Friday, September 17, 2010

In Alaska, another GOP sore loser.

I've honestly about had it with the Republican Party, Inc., better known as the GOP. First, Ronald Reagan showed them the way, and the party and the country did great. Then they moved left and became a lite version of the Democrats and the good days were over.

Then along came Speaker Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America, and the conservatism that he and a handful of others offered re-energized both the party and America and brought us all prosperity again. But like the Jews who kept shrugging Moses off no matter how many miracles he showed them, the Republican mainstream ignored the message, eschewing conservatism for the same liberal crap that the Dems were selling, and we got a Dem-controlled House and Senate again as a result...and Obama to boot.

And despite the calls of much of the country for a return to the conservative principles of lower taxes, smaller government and less regulation--principles that reflect the ideas of our nation's founders--the GOP has continued it's drift to the left. Finally, the people who still care began to unite and work together, coalescing under the banner of the Tea Party movement, and they recruited and supported conservative candidates in several electoral races this year. They've grown powerful enough that they've helped show several incumbent politicians the door, and in other races, they've pushed conservative candidates to victory in primary races. This is literally the people of America speaking and trying to take back control of the government from the elitists who nowadays seem to confuse appointment to elected office with some sort of coronation. But now we're seeing an ugly side to things that should be showing us promise; instead of accepting the will of the people and going along with it, Republican election losers are starting to throw temper tantrums and working to ruin races for the People's candidates that beat them out in the primaries.

In Delaware, Republican Congressman Mike Castle--a long-time congressman known as one of the most liberal Republican members in the House--was going for the Joe Biden's old Senate seat until he was trounced soundly by Tea Party favorite and outspoken conservative Christine O'Donnell. Castle pretty much sank his own campaign in the end by going totally negative against O'Donnell instead of trying to convince the voters that his ides and experience were better for the state. He created a backlash that clearly boosted O'Donnell in the last days, according to exit polls. (Sarah Palin also pushed hard for O'Donnell, and that sure didn't hurt.) But once the race was over, he had a duty to concede and get behind O'Donnell and help spur the party on to victory. Instead, he increased the tempo and the vitriol of his attacks on her, e-mailing out even more vicious personal attacks against her. He's clearly trying to sabotage her chances and throw the race to the Democrat--ultra-liberal Chris Coons--out of pure spite. And the GOP leadership doesn't appear to be doing much to stop him. But then they didn't want O'Donnell to win, either--they preferred to bank on a liberal Republican who might vote with the party some of the time (he voted with the Dems about 60% of the time when he was in the House) instead of working to elect a firebrand willing to try to lead the party back to the right where it belongs.

And now up in Alaska we have another sore loser. Moderate Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski--appointed to the seat by her father when he left the senate and became Governor of the state--was just beaten by attorney Joe Miller, again with the support of Sarah Palin. And like Castle, rather than get over it, and work for overall victory for the party, Murkowski has just announced that she's going to run in the general election as a write-in candidate. WTF? Does she really think that she's going to come back and win the seat back after a majority of the voters told her to hit the road? Nope. This is more spite. She knows that all her campaign will do is divide the Republican voting bloc and siphon off so many votes for Miller that the Democrat will walk away with the senate seat. Again, this is just a bitter, immature, spoiled brat trying to get even with everyone who gave her the boot by throwing that race--and possibly control of the entire Senate--to the Democrats just out of pique.

Like many others in America, I was plenty pissed last time around when the GOP leadership endorsed and worked for liberal Dede Scozzafava in New York's 23rd District Congressional race instead of actual conservative Doug Hoffman, but I got over it, hoping that the GOP would see the error of their ways and stop running liberal candidates who don't reflect the principles of the party's base--or working-class America's for that matter. I gave the GOP another chance, but watching the way that they're letting Castle and Murkowski trash the rightful Republican candidates, I'm not so sure that I can stay with them any more.

So GOP guys...if/when you read this, know that you won't be getting any more money from me, nor will you be getting any support for GOP candidates just because they are GOP candidates. My support will be going exclusively towards the conservatives in the race, and if you want my support (and money) then you'd best come forward with the best conservative and work hard to get him/her elected. And in the meantime, if you don't do something quick in Delaware and Alaska to muzzle your spoiled brats Castle and Murkowski, you'll get--and deserve--the blame for another six years of Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader. And that won't happen without a cost to you.


  1. Libertarian is looking better and better over here... sigh...

  2. I'm trying not to get ahead of myself here, but it seems like more and more people (from all parties), are starting to vote based on character and convictions rather than the little initial after their name.

    Let's hope this thing catches fire.