Monday, August 16, 2010

Michigan Senator Carl Levin gets pied.

You can't make this us.

Carl Levin, one of the most liberal, far-left members of the Senate, was attacked by an even more liberal, farther-left moonbat this morning at a public meeting in Big Rapids, Michigan.
The Democrat from Detroit was speaking to members of the Mecosta County Democratic Party when a young man -- who described himself as a student -- began chastising Levin for his work on the Senate Armed Services Committee, which helps direct military and war policy.

After a few minutes of speaking at Pepper's Café and Deli, a woman who accompanied the student to the event walked up to Levin and hit him in the face with a pie, a source with Levin's office confirmed.

Big Rapids Police arrested the woman on assault and battery charges.

The Big Rapids Pioneer newspaper reported the woman's name as Ahlam Mohsen, a 23-year-old senior at Michigan State University; and her friend who instigated the incident with Levin as Max Kantar, 23. MSU lists Mohsen as a student, while Kantar attends Ferris State University.
Had these two fools done their homework they'd have figured out that the only reason that Levin has sat on the Senate Armed Services Committee all these years is to obstruct military planning and readiness, to kill vital weapons systems and force the closure of bases that we still need, and to be able to pry into and meddle with classified operations. He's never been a friend of the military or a supporter of our troops--he's always fought to make their jobs harder.

So along come these two cretins. Ignorant of the fact that Levin is solidly on their side, they hit him with a pie then run away and wind up getting stopped and arrested down the road. And now Ahlam (and out of curiosity, what sort of a name is "Ahlam"?) is in jail, properly charged with Assault. I'm no fan of Senator Levin (and haven't been since he had me tossed out of one of his town halls back in the 1980's for accidentally referring to him as "Senator Lenin" via an unintended Freudian slip) but assaults on public speakers are unacceptable conduct no matter who the target it. Here's hoping that Michigan State has some stones and expels her, and ditto for Ferris State and the other loon.

UPDATE: Turns out these two have been arrested for harassing Levin before, apparently on behalf of Hamas. Can you say "jihadist stalkers"? Lagniappe says that Levin might want to reconsider his lifelong opposition to gun ownership and learn to use a pistol.


  1. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I agre with Levin being armed.As the saying goes no matter which way he points it.He will be doing his country a favor.

  2. Dammit Fuzzy, I just got a new keyboard, now THIS one is full of coffeee.... Good point though...