Friday, August 20, 2010

My neighbors

So tonight, as I sit on my deck cleaning my pistol after today's range session, I cannot help but overhear my neighbor and his drinking buddies as they loudly talk amongst themselves out in his yard. They're talking about what they plan to do in a SHTF scenario. (for those of you unfamiliar, that mean "when the Shit Hits The Fan"--in other words, what they plan to do when revolution, nuclear attack, alien invasion, zombie attack, etc., comes along.

Apparently they plan to band together, which is fine. However, it sounds like they'll all be gathering at my neighbor's house. WTF? Why can't they go gather at one of the other guys' houses? These hillbillies are annoying enough in the best of times.

It's interesting to listen to them, though. They admit to themselves--and to me and Lagniappe--that they don't have much stockpiled in the way of foodstuffs and other supplies.

Lagniappe and I have plenty, BTW, but I make it a point not to advertise.

Then the one starts in on how he's got everything that he needs in the form of four boxes of .25 ammo, because his .25 pistol is so small that he can "walk right up on anyone and then POW!"

Uh-huh. I don't advertise because I don't want people who think like that to know that I've got anything that they might want.

They talk for a bit, then start pontificating on what sort of food that a mutual neighbor nearby has in his house. They all hate this guy--and he hates them--and they decide that he has "hippie food" and announce that come the day, they'll be eating hippie food, the implication being that they plan on helping themselves to whatever the "hippie" neighbor has.

Now I've talked to that neighbor plenty and he really is an aging hippie. He and his wife are also strongly anti-gun and he's told me several times that they won't have one in their house.

So right next door I actually have the redneck posse planning armed assault on the home of the resident (unarmed) leftist pacifist as soon as society breaks down. Very interesting.

Note to self: If the S does HTF, immediately shoot the redneck neighbors as soon as they approach the property line. For all I know, I may be on their list, too. Fortunately my house is not within .25 range of theirs, however all of their land is well within the effective range of my Browning .30 MG...the one that my would-be freebooter neighbors don't even know that I have.

I guess it's time to make up a new range card for the Browning.

Lessons to take away from this tale:
1. If you have supplies set in for bad times, keep it to yourself.
2. Bad guys really are out there, and in a crisis, they may be people that you know.
3. Have a gun and know how to use it.

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