing.

"Now what?" I asked, looking at Lagniappe. Lagniappe just looked up into the pantry, and there on the shelf were cans of tomato paste and a packet of chili mix.

"You think we should try it with chili mix?" I asked him. When he didn't say no, I opened the packet and dumped it into the meat with a can of paste.
"I dunno, dog," I said. It looks kinda dark. What else can we add?
Lagniappe looked up to the spice cupboard, so on his advice, I tossed in some crushed red peppers, some tobasco, some garlic powder and some hot sauce.

"It really doesn't look much better," I told him.

Lagniappe was now looking at the refrigerator, so I opened it. Back behind the beer, there were some cherry tomatoes in there that a nice neighbor had given us. "Good idea, boy," I told him. I chopped a few up and added them. I saw that Lagniappe was still looking into the open fridge, so I looked in there again too and saw a packet of Swiss Cheese. I checked it and noticed that it was almost a month past it's "sell by" date.

"Use it or lose it, eh, boy?" It still smelled ok so I used that to top the chili spaghetti after dishing it up.

There's nothing like a good spaghetti...and that was definitely nothing like a good spaghetti. To be honest, it was about half way between "lousy" and "completely foul".

Lagniappe seemed to like his portion, though. So that's a "thumbs down" and a "paws up" for using chili mix to make spaghetti sauce.


  1. I'm guessing you've never had Cinncinnati Chili(Skyline Chili or Goldstar Chili). I make a wonderful home-made version of it.

  2. Anonymous7:12 PM

    I gave a piece of chicken to my daughter's dog and then incurred her wrath. She's very adamant about 'dog food only' for the poor dog. I can't imagine what she'd do if I feed him chili.

    Hope you and Lagniappe get to enjoy a good steak after that chili/spaghetti dish.

  3. Yeah.. You just can't let these animals choose spices when cooking.. Or else it all tastes like the very thing they like to sniff.. Ass!! :):)

  4. What, they have packets to make spaghetti sauce? Who knew?

  5. Hmmm...He probably thought (or assumed) you were making it for him.