Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Man Movie

Since the western clips are getting hard to find, Lagniappe and I will be diversifying into general movies about times and instances when men prevailed in battle because they stood tall like men...In other words, the pre-liberal days.

In the movie Zulu, based on the battle of Roarke's Drift, Stanley Baker plays Lt. John Chard, Royal Engineers. He assumes command over the troops of Lt. Bromhead, played by a young Michael Caine, just before their station comes under attack by hordes of Zulu warriors. it's modeled on the very real battle of January 23rd, 1879, where 140 men stood against thousands of native warriors who had just wiped out over 1300 British troops at Isandlwana the day before.


  1. Great, great movie. It's hard to not get choked up when the Brits start singing.

  2. And don't you just love all those Martini-Henry rifles? I want one of those, just for the history!

    The two volley fire scenes in that move are awesome!

  3. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Great movie, kind of wish I owned it on DVD, but sadly don't.

    Hey, isn't Chrismast coming?