Thursday, November 11, 2010

Another Veterans' Day, another Obama absence.

And the New York Post nails it.

Once more, we have a holiday set aside to honor Americans who have sacrificed for this country and it's ideals, and once more, Obama is somewhere else, doing something else.

This time he's in Indonesia, telling more muslims that America has to change and stop mistrusting them. And our veterans? They clearly don't rate very high on his list of priorities. But then his narcissism undoubtedly makes it painful for him to acknowledge his betters, and besides that, he knows that very few military personnel voted for him because they don't think too highly of him, either. And I truly believe that he holds our military men and women in contempt because he knows that he can't measure up to them and because they represent the real patriotic America that he's always despised and disparaged.

So as much as I'm disappointed in him ignoring our vets once again, I'm actually glad that he's not here trying to get in the picture. Obama being absent from celebrations for our vets is like Michael Jackson being absent from a ten year old boy's slumber party.

In other news, former President George W. Bush was honoring America's veterans at the Wright-Patterson Air Force museum in Dayton, Ohio today.


  1. Every cloud has a silver lining. As he travels the world pandering to potentates and apologizing for America it becomes more and more apparent to the handful that still believe his pronouncements that he means none of what he says and only spouts what the immediate audience wants to hear. An empty suit and a teleprompter who can't read the election returns or take any of the responsibility. He can lay a wreath somewhere else today and tomorrow and next week.

  2. But he sent Michelle to Germany to serve steaks to the troops. That counts for something, doesn't it?

  3. Even worse, I heard that he was honoring the Indonesian veterans and their sacrifice for Indonesian independence. Our troops were an afterthought.

  4. Sorry, it's Heroes Day, not Independence....