Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Whack Woman Wednesday, Pt. 1

Yep. Today I'm just writing about Whacky Women...and not the good kind.

I'll start with this one--Martena Clinton.Looks pretty whiny, doesn't she? It's even more ridiculous when you realize that she did something stupid, went home, called the Washington Post, then arranged to meet them back down where she did the stupid thing, put her black party dress back on, and stood and posed for the picture and the accompanying story that was supposed to make America feel sorry for her and angry at the US Secret Service and Washington DC Police Department. And now it's backfiring onto both her and the Washington Post.

Basically, it all began on Saturday when Clinton drove down from her home in Randallsville, MD to attend a meeting of the Congressional Black Caucus at the Washington Convention Center where Obama was scheduled to speak. She parked her car outside the auditorium and ran inside like a good little racist Democrat, only to return later and find that her car was gone. Turns out that it, along with several other cars, had been relocated a few blocks as a security precaution related to Obama's visit. With help of her fellow racist friend Gardine Tiggle, she eventually found her car, just like everyone else presumably did.

Now most people would just accept that, but not Martena Clinton. She is entitled something. So she arranged the press conference and posed for the story, and admitted proudly that she'd parked her car in a handicapped spot near the convention center because she didn't want to be late and possibly miss even a minute of the program.

Of course she's not handicapped. She's able-bodied and doesn't have a handicapped placard. But since her husband does, she decided that she automatically gains the right to use it for her own purposes, too, even when he's not with her, as was the case Saturday night. So screw any real handicapped people, because, dammit...Martena Clinton is not going to walk an extra block and miss out on seeing even a few seconds of Obama.

Well Martena got her 15 minutes of fame, only it's not from people sympathizing with her and bashing the mean old's from regular decent people and handicapped-rights organizations, who are outraged that she'd so flagrantly abuse her husband's disabled parking placard and even have the nerve to admit it as if she'd done nothing wrong. The Washington Post, her collaborator on this stupid stunt, got hundreds of angry comments about her conduct, and the city has reportedly been called upon to issue Martena a ticket for parking illegally in that spot--a $250 ticket in DC.
Now I won't hold my breath on her getting one, since it happened in DC, a Democrat-controlled city, and since she's an active supporter of the Democrats.

And how do I know this last fact, you ask? Well it's simple. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, it took me about thirty seconds to discover that Martena Clinton of 18 Vivian Vale Court, Randallstown, MD, 21133, gave a hundred dollars to help elect at least one Democrat to office back in 2006. So now if you're still incensed at Martena's selfishness and her belief that she's more deserving of handicapped parking spots than any mere wheelchair-bound cripple is, you have her address and can drop her a letter explaining how life is supposed to work.


  1. Fire up the popcorn popper! We've got LG poking the hornets nest again!

    This outta be good!

  2. I saw that today and couldn't believe she was that stupid... But I really don't expect much more for her or the WAPO... sigh...

    I'm "ENTITLED" and you have to give me (whatever)...