Thursday, December 30, 2010

Well that's one way to go...

Once upon a time, there were three idiots from Louisville, Kentucky--Tran Phuong, Phuc Nguyen and Chau Tron. Now they probably could have stayed in Louisville and grown to a ripe old age, but they decided to go to Philadelphia for Christmas, and while they were there, they decided to embark on a crime spree, pulling guns and robbing several businesses in South Philly and Darby.

Now even that really wasn't too dumb. I mean, lots of criminals do stuff like that every day. But where these three brain surgeons blew it was when they walked into John Anthony Hair Styling for Men shortly after it closed and stuck a gun in the face of Mrs. Terry Staino, taking her laptop, necklace and wedding ring.

A short time later, they drove the wrong way on a one-way street and the police who stopped them saw their guns on the car floor and arrested them. It didn't take long before the investigators figured out that they were the ones who'd robbed Mrs. Staino.

Now these three are looking at some prison time, which no one would be too happy about, but they've got a bigger problem ahead...a much bigger problem. You see, Mrs. Staino, the woman that they robbed--the one whose wedding ring they wrenched right off of her hand? Well she's the wife of Anthony Staino.

That would be Anthony Staino, the "reputed" Philadelphia mob boss.

Yeah. That Anthony Staino. The guy who kills people. And kills their families. And kills their friends. And kills their friends' pets. The Anthony Staino who has a whole army of thugs and goons at his beck and call, some of whom are already in the prison that these guys are likely to wind up in.

They manhandled and robbed his wife. And they got caught. And now he knows who and where they are.

Enjoy the whole story here.

As these guys sit in jail awaiting trial, they've got to know that they can't run and they can't hide, and that it's literally just a matter of time before something really, really bad happens to them. And they've got to know that there's nothing they can do and nowhere that they can go to stop it from happening.

Sometimes when you're really stupid--deliberately and malevolently stupid--the Karma fairy brings the big bat...the one with the nails in it.


  1. Looks like their criminal activity is going to be dealt with quite concretely.

  2. LOL- Yep, Karma BITES :-)

  3. Fantastic! Wrong Hair salon guys!

  4. According to conventional wisdom, those three guys are baked rigatoni with a charred crust.

    There is, however, a chance that it might not be so simple.

    Following the wacking of Angelo Bruno, the Philadelphia mob has been unstable, ridden with dissent and internecine fighting (often fatal), and has had (as far as a local mob apparatus goes) a relatively high degree of snitchers.

    If someone so much as spits on any one of those guys, Anthony Staino will be the prime suspect to law enforcement authorities. And if he sends one of his soldiers to do anything to these guys, that is one more potential snitch against Staino.

    The best way to fight a war is to have someone else fight it for you on their own dime (note the qualifier here; mercenaries are not necessarily reliable, as King George learned from his experience with the Hessian Christmas party).

    Because the crime spree included incidents committed in Philadelphia and in Darby, there are two counties involved, and therefore, two District Attorney's offices. And because of the multiplicity of crimes in each jurisdiction, it gives some ADAs a chance to put some big, Mummer's Parade-type feathers in their caps.

    It could be that Staino might decide that he doesn't need to take the risk in a matter where the legal system will exact significant retribution anyway (remember that he technically has a clean rapsheet), and be grudgingly content with the jail time these guys will serve, together with the fear these guys will experience every day of what remains of their lives. This is especially so because these rocket scientists are quite likely to rub more than one of their fellow inmates the wrong way.

  5. Sounds like there were actually three dumb Phucs in that crime spree.

    He could be in contention to Nguyen a Darwin award...