Friday, July 23, 2010

In cheerier news...criminals are still stupid.

Criminals are still stupid.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. | A dine-and-dash escapade in Springfield went bad when two of the fleeing dinners left their purses behind.

No charges had been filed as of midweek against the three women who ran from a Waffle House restaurant Sunday morning without paying their $39 bill.

The general manager said the women seemed intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. A short time after fleeing, one of the women returned to the store and demanded the purses.

The manager says he told the women she needed to wait for police to arrive, but she left. A police report says the purses contained identifying documents, along with what appeared to be a check stub from another Waffle House in Arkansas.

So these three brain surgeons eat a meal then run out without paying, but two of them leave their purses and ID behind. Then they return and ask for their purses and ID back.

Maybe they just thought that Obama was going to pay for their waffles.


  1. Stupidity personified... sigh... And I'll be they WILL say Obama was buying.

  2. Just YouTube "obama stash" and see what you find. Ken Rigulski on WJR in Detroit and a Michael Savage clip on open borders are particularly illuminating.

    The decline and fall of the American public education system is evident from these clips.