Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hey Steve Kagen--we kicked your ass.

Hey everyone...remember Wisconsin Democrat Steve Kagen? He was the guy who bragged about how, right after he got elected, he trapped Karl Rove in a men's room and boasted about "kicking his ass" following the Dems' sweep into control of the House four years ago. He also bragged about deliberately disrespecting Laura Bush by calling her "Barbara". He later bragged about how it was his intention to insult her and her husband by doing so.

I wrote about it here. The guy just got elected to high office and instead of behaving like a statesman, he ran around acting like an undisciplined 6th grader and then bragged about it repeatedly as if he expected Wisconsin voters to be proud of him.

Well Kagen--the punk extraordinaire--just got his own ass kicked by those voters and he's on his way back to the private sector after being trounced by Republican Reid Ribble Tuesday night.

Kagen's defeat follows that of Florida's Alan Grayson, another buffoon famous for a whole host of loutish actions such as his statement, made on the floor of the House of Representatives, that the Republicans’ plan to save some money in Medicare was to request that seniors die quickly. Even his own party members were embarrassed (just not enough to censure him).

These victories of civility and maturity over crassness will serve as a good start in the effort towards bringing respectability back to the House.