Friday, October 29, 2010

Tag Team

Lagniappe still barks at the neighbor's trespassing cats from the deck, much as he's always done. But these days, the cats have figured out that he's not coming off the deck to get them any more so they just stare at him and give him that cat "F.U." look.

Well we can't have that, so Lagniappe and I have partnered up to teach the cats back a bit of the respect that they seem to have forgotten to show around here.

Now when Lagniappe sees a cat and barks, I pick up the Airsoft pistol that I'd bought when Spud came to visit last and I join him out on the deck. If the cat is still in sight, I take aim and help Lagniappe project some power in the cat's direction. I have to think that it makes Lagniappe feel better and it's good target practice for me. And those cats make perfect reactive targets--if you miss one, they don't register being shot at so they continue to just sit there, but when you hit one, it's clearly obvious as the cat makes a displeased sound and runs like mad back for it's home in the neighbor's yard. The cats are small enough to make the shot challenging, yet the airsoft rounds won't cause them any permanent harm.

So far today, Lagniappe and I have nailed four of them, and that's on top of the three we got last night. He may not be very mobile these days but we still make a pretty good "sniper/spotter" team.You want a piece of me, cat?


  1. Don't they make paintballs to fit those airsofts?

  2. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Give them Hell Lagniappee

  3. AWW! Such a pretty boy!

  4. Whilst I do serve as staff to houseful of cats, I do not care for them where they are not supposed to be...
    The mental image of this process makes me grin...enjoy, y'all!

  5. Perfect choice, the air soft. I've got a 1911 model with a real crappy trigger that, once you overcome that, doesn't shoot *too* bad.

    But the neighbor's cat is over here keeping down the mouse population so it's more likely the pigeons on the power line that get fixed in my iron (er, plastic) sights.

    10s, Xs and a "puddy tat" or two!

  6. You'll shoot someone's eye out, kid!

  7. If the cats are close enough a giant squirt gun works too.

    Cats do "know" (or think they do) You and Lagniappe showed them a thing or two. LOL