Friday, December 03, 2010

Give it a rest, Barry...

Doing his best to knock the dismal November jobs report off of the front pages, Obama makes a quick trip to Afghanistan where he tries to bask in the reflected glory of some of our nation's heroes.

And as usual, he tries to be cool and act like some sort of insider...and he predictably doofs it when he attempts to list all of the branches of our military and omits the Coast Guard.

But because it's Obama, the majority of the media won't even report on it. Yet we all know what would have happened had such a gaffe been made by President G.W. Bush--a man who, unlike Obama, actually served and earned the right to hang around with our warriors.

Just go away, Barry. But before you do, be sure to tell those troops how much you like to play basketball in the gym at Ft. McNair or golf on the Andrews Air Force Base or Ft. Belvoir courses...just as soon as your Secret Service orders all of the actual military personnel using them to leave.


  1. It's those 'little' points that aren't getting into the MSM, or I should say being ignored. And the military is not allowed to comment to the press, so they couldn't say anything anyway...

  2. I cannot express how much anger welled in me when I saw that news this morning. He does not deserve to be there.

  3. I guess we shouldn't be surprised that he can't name the branches of the military ....he didn't even know how many states made up the USA just 2 short years ago.

  4. I thought it was priceless when he tried to make a joke about having to remain neutral in the Army-Navy game...and hardly anyone laughed.