Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Demented Dem shows his love for "the little guy"

Do you believe this guy? Whack job Congressman and failed presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich,(D)--Crazyville, bought a wrap from the House cafeteria back in 2008. He claims that there was an olive pit in the wrap, which rendered it "unfit for human consumption". He further claims that said olive pit hurt one of his teeth. So this guy--a guy who makes $174,000 a year AND gets free dental care courtesy of the US taxpayers--is trying to sue the cafeteria contractor and pretty much everyone who ever had anything to do with making or selling that wrap. He's demanding $150,000 for "current and future dental expenses" even though he gets free lifetime dental care, and for "pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment".

Does he care this this suit takes money out of the pockets of all of those "little people" that he and his party claim to represent? Obviously not. All he really cares about, apparently, is enriching himself by any means, even if it takes food off the tables of many people who will never land a cush job like he's where he gets paid mad money and gets lifetime medical and dental care (none of that "Obamacare" crap for him) just for showing up most days.

$150K. Just because he bought an olive sandwich with an olive in it. Half of me hopes that he never orders a fish dinner lest he find a fishbone in his meal. The other half of me hopes that he does and chokes on that fishbone.

What a scumbag. No wonder that neither he or his lawyer are willing to answer questions about this suit. Dennis Kucinich is a poster boy for the old saying about us getting the government that we deserve.

Wait--that's not correct. The losers in Ohio may deserve the guy, but I sure don't. How about you?


  1. Unfortunately, there likely is some pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for Dennis the Menace and his lawyer.

    In 1971, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals reversed a General Sessions Court directed verdict in favor of a restaurant where a patron sustained tooth damage from an olive in a martini cocktail.

    [Hochberg v. O'Donnell's Restaurant, Inc., 272 A.2d 846 (D.C. App. 1971)].

    The jackpot winner in that one was Philip R. Hochberg, a high profile sports lawyer who went pro se.

    But in D.C., the law is on Kucinich's side.

    Yet another argument against statehood for the District!

  2. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Dennis should claim the olive pit caused him mental damage.He would win a larger money amount.

  3. Can I sue him as my former state Congressman for my "loss of enjoyment" of the whole political process?