Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let her in, Dammit!

Sgt. Michael Ferschke met Hota Ferschke when he was stationed in Okinawa. He was a reconnaissance officer and she was an administrative specialist.

When it was time for Ferschke to be deployed to Iraq, he proposed to Hota. They planned to marry and move to the U.S. when he was finished with his tour.

But when Hota found out she was pregnant a month after Michael left, he insisted that they get married right away. The couple was married over the phone in 2008.

Michael Ferschke was killed in combat a month later from that day, and his family began making arrangements for their son's widow to come to the U.S. and raise their son, Michael or "Mikey." However the family has run up against a stumbling block in the form of an obstinate US Government which refuses to grant her residency and allow her to come here and apply for citizenship because the marriage was never actually consummated, according to one branch of the government. The Department of Homeland Security refuses to recognize the marriage even though the Defense Department not only recognizes it as valid, but paid Hota Ferschke and little Mikey death benefits for the loss of her husband and his father. And DHS refuses to budge, so Hota is stuck back in Okinawa while Micheal's parents are raising their grandson and fighting to get their daughter-in-law over here legally.

Now this is a slap in the face to Michael Ferschke--who gave his life for this country--and also to every other veteran past, present and future. It's also patently ridiculous in light of the fact that this same government has refused to deport actual criminal illegal aliens who have been convicted of serious crimes here like rape, child molestation and drug dealing. It refuses to detain illegals, or grants them bail so that they can abscond and continue offending. Hell, even Barack Obama's illegal alien aunt was given free rein to run around our country and defraud the taxpayers out of public housing and benefits meant for needy Americans even after she'd been ordered out. Her punishment for ignoring court orders, fraud, and general leeching? An invitation to Obama's inauguration and a pathway to citizenship.

But Hota Ferschke, a woman who worked for our government overseas and who lost her husband and the father of her child in Iraq? Well according to Barack Obama's administration, she's got nothing coming.

Andrew Sullivan, the dope-smoking, Conservative-hating, AIDS-infected British citizen and talking head for the "Progressive" left gets a special dispensation following his conviction for breaking our drug laws, but this woman who has only given good service and a husband to America gets a backhand?

This is wrong, plain and simple. Once again, only the bad people who are politically-connected or representative of special interest groups are getting the benefits here while the good ones who have jobs and obey the laws but have the unfortunate luck to not be Mexican or related to Barack Obama get nothing at all.

Congress needs to let Hota Ferschke come live with her son and grandparents and give her a chance to obtain the American citizenship that her marriage to her fallen Marine husband would have entitled her to. And if Congress won't do that, well then they'd best ensure that Obama's Aunt Zeituni and Andrew Sullivan leave within a week on the same huge ship that every other known illegal alien in our country has been packed onto.

Let her in!


  1. Yet, the government seems to have little interest in slowing the stream of people flowing across the southern border.

    Maybe, Immigration feels that they can hold up their refusal to admit one Okinawan into our country as an example of being rough on immigration.

    I don't think so.

    Pet the dog for me will ya?

  2. Heh, this is "frontporchsociety" -I am back with a new name/blog. :)

  3. Ugh. Never consummated? Really? The kid's an Immaculate Birth?


    And yes, I know they mean "the act" didn't occur AFTER they were married... but they were married, they have a kid, and he died in service to this country. Why is the government all hell-fired up in arms that they didn't "get it on" after the I do's were said?

  4. "Wrong, plain and simple" indeed. DHS has morphed into something truly bizarre.

  5. Concur... That is just pure BS to keep her out. Ya can't have a child without consummating the marriage (before OR after doesn't make any difference)

  6. Anonymous7:19 PM

    I agree let her in

  7. wrong, just SO wrong.

    Had she come from Tijuana, it would have been perfectly fine, I'm sure.

  8. If only she changed her last name to Gomez and entered from our southern border, she'd be a shoe-in.

    That she's not being admitted and given permanent resident status is a travesty, plain and simple.

  9. Ah, USFed BS at it's best..
    Which usually means the worst for the regular citizens.. :(
    Let her in...