Friday, January 28, 2011

Neener, neener!

Hey, you remember David Kernell, that punk kid who hacked Governor Palin's e-mail account during the 2008 presidential elections and bragged about it until he got caught? If you recall, he was the sheltered and spoiled son of Tennessee State Representative Mike Kernell, a Democrat, of course.

Well after being convicted of a felony out of that case, he caught a break in the form of liberal U.S. District Judge Thomas Phillips, who sentenced him to an incredibly lenient one day less than a year in prison. The judge's goal was obviously to keep young David out of the prison system (because a sentence of more than a year would mandate incarceration) and in that vein, he also recommended that the federal Bureau of Prisons send him to a half-way house so that he could keep going to school and doing what other non-incarcerated college kids do.

However, the Bureau of Prisons declined, sending him to a real albeit minimum-security facility instead. In a rare written explanation, BOP Chief Jose Santana told the judge that he could not do so because the half-way houses are set up to help recidivism-prone inmates with limited social or job skills transition back into society, and that it would be wrong to deny one of these needy inmates that help just to give this coddled kid an easy ride. Santana's letter said, in relevant part:
“Our agency contracts (halfway house) bed space for inmates who have a greater need … such as those with limited job skills/resources and family and community support,” Santana wrote. “Mr. Kernell has attended three years of college and has the support of his family.”
The bureau instead sent Kernell, 22, to a minimum-security facility in Ashland, Ky.

So despite the best efforts of his dad's influential network of friends and connections--a network which apparently includes a district judge named Phillips, little David's going to actually pay a penalty for his efforts to disrupt and undermine a national presidential election.

I'm happy. Careful bending over for that soap, David!


  1. You gotta love it when liberals get tripped up on their own rhetoric.. :):)

  2. Sa-weet. Let's just hope he doesn't get a book deal out of it!

  3. Awesome!

    thanks for the offer of the E6B. This one's going to have a Honeywell FMS, assuming I don't attempt to enter the RNAV out of ATL and get facebook instead, I should be OK.

    Next time will be the SEL.