Saturday, September 11, 2010

Obama goes to Pentagon on 9/11 to defend Islam

Of course he just had to show up and put in a few words on behalf of his favorite religion on a day when the rest of America was remembering the victims.

Sorry, but I honestly believe that Barack Obama has no business being anywhere near the Pentagon on this day, not until he repudiates and condemns his friend and political ally Bill Ayers, a man who once tried to do exactly what the 9/11 terrorists did on that very spot and who is still unrepentant to this very day...and still a member of Obama's inner circle.

So on this day, I do not welcome Barack Obama into the gathering of Americans trying to commemorate this tragedy. Until he publicly condemns his own long-time associate who bombed the same building in 1972, he has no right to stand on that hallowed ground and soak up the moment for his own self-aggrandizement.


  1. I second that emotion.

  2. The man has no shame, no honor and no love for the United States. The only place he should be welcomed is at his impeachment proceedings.